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A small study on human expression

This started out as a study drawing facial expressions on a few of my characters.
Then I included some body language, as I felt that's also of great importance for visual storytelling.
I added some of my notes and compiled it to one big file so it can perhaps be of use to other people as well.

The file is huge so you might want to hit the download button in order to get the full version.

Characters are Aiden and Sato from my Emion project. 

More on body language:
A small study in body language by DamaiMikaz

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This is so awesomely made. The expressions themselves, but also the body language. This is so helpful and so perfect.

Thank you a lot for doing all those references, studies and helpful things! :la:
DelacroixNight's avatar
Thanks for this its very helpful
Dragon-Burn's avatar
This is really helpful honestly- I struggle alot with expressions and people were able to tell the emotions finally when I practiced with this!! <3 
Lopaws's avatar
this was helpful :happybounce:  thanks Meow :3 
FrancistheDragon's avatar
This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
I appreciate this quite a lot, thank you :D (Big Grin) 
ringonoki's avatar
You have done and shared very helpful study on human expressions of emotions. 
residualkonflikt's avatar
Really resourceful!
floresfire's avatar
katterley's avatar
This is really cool--explanatory and descriptive. 
neko-neko3's avatar
In my opinion, I thing you're exaggerating. If you want to develope a realistic or semirealistic style, ask yourself, Do a Human look like that when is sad, happy, agresive, etc...?  Remember in reality we are not that expressive, maybe in some situations, but when the emotions is intense. Most of the time, a thing that often changes then the emotion is not that intense is the look. I suggest you to look on a mirror and do diferent expressions, like you would do it.

But if your propuse was exaggerating expressions I think you do it well ^^

(I hope you  understand what I tried to say) 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Pretty much all visual mediums work with exaggerated expressions. Be it books, movies, series... or anything. 
It's all enhanced for the sake of making more impact. 
neko-neko3's avatar
Yes, you're right, but most of them work with a cartoony style or a bit of realistic propotions with cartoony expressions. It was just and observation, judging for the point of view of your style, that apparently look serious. 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Well, it's even done in (realistic) movies of series. People rarely react irl as they do in them. We're just so used to that kind of portrayal of emotions in media that we hardly register them as exaggerated anymore.
neko-neko3's avatar
Touché. Well, It was just an opinion. For me was a bit unatural see that kind of expressions in your style, Anyways, It was a constructive critism. After all you can take it or not :) (Smile) 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Nah... I'm trying to get rid of the whole neutral-ish expression thing in my art a bit. It needs to be a bit more expressional imo. 
neko-neko3's avatar
I undestand, I have that problem too xD you've had good results. Thank you for take your time and answer my comment CURSE YOU! 
UsagiYogurt's avatar
It's cool to see the different characters showing the same expressions in different ways.
vexnir's avatar
I love how dynamic you drew anger for both :la: I'm all for flying clothes. :dummy:
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Yes. It makes them more powerful :la:
idreamofgenie's avatar
Borrowed for my tutorials folder...looks useful.  Thanks!
Draconic-Origin's avatar
saw this on your twitter and I was just like "YES! I am a dummy! "
Shedevil13SJ's avatar
I love looking at your studies, they're so cool to look at ^-^ I really suck at drawing different expressions and poses, so seeing these makes me want to practice different expressions and poses :'D
TheKurejiNeko's avatar
These are very useful, thank you!
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