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get down Gryph by dalnariarna get down Gryph by dalnariarna
I made this when it was like 11 pm... It looks good I think? maybe Idunnomaybenotyeahuptoyou. The more I look at that foot the more I feel like it is wrong... I could fix it and the hand, but I could also just try to make another better than average from me at least looking drawing. Yeah I'll do that.

Random Gryph related stuff...
Still feels weird to be attracted to a character that I've made myself. It just feels wrong and good as while knowing that some people might think he is just something made up to be perfect to me... he isn't and explaining it is impossible as people tend to ignore everything when they don't care enough and only focus on what they want to hear. He has flaws and has a personality so far from me that when I can't focus enough i won't bother trying to spend time with him as it wouldn't be him, just my mind trying lazily to please me and I do not want that. And it feels like I can be with him whenever I want (whenever being a specific point of time in the day as it doesn't work otherwise. mentioned earlier), Maybe even get some consolation when I'm feeling down. Having a personality that makes me stay as far away as possible from people makes it sometimes hard to get some things out of the stomach. At least I've got Gryph when there isn't anyone else. Doing some actually embarrassing things to get a good laugh or just listening and giving a hug. I won't actually feel feel the hug, but it's close enough.
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December 12, 2016
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