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[Dark Souls] Requiem For A Knight
Oolacile: a place of enchantment, wonder, and mystery. It was here where some of the most revolutionary magic was formed, designed not to attack or defend, but to create a better life for its citizens.
It was also where the Abyss originated, after its residents dug up the body of primeval man, and brought chaos upon themselves. Those who weren't obliterated outright were cursed by its corrosive power, changed into horrendous creatures that roam the now empty buildings. Even the legendary knight Artorias would succumb to the power of the Abyss, turning a powerful soldier into one of the deadliest adversaries.
It would take an unknown soldier whom had traveled from the far future to put down the Abysswalker, and save his reputation from being tarnished. The arena where the battle took place is quiet now, with the foul, blue abyssal fluid staining the brick walls and floor. Only a small monument is left, marking the place where Artorias had been slain, watched over by a female form in dar
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Heart of Darkness Finale
The offices of Eclipse are not necessarily a location where one would expect merriness and celebrating. Indeed, many days out of the year, the mercenaries and office workers wander in and out of the various rooms, giving silent greetings to each other as they pass by, and occasionally exchanging idle chatter. Everyone generally has something more important they need to get to, whether it's training or a briefing before being sent out for a mission.
On this particular Christmas Eve, however, there was ample reason for a get-together, and the rarely used ball room on the third floor of their headquarters was indeed full of activity.
Normally the rescue of a soldier that is MIA is rare to get the higher ups to agree on, as many of them are expendable units. If one is lost on an assignment, their information is completely wiped from the Eclipse systems, and all knowledge of them ever being a part of the organization is disregarded. The occasions where search parties are actually sent out h
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[Katawa Shoujo] Revelations
The Student Council room was normally a place bustling with activity. Papers were being sorted and filled out, board games scattered across the room, the aroma of take-out food dominating the air, as well as the sight of three young students working tirelessly to finish whatever their task was, whilst sharing a conversation about the various happenings around the campus.
Today, however, this same room was bereft of any such activity. No board games were set out for play. No food whatsoever was lined up on the desks. And the only person in the entire room was a single girl, her head resting on her arms on top of the table that she sat at, piles of papers sitting on either side of her waiting to be completed and sorted into their proper locations. No work was getting done, not because it wasn't urgent, but because there was no motivation to get any of it done.
Shizune contemplated the events that had occurred up until this point. Her closest friend, if not her only real friend, Misha, fi
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[Katawa Shoujo] New Beginnings
"Glad you could come in today, Mr. Tezuka."
"Thank you..."
Kagato Tezuka sat complacently in the chair across from the child psychologist, a man he and his daughter had been seeing regularly for many years. Large bookshelves covered the walls on all sides with books covering various subjects; religion, philosophy, world history, science, psychology, and many more. The office itself had a distinct smell of cigar smoke, originating from the ash tray that sat on the psychiatrist's impressive mahogany desk, nothing overpowering, but just enough of a scent to be noticeable. Meanwhile, the click clacking of the Newton cradle sitting next to that same ash tray was the only other sound the room would play host to, other than the voices of the two human inhabitants.
Kagato merely sat in his chair, back arched forward just the slightest, a still warm cup of coffee in his hands. The mug was provided to him by the psychiatrist's assistant, to help ease any tension he may have. And the psychiatrist
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[Katawa Shoujo] The Announcement
"Is that you, Hisao?"
"Yeah, it's me, Lilly."
It had been a week since Lilly had returned from her visit to Scotland. Needless to say, Hanako and I were glad to see her and Akira back. It was like we were missing a member of our close, albeit slightly peculiar, family. So, in celebration of her return to Japan, we had our regular tea gathering on this particular evening. That is why I am currently standing in front of the door to Lilly's dorm room, where we usually have these little meetings of ours.
Of course, there's was also another reason for us to celebrate; a reason involving the newfound relationship between Hanako and myself, which we have yet to reveal to our mutual blind friend. While I have been more than ready to inform just about the entire school of us, I didn't want to put her on the spot in such a manner. Don't get me wrong, she's been improving a lot in terms of her social anxieties ever since that fateful day, even being more responsive when we've done group work in c
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[Katawa Shoujo] Family Matters Part Two
At long last, the day of the meet up arrived. Lilly has been pacing around the entire apartment like a man possessed. Considering her normally calm and composed nature, this was actually a scary sight, and served to remind me how important this is. If they disagree with what we've done, they may very well try to take Lilly back by force.
"Let's see, we have chicken, fish, salad mix, rice, um... tea... coffee... oh god am I missing anything?"
"L-lilly, are you okay? You're not usually like this." Even Hanako is concerned. While we did inform her of what was going on, I'm not sure she even knows the urgency of the situation at hand.
"Yes, yes, perfectly fine. Is my hair straight? Do I look presentable? The rooms are all clean, right?"
"Lilly!" I shout to snap her out of whatever trance she's in, grabbing her by the shoulders. "Calm down. You look great. It'll be fine, I'm sure of it." As much as I'd like to think that, the truth is that I'm also saying it to keep myself from similarly fr
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[Katawa Shoujo] Family Matters Part One
The paper lanterns that dotted the path all reminded me of the lamps that dotted the walkways at Yamaku. That same amount of light that held just enough illumination to see the sidewalk, but just dim enough to remind those that passed under them that it was, in fact, night time. Only in this case, the various children running around, being yelled at by their parents to be careful, helped to remind me that this wasn't Yamaku.
