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Blaze Revisited
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© 2008 - 2019 dalmuln
Weeeeell :iconzeldafreakhall: is doing another Myriad Path, so I decided to reenter the Iron Knuckles I created for the first tournament.

She's gone through slight appearance adjustment, and I'm rather pleased with the results. [link] Here is the original character design.

EDIT: For those of you interested, [link] here is an image of Blaze pre-iron knuckles.

[link] - Introduction

Name: Blaze
Race: Iron Knuckles
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 250lbs including armor
Status: Guardian

Brief Background: Once the property of a rogue manufactorer, Blaze was entered into the Myriad Path a year ago in hopes of furthering her strength. However, during the dramatic events, the iron knuckles fell into possession of the Dark Lord Gannondorf. Already being a master of many iron knuckles, he easily bent the already slaved mind of Blaze, making her his own.

Now a member of his personal guard, the evil king has decided to reenter her into his tournament yet again. No one is quite certain what his purpose is. It is theorized that Gannondorf is simply raising the bar of the tournament by entering in one of his own soldiers, