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#04 Green [ Masaru ]

Joining Picolo-kun's 7 day color challenge.

I figured I might as well draw my OC's from the Emion project , trying to match something about their personality with the color represented.
Trying to keep the paintings under 2 hours a day... which is quite the challenge as well.

Green is Masaru
Nature is green, so the human eye is most used to seeing green. In opposite of the color red, green doesn't alert us. It calms us down instead. Green is also the color of approval or success, and the color associated with money (dollarbills are green). A darker and muddier shade of green, however, can have quite an eerie feeling to it. Masaru is Neorasa's most unnoticeable asset. Nothing about his looks or attitude really stand out. He's a man in a suit. Successful, intelligent and well mannered.
He started out on the stock market while still in university and already earned his first million far before graduation. Nowadays he's the main source of Neorasa's earnings, but due to his calm nature people often underestimate how much power he really has in that organisation. 

Other colors:
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:) very cool work... sort of a sci-fi noir atmosphere :thumbsup:
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I love the colour choices and such descriptive reasoning, but I gotta say I love the effect of the technology used in this one keep going for years to come you have so much skill.
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AAAAHHHGGGG!!! I am now completely hooked on these characters!
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Why is he working with Sato? Is it his job?
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Yep. It's his job :)
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So, who pays who? I'm guessing Sato hired him since because it said he was the boss?
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Sato is officially the boss, but Masaru is the one who earns and keeps all the money, so it's more like a collaboration between the two of 'em
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So,what does the public know? You mentioned that no one really knows him. So does the public know that their number one business in prosperity is being run by a child? ( someone that looks a lot like one?)
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With the exception of a few, nope... they don't. 
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The few being Lucy and others? Or do they also have no idea?
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The few being mostly the people that work with him.
Lucy doesn't know.
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the guy in the fancy suit reminds me of the 10th Doctor (AKA David Tennant) from Doctor Who
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The lighting and atmosphere really tie the piece together!
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this is like a page out of a sci-fi anime 
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cool sci-fi expressed 
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it about a matrix that ?
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Man!(or girl) You do real cool stuff!
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Awesome XD love the character expression on the one in the background
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Lol. He's like permanently grumpy XD
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Ya know, the guy looks a lot like the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who... Amazing art though!Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap 
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