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A talk about the sky

By DamaiMikaz
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"It's about time you get yourself a driver's licence" Masaru complained. With the car parked at the side of the road and warm cup of soup in his hands, the fatigue set in. His eyes were tired and he had a terrible headache. It was all his own fault. Both Medler as Lynda warned him not to overexert himself in his still fragile condition, but he didn't listen and overestimated himself as he usually did.
Sato stared at the sky as he mostly kept quiet.
"Seriously, Sato" Masaru sighed. "Don't you ever get tired of traveling by train every single time? Those classmates of you have a drivers licence, haven't they? I've seen Eric drive a car at least."
Sato rolled his eyes. "I'm an esper" he proclaimed. "It's not like I need a driver's license."
"I came to the capital, didn't I?"
"By train?"
"By my own powers"
"What you you mean?" Masaru asked.
Sato lifted his hand and pointed to the sky "The government checks the roads, but they don't really check the airspace."
"You --" Masaru was dumbfounded. "You flew?"
"Leviating is what they call it in Illuminon" Sato said. "It's done by using your powers to lift your body from the ground. But yes, it's basically like flying."
Masaru looked at him with utter surprise. "Since when do you know how to fly?"
"I've known for years." Sato said like it was nothing special. "But I usally get the train because it's easier. A lone boy in the sky attracts quite a bit attention, you know? Especially in densely populated areas. I don't want that kind of attention."
Masaru still didn't quite grasp it. "But you can actually fly?"
Sato nodded.
"And the only reason that you don't do it, is because it attracts too much attention?"
"And it's quite tiring" Sato admitted reluctantly.
Masaru shook his head in disbelieve. "Can everybody in Illuminon do that kind of thing?" he asked.
Sato smiled. "We learn it at school, yeah. But most of the students won't be able to cover that kind of distance. It's quite energy intensive. I doubt whether any of the teachers are even able to pull that off."
"So where did you learn it?" Masaru asked.
"Exraion" Sato said. He smiled and took a sip of his soup. "Like I told you before, Masaru. There's a lot you don't know about those powers."

Yay for book 3! Sato and Masaru having a well deserved break during their hours long trip back to home, after a mission that went horribly wrong. Masaru is a normal human being, Sato is an esper. They have been working together for years already, yet there's still a lot those two don't know about each other. 

This drawing is part of my Emion project. 
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FrogbaneStudent Digital Artist
awesome, love the atmosphere in this.
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QiePhotoHobbyist Photographer
Amazing work
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I'm not sure exactly why, besides it being an awesome picture, but I really love this. I thinks it's the colors or something ^u^
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InahoSabremereHobbyist Digital Artist
What an excellent piece of art! I really like how you did with the Jeep in the background, and the colors are amazing! ^^
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josegoncaloHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice one!
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ritlerbxHobbyist Traditional Artist
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artsonexHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness this is amazing! it's actually flawless!
Thanks for the Llama btw :)
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kulubakkaProfessional General Artist
Nice. I really dig the artwork , and the story that goes with it is intriguing. thanks for the Llama by the way. I dont know what that is but thanks  
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 I think you did awesome on the vehicle. Too bad they're surrounded by bears.
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think bears will be so much of a problem to them :lol:
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aytsanlekStudent General Artist
It's great!Love Meow :3 
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MonkeytesteHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice
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Shinyninetales21Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing.
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I like the colors you used here.
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
That is an adorablicious eskimo, you should do motion comics like yuumie does
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GREAT drawings, GREAT style!!!
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emarek67Professional Photographer
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Tanit2006Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw this one on my DA main page *o*
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
You did?
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Tanit2006Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea, and you know when you put the tags of the picture? Well, I saw it there too XD
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay XD
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Tanit2006Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know so weird and random XD but I think DA thinks this is amaizing too Giggle 
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vintarbbcProfessional General Artist
Wow! this project seems to be interesting... you're going to release it soon?

greetings! :)
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
It might be another while. I'm still working on it :)
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