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Kalak was growing quickly annoyed with the fact that not only could the mysterious sheikah Uriah see him, but was also giving him orders.  As if he had any jurisdiction over the servants of Ganondorf!  Kalak narrowed his eyes grumpily at the dark sage as he was brutally reminded of his 'duty' within the dungeon, and was thinking of a clever comeback before the Twili found himself in fresh battle chamber.  

“Brilliant.” He said, rolling his slanted crescent-moon eyes.  Deciding that he wasn't going to give the snobbish Tournament Master any reason to complain, Kalak actively began seeking for a clear vantage point.  
The room was simple enough.  A battle ring in the midsts of the familiar Lost Ways room.  
“What did I call it previously...?” His mind trailed to the last time he was here.  “Ah yes...our favorite 'ovular room of losers'.” Kalak chuckled darkly.

“Hmph.” He snorted as he quickly recognized the paladin Carmen Lightbane enter the chamber.  “Miserable wretch and her rotten lantern.”   He retreated behind the center obelisk, as to not be blinded by her irritating light.  However, it wasn't until the other contestant was directly behind him that he noticed whom the paladin would be fighting.  The air suddenly got drastically cold-- the very air around his mouth freezing into a cool mist.  He looked directly above him only to see the huge goron Aggron Icebreaker standing behind.  Forgetting for a moment that the giant was oblivious to his presents, Kalak let out a small squeak and slipped out of the way.

Carmen glanced ahead, noticing Aggron right away.  She sighed sadly as she approached the goron.

“Friend...” She began solemnly.

“Do not speak, child.  It must be the goddesses will.”  Aggron grunted.  A sadness gleamed from his eyes as he looked down at the paladin, tiny in comparison.

Carmen silently nodded, and brandished her mighty hammer.  Before she could attack, however, Aggron's form rolled into its familiar ball shape and violently twisted itself until he had completely burrowed into the ground.  The earth underneath Carmen began to rumble, then without warning, Aggron burst from the ground beneath the paladin's feet.

  Carmen was thrown backwards but she quickly scrambled to her feet, pulling out her lantern.  She waved it in front of her, chanting in an ancient tongue.  As she spoke, the light intensified and focused into its center.  After a moment, it shot out a beam of light towards Aggron.  The goron shielded himself with his massive frozen arms, the ice around his flesh reflecting portions of the light back at Carmen.  

“Argh!” She shouted, as she staggered back, blinded by the light of her own lantern.  Aggron stepped back and slammed the ground with his fists.  Giant sheets of jagged ice shot from the earth, creating a barrier between him and his adversary.  Carmen carefully calculated the mass of the shield protecting Aggron, then slipped on a pair of rather dangerous looking Shriek Gauntlets.  The goron raised an eyebrow, unsure what the paladin was attempting to accomplish.

“I doubt that will work, child.” He said slowly, his rumbling voice echoing through the halls.

“Doubt not the power of the goddesses, for those who have no faith will be burned!”  Carmen cried as she charged at the goron.  Flailing her hands in front of her, the enchanted gauntlets began glowing powerfully.  She slammed her fist into the center of the barrier, a loud crack echoing through the dungeon.  For a second, only silence was heard.  Then, without warning, the ice shattered.  Sending her other fist in a powerful thrust, it met Aggron's skull.  An even louder crack resonated as she felt the stony flesh of the goron crumble beneath her fist.

Aggron staggered back, slightly dazed from the blow.  Regaining his bearings, he resumed a more comfortable balled position, the jagged icicles from his back elongating dramatically.  Revving himself along the ground, he prepared for a brutal roll towards Carmen.  Realizing the nature of his attack, Carmen quickly pulled out a small kokiri shield and braced herself.  Kalak let out a small chuckle at the sight of such a small shield.

Nevertheless, Carmen stood her ground as the thundering goron swept towards her, picking up stones and earth behind him as he whirled like a frozen tempest.  However, as he rolled into range, Carmen leapt into the air, and slid the wooden shield between her feet and Aggron, in an almost surfing sort of manner.  Kicking the wooden shield into one of Aggron's deadly frosted spikes, she used it as a platform to jump to safety out of the rolling goron's way.

Slamming into the walls of the dungeon, Aggron unballed himself and faced Carmen.  She held up her mace offensively, daring him to get closer.  The goron charged on foot, massive arms held upright ready to grapple.  As he lunged for her, the paladin swung her mace like a baseball bat, meeting the stone giant with a loud WACK.  A blinding light resonated from the impact, tossing the goron asunder.  Carmen slid back, slightly off balance, but still standing.  Aggron tumbled away, a dusty heap of lifeless stone.

Slowly approaching her once friend, once adversary, Carmen gazed upon Aggron's broken body.  Kneeling before his unconscious form, she opened up her tomb and read from its sacred pages.  Her hands began glowing, and she placed them on Aggron's forehead.

“Dear goron, if you survive and live on, I bless you.  You will find freedom from your frozen prison.  Though my power may not be sufficient enough to unlock it, I grant you favor in the goddess' eyes.  May you find solace swiftly, Noble Aggron Icebreaker.”

Kalak rolled his eyes as the paladin finished her prayer.  He slunk away from the battle scene, leaving Carmen still kneeling beside Aggron.
Carmen fights on, Aggron is Lost :(

This was a rough one for me to chronicle. Obviously Aggron belongs to :icongauntlet3h: Who is playing because of me, but then the whole Carmen yeah. Not a fun one to do lol

I want to do a pic for this eventually, in honor of both contenstants, but internet is down on my drawing comp so it will be until i can fix that.
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yoshijaz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That must have been a really hard thing to write, but you did a fantastic job! The battle was really amazing to read! I especially love how you made it possible to use a deku shield against a giant rolling goron!
G-O-R-G-O-N Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
yay! go carmen!
great chronicle, as usual.
rueyeet Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
You did a great job interpreting Carmen's battle plan! I especially like the Kokiri Surfboard. I think she's represented well here. :nod:

Poor Aggron though, Carmen was his best bet for breaking the frozen curse. Oh well...I'm sure the Beer Party of Losers has got some Goron Firewater somewhere....
dalmuln Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
Beer Party of Losers? I gotta draw this...
rueyeet Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2008
Indeed! An unofficial Myriad Path II event, with your host, Garrin!

Let's see, going by the RP threads that have spawned so far:

Kaisui drank too much sake and got sick...
Haru is quite tispy and Garrin got her singing...
Caron of Team Nane stopped by for some ale and some talk, even though Team Nane's still in the running...
Rath is sipping hard cider and chatting happily about magic...

Isolde, Dilila, Rokuran, Amaya, and Sai haven't yet shown up to the party despite being in the loser's circle;

And Aggron, Shaft, and Spheira are now welcome to come join in!
Imperfect-Chaos Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
Best fight chronicle yet! =D
gauntlet3h Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
Very well written. Carmen deserved the victory my prayers will be with him and his family.
Wolfdog Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008   Traditional Artist
I certainly don't envy you for having to write this.
Still, you made it very convincing how a woman could beat a giant ice goron *thumbsup*
dalmuln Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2008
I know...the whole thing does seem rather silly when you think about it lol
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