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Sun Jan 11, 2009, 7:48 PM…

The MP has had its ups and downs, and over the past few months its been rather slowish.  Tis a shame because its such an entertaining subject and every time the hype simmers down I get a little sad :(  So, in order to keep things exciting and for everyone to have a place to discuss (other than the comments of the spontaneous MP themed fan art) I have created the Myriad Path Forums! *sound fanfare*  

It is my hope that everyone involved will be able to come together on these forums to discuss, chatter, post their artworks and play silly forum games together.  Maybe in the future, we could even host our own mini MP styled tournaments to occupy us inbetween main events- who knows!

People who are not competitors in the MP are all welcome to join in on the fun.  Just come on in, kick back and relax!… <----go sign up and post!


Since WotLK is coming out...

Mon Nov 3, 2008, 4:24 PM
I have been longingly staring at the WotLK stuff everywhere...and my old warcraft tendancies are starting to pulse. Working on my world of warcraft themed webcomic, I realize there's a lot of reference I wish I could go in game to get.  I can't, however, as all my accounts are frozen. I miss my WoW :(

Problem is, I don't have money to feed my cravings.  Soooooo rather than pout, I am going to try and raise money for my paypal account to pay for my warcraft accounts, as well as a copy of WotLK when it comes out.

You know what this means....

COMMISSIONS!  again...

I'd like to do a number of small commissions, and the cost would be a donation of the buyer's discretion.  (Please be realistic....I don't want offers of 5$ for a huge fully CG/background epic artwork)

If anyone is interested or wants more information, send me a note or email me at


Web comic collaboration wanted

Tue Aug 5, 2008, 10:29 AM
I put this up on the DA forums, but I'll post it here in case it reaches the right person :)

I want to improve my artistic ability via manga/web comic creation, but such a task is quite daunting to do alone.

I'm looking for an artist/writer who would like to partner up and pull a project together to publish on the web. I don't have a specific story or theme in mind, and am quite open to your ideas.

I want to execute the project in a very organized manner. Constant communication will be neccessary, as well as a tight plan to follow up with.

I'm looking for someone who would like to assist me and has at least a little experience in one or more of the following...

Story Boarding
Character Creation
website design

Only other qualifications would be flexibility, patience, good attitude and willingness to progress.

If you are interested, please send me a note via DA with a link to either your gallery or specific samples of your work.




Myriad Path II

Fri Jun 27, 2008, 6:04 PM
For my own convenience (and for those who wish to use this) I am throwing together some what of an encyclopedia for the tournament.  I'll update this as needed.  Note that some of the links on zeldafreakhall's character glossery were broken, so I wasn't able to add everyone >.<

Tournament Master- :icondarqnaut:
Interactive character DB-…
Battles for the First Ring-…

Participants (Alphabetically)… Aggron Icebreaker, Frozen Goron. Creator- gauntlet3h
Win… Amaya, Sheikah Assassin.  Creator- Muffie-Puppy
Loss… Amos/Rune, Cursed Knight.  Creator- hiyoko-chan
*MP VET* Original character-…… Ankoku, Former Dungeon Master.  Creator- mewy
*MP VET* Original character-…… Blaze, Iron Knuckle. Creator- dalmuln
Media:… *…
*MP VET* Original character-…
Win… Carmen Lightbane, Paladin.  Creator- 5tud4wg

silvaristhesheikah.deviantart.… Dilila, Gerudo Warrior.  Creator- SilvaristheSheikah… Garrin, Scoundrel.  Creator- rueyeet
*MP VET* Original character-…
Loss… Haru, Hylian Archer.  Creator- yoshijaz
Loss… Hrinlani, Vengeful Sister.  Creator- RWingflyr… Isolde, Sheikah.  Creator- Puertorriquna
Loss… Jaella, Crazed Assassin.  Creator- Shin-Takumi

jennieo-of-hyrule64.deviantart… kaisui Hoseki, Swordsman.  Creator- JennieO-of-Hyrule64
Loss… Miff, Deku Sharpshooter.  Creator- Imperfect-Chaos
Loss… Ophila, Shadow Kin.  Creator- elanorepenn
Win… Rath, Mage Prodigy.  Creator- Lock-of-Hyrule… Rokuran, Phoenix Knight.  Creator- Keaton-Chan1
Media:… *…… Sai, Sheikah Shadow-Warrior.  Creator- Sheikah-Sai
Media:…… Shaft Stonebiter, Flower Bomb Courier. Creator- G-O-R-G-O-N
Loss… Spheira, Freelance Assassin.  Creator- pettyartist
Win… Taliesin, Sheikah Blacksmith.  Creator- demon-raiku… Team Nane.  Creator- Tali-Espeon
Media:… *… *… *… *…
*MP VET*… Tekallon, Hylian Rogue.  Creator- Slushies
*MP VET*… Thash, Zora Hybrid.  Creator- Talonclawfange… Zace, Zora Sorceress. Creator- Wolfdog

