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Rock Cannon - Black Rock Shooter

By Dalva24
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Rock Cannon from Black Rock Shooter

A very short animated shooting sequence here:

Took me 3 hours to model, and 1 hour for render and post processing

the handle section doesn't look as great, since I couldn't find a good reference of the handle in the TV series

3ds Max 2012, V-Ray 2, Photoshop CS5
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does it work in MMD?
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unfortunately no, not sure how can i import it to MMD, though i think it should be easy
latifahzarrina's avatar
hmm my friend can she very good 3dmax ~
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Super awesome! Very helpful for cosplay projects :iconyesyesyesplz:
Could you maybe do one of iBRS's cannon/lance thing?
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i think iBRS Cannon is actually an oversized BRS Rock Cannon, albeit with some color modifications
though, if you meant the Gattling gun, well... could be done, but the transformation would take some couple of days of head banging to figure out lol
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No I'm pretty sure iBRS's cannon is different. It's more like a reeeeeally oversized lance-cannon-thing ^^; *description fail* It does still shoot but it's mainly used like a sword sorta... [link] [link] I'm probably gonna cosplay her so I've been staring at just about any reference for that darn thing lol :iconepicstareplz:
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ooh you mean that one, i thought it's the massive one BRS used at the last episode... got it mistaken -_-
well, done! :D [link]
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This looks great! I'm possibly gonna make the rock cannon in the near future and thanks to shitty references I haven't been able to so thankyou :D. any possibility you could do STRength's ogre arms? I cant seem to figure out there four arms XI.
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thanks, glad to help :D
maybe i can make STR's arms, cant promise it though... since i think it is shown less than the Rock Cannon
xGREEN-BLURx's avatar
well with episode 6-7 you get some good looks at them but yeah it's tough to see them most of the time wish they would show a better view of them there dam tricky those ogre arms XD.
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