The Tanabata festival was a welcome sight after a year of heavy studying. Although the two of us made a promise that we'd be able to go to it this year, I still saw our attendance as a reward for staying with each other for this long, through thick and thin.
"Something the matter, Hisao? You've gone quiet all of a sudden," Lilly spoke up from my side, snapping me out of my thoughts. I've gotten so accustomed to her holding onto my arm to guide her I sometimes forget she is there.
"No, just lost in thought." I replied. It seemed like only yesterday that we made a pr
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[Dark Souls] The Pyromancer's Fate
"This is my lot in life. This is the price for my folly."
Those were the words that Quelana thought to herself at every opportunity. They reminded her of how she abandoned her sisters, and left them to be transformed by the wretched beast that they had conjured. Now, she sits outside of her domain, in the wretched swamps of Blighttown. One day, they will surely find her, and when they do, they will drag her back and force her to share the form of the other witches, or simply tear her throat out on the spot.
And so, she waited for that day to happen. That was all that she could do at that point. This she told herself every hour of every day.
Being the mother of pyromancy, her knowledge of the craft surpassed those of the other sisters. This they surely know, and it is this fact as to why they would eventually come to seek her. However, that same knowledge may also have been why they had yet to confront her, lest they feel the full force of her wrath. Even with her power, though, she kne
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The sunlight from the dawning sun peeked over the horizon, blessing the land below with its glorious rays and telling all touched by it that a new day has come. And yet, Marcel could only feel regret as he stood in front of his house with his bicycle, watching that orange orb float up into the atmosphere.
His father, whom he had moved in with not too long before, was still asleep, and would be for another hour at the least. He had no clue what his only son was contemplating.
For Marcel, it had been nothing but a downward slope since he had graduated from college. The economy had continued to be at its lowest point in decades, so even with a degree, finding a job had proven to be a difficult endeavor. The money he had leftover from financial aid had nearly depleted, and he couldn't even afford a hamburger at the local fast food joint. The plans that he had wanted to put into motion - a career, his own apartment, finding a relationship, and making a decent living – had all blown up
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It's MAHVAL baby by DamagedThoughts It's MAHVAL baby :icondamagedthoughts:DamagedThoughts 0 4 A Delayed Start by DamagedThoughts A Delayed Start :icondamagedthoughts:DamagedThoughts 0 3 Random Shit by DamagedThoughts Random Shit :icondamagedthoughts:DamagedThoughts 0 9
The Concert Friend
        The hum of the engines from outside the airplane seemed soothing, telling its passengers to relax and simply enjoy the flight. The setting sun over the clouds colored the sky a bright red hue that slowly faded into darkness, creating a grand and mesmerizing picture that one couldn't see elsewhere.
Alright, enough of that poetic dribble. Too corny. But, as I sat there in my seat, music tracing a course through my mind from the headphones, I couldn't help but think back on the events of that past weekend spent with a distant friend.
I had traveled out to her area in Tennessee. She lived out in the countryside, away from the main city and near the woodlands. This was a bit of a culture shock to me, coming in from the big city in Los Angeles, where you could barely see the sky through the buildings, and smog covered up the view of the mountains most days. In this state, however, such obstructions were nonexistent, and my eyes found themselves
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Awww, he's shy. by DamagedThoughts Awww, he's shy. :icondamagedthoughts:DamagedThoughts 1 4
Smoking's Bad
Apparently a man threw away a burning cigarette,
Which landed on top a small stack of papers,
Which eventually caught on fire,
Which spread to the close-by fireworks stand,
Which had housed a box of bottlerockets inside,
Which ended up going off from the fire,
Which sent them flying in all directions,
While one flew to a construction site across the street,
Which hit a bulldozer driver in the eye,
Which caused him to lose control of the vehicle,
Which ended up knocking over a large beam,
Which landed on top of a passerby ,
Who was carrying a box of metal nails,
Which ended up spilling out into the street,
Which caused a passing car to lose its tires,
Which caused it to veer out of control,
Which caused it to run into a clown making balloon animals,
Which sent his helium tank flying into the fire from earlier,
Which caused the tank to explode from the air pressure,
Which sent shrapnel from the stand and tank flying,
Which landed on several onlookers within the vicinity.
I swear, you see
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The Deity Banquet
Every year, all of the popular deities
Come together to have a large feast.
There is Orpheus, using his lyre
To create beautiful music,
With Nyx singing backup,
While Jesus performs his water-to-wine trick,
With Dionysus drinking the results.
Odin and Zeus, meanwhile,
Would watch their sons,
Thor and Hercules respectively,
Spar each other to see
Who is the stronger individual.
Metatron and Mithra can often be seen
Conversing between each other,
While Cu Chulainn and Susanoo
Trade stories of their exploits
Within the field of battle.
Kartikeya and Ares would often
Trade battle strategies for mock wars,
While Kikuru-Hime mediates their debates,
And Athena simply listens in
On their conversations.
Yet none of them can ever anticipate
Lucifer and Loki hiding in the back
Plotting how to trick Shiva
Into sleeping with someone
That isn't Parvati.
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Hey all. Just wanting to promote the start of my own video game playthrough series called The Trash Heap, where myself and a friend play the absolute worst video games ever made. We had our legit first episode up yesterday with us playing Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, and dear god it's as bad as you'd think. It's incredibly hilarious, so we'd appreciate some views from you guys, and maybe even a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. You can check out our first episode in the link below.

As far as content on here goes, I won't promise anything, since that tends to lead to broken promises, so I'll just say I'll write something when I get a chance and an idea.


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