The Chroniclers… Dark, Psychotic...something or other.  Creator- Lock-of-Hyrule… Kalak, Twili.  Creator- dalmuln… Leihl, Royal Guardsman.  Creator- Talonclawfange… Raki, Library Minish.  Creator- Wolfdog… Rayne, Rito.  Creator- Keaton-Chan1… Rin, Deku Scrub. Creator- Tali-Espeon… Rina, Fairy.  Creator- Slushies

OK time for a none depressing journal entry for once! >_> (glances at list of entries about boyfriend dumpings and dead puppies)

I'm a bit tired of drawing my own characters, so I want to do art trades with a few artists.  Send me a note if you're interested.  

LadyGhostDuchess -Finished-…
SydeX -inked-

Anime styled Aurore/Gauntlet -inked-
Our crits are real -inked-

Wow fanon wiki

Thu Mar 27, 2008, 5:15 PM
Found this nifty site
It's a fan based warcraft wiki that, instead of giving information about actual in game characters, gives it on players.  It's very RPish, but I enjoy flipping through the character lists to see what kinds of backgrounds people have come up with for their warcraft toons.………

Those are articles I wrote on two of my characters, and my bf's characters.  Enjoy!

Two nights ago I bought a 6 week old Pomeranian puppy from a breeder. This morning at 4:30 she died.  Yesterday she seemed so sad and lethargic...wouldn't eat or drink.  She would just lie down and sleep.  Everyone said she was just missing her mom, but I was worried.  I decided if she didnt improve by today I would take her.  Unfortunately, she didn't make it through the night.  I feel so heartbroken for the poor little baby.  I wish I knew why she was sick...

The breeders deny any responsibility for the puppy.  They claim it could have been my fault for her death.  They wont give me back the 300 i spent on her, or even replace her with a new healthy puppy.

I dont think I've been this bummed in a long time...
I need a good cry
Just a quick list of my dev's O Love before I head off to work! <3
I havn't had a paid subscription in almost a I'm at 6.2K deviations I have yet to look at :(  So overwhelming...


I'll be updating this as I remember peeps :X
The worst has happened!  *gasp* my beloved tablet, that which has served me for over 4 years, has taken it's final bow and stopped working >_<  

Until I am able to scrounge up the money for a new one, there wont be any art coming from me :cry:  Judging from my income/bills ratio, it will be quite some time before it is replaced.  Maybe my parents will be merciful and ship me one for christmas.....unlikely

Opening up a couple of commission slots again.  (Not that I'm ever closed :P)  Just note me or email me and we can work something out <3

I'm strongly encouraging WoW themed commissions, seeing as i'm on some what of a wow roll.  I'll be doing full character portraits, multi character portraits, busts, sketches, web banners, forus signatures and avatars, etc

Hey all, you guys were probably wondering wtf happened to my little manga I was working on a few years back T_T  Well, I had gotten a bit busy with other art projects. (and became addicted to WoW cough)
When I began to regain my interest in the comic, I realised my skills as an artist weren't where I wanted them to be to express the story.  


I have began rewriting the script, and even have completed a few pages.  Once I get everything prepared, I'll be making a new web home for it and try to get it back up and running ^_^
I have big plans for it, I hope you all enjoy it


Let me know what you think!

Active Clubs--
Now, I dunno about you, but I get requests to sign ppl's charters out of the blue ALL the time.  I'll be walking around and POOF the little screen pops up with Ubakilla requesting I sign the charter for his guild Blood Bath and Beyond.
And ya know what? It doesn't bother me one bit.  I'll always sign their little charter and simply /gquit once its formed.  I like doing ppl favors, and getting their random guild started is no big deal at all.


I'm prancing around on my alt, tryin to get some little alt guild started.  I need one more signature, and i see a random lvl 10 standing there guildless.  I think 'oh, great! I'll finally get to make my tabard!' as I request their signature.  Instantly I get a series of hateful flames, was called an 'inconciderate jerk', followed by a /spit and an /ignore.

I remember thinking wtf? How am I being a jerk?  It is called a 'request' for a reason.  I didn't force anything, I simple requested a damn signature for a guild they didn't even need to stay in.  I dunno....I see nothing wrong with requesting random ppl's signatures.  If you dont want to, just decline the damn thing.  I never thought it was rude when ppl asked for mine, in fact I always concidered it rude to NOT sign it.  It doesn't hurt me in any way, so I dont see what the big deal is.

Any thoughts? maybe I am an 'inconciderate jerk' after all
Ya i know, another jounal about commission. >.>  Kind of it a real bad financial spot, lost my job over some BS and the bills are piling up.  I'm leaving out of state in a few weeks so I'll have no source of income for a while, but if I dont get one soon I'll end up losing my car, my phone, and i'll be in a whole lotta hell :(  

Soooooooooo I'd be willing to do how ever many commissions I can get, any and all work would be so much appreciated.  I'm not gonna list a price table, I dont really know what my art is worth so I guess its negotiable.  My email is

I do pretty much anything, though my WoW art seems to be most popular.  

I'm desperate, guys :(  
Saving money so  I can fly out to see my man next month in NY.  Any work would be very much appreciated <3

So ya....yesterday I turned 19.  woooopeeeee

Lineart- 10$, +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Celshaded- 15$, +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Soft Shaded- 20$, +10$ per additional character, +10$ with background
Character Sheet (Flat Color, with some soft shaded) 15$

I do have a paypal account, my email is

Either note me or send me an email to request a commission. Please dont request one by replying to this journal entry, or it may be missed.
Hey all

I am in a very tight spot for money, so I would really like to take on a handful of serious commissions.  I am not quite sure a great price range, so i'll throw something temporary for now.  Tips exceeding price chart are most definately welcome :o  

Lineart- 10$, +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Celshaded- 15$, +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Soft Shaded- 20$, +10$ per additional character, +10$ with background
Character Sheet (Flat Color, with some soft shaded) 15$

I do have a paypal account, my email is

Either note me or send me an email to request a commission. Please dont request one by replying to this journal entry, or it may be missed.

Thankyou all, <3 to everyone :o
I met the man of my dreams...

He makes me more happy then anyone else has, and soon I'll be his bride *happydance* we plan to get married after he returns from bootcamp sometime. Hopefully by the end of this year!…

I just got the position of Concept Artist for CSE.  We're working on a game called Orb, which will be for the Nintendo Revolution platform.

Check it out :D
Need cash, so Im gonna be drawing more.  Hopefully I'll get some commissions to do so I can pay the bills >_>

All is Lost

Sat Oct 29, 2005, 7:50 AM
:sniff: :sadangel: :lonely: :dead: :worry: :disbelief: :'( :cries: :heartbreaker:

Me and my first love parted two nights ago.  I can barely take it in...
I can't eat, I can't sleep.  I havn't stopped crying since it happened, and I can't believe that this is real.  The thought of never seeing him again makes my heart ache as if it would die and never be revived.  Nothing seems to help.  I can't draw, music has lost it's touch...

I often think back on our our petty arguments.  Maybe...maybe if I tried just a little harder.  The thought makes me sick to the core.  Maybe it's my fault...I should have done better.  I should have tried harder.  

We parted without sharp words.  He felt we were too different...too many things needed to change to make it work.  But I would change almost everything about me if it meant having him back.  

He still wants to keep in touch, and the thought of never speaking to him again sends ice down my spine.  But at the same time, listening to him talk to me or others in the most carefree if nothing makes me just as miserable.  

I feel so cold...


Mon Oct 17, 2005, 10:37 AM
Kay, I decided to start accepting commissions because I need to earn a little cash @_@

If you are interested, please either send me a DA note, or email me at

In your message, please include your name and a detailed description/pic of what you'd like me to draw.  Any themes may be requested as well.  No payment will be nessecary until the completion of the piece, when I send you a preview of your drawing.  
All payment will be through paypal, information will be sent via note or email.

What I can draw for you: I specialize in humanoid characters, mostly fantasy in nature.  However, I am able to draw beasts and hybrids if you like.  

I will be pricing commissions as follows:

Lineart- 10$, +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Celshaded- 15$,  +5$ per additional character, +5$ with background
Soft Shaded- 20$, +10$ per additional character, +10$ with background

note: I will not count colors, black borders, etc as a background.  Generally, a background will include extra drawing, detailed painting etc.

All artwork will be coprighted me, and may not be reproduced for profit.


Come see me on World of Warcraft!
Aurore, Night Elf Rogue on the Burning Legions server