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Two Princes:Feanor

Feanor Portrait/The Silmarillion

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Elegant and spiritual

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This portrait has been my favourite for many years and I'm so happy to find it here today. This Feanor is godlike.

Not godlike. Just trying to be godly.

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He's perfect!!! The best picture of my favorite character ever😅
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The iconic Ñgoldo.
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absolute best Feanor ever. perfect. thanks
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I cannot believe this work has such few comments! I love the detail in his facial structure and I like the placement of the house emblem in the background.
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I just love it! i think the portrait give a clear and realistic image of the great Noldor Fëanor, even when he's not my favorite Noldor, i think he's mighty and powerful. Congrats!
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Ah, finally I found the source of these Noldorin princes pictures I found on the net. Very nice artwork. And Feanaro looks really fierce and brooding. I'm afraid of him now. *runs*
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Another thing: Your works are the most famous on the web. ;)
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Yes... Really impressive!
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The first picture of Feanor I've ever seen and still the greatest. He looks gorgeous, but it's the eyes that make him truly Feanáro.
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He is most definitely the Spirit of Fire! You have captured that excellently!
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That is a brilliant version of Fëanor.
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Gorgeous, down to the last detail. :faint: And... this is exactly the style of clothes that I imagine old Fëa would be wearing. :D
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Your art is amazing, I love it soo much!! You combine realism and manga style wonderfully and your colouring is perfect! Further, I believe this is the first picture of Fëanor I've seen in which he's actually good-looking (which I'm cercain he is). *-* I hope to see much much more Silmarillion art from you!
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This is wonderful.
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I love his serious face :)
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Now, the Fingolfin image is powerful and gorgeous, but this is possibly my favourite of the two. You have captured his nobility, yet in his eyes there is a hint of the "fiery spirit" the books speak of. And his cloak and crest are stunning! I would love to see this in a larger version, or the original! On-screen is never as good as in real life. Yes, indeed, everything about his clothes is gorgeous. Very well done!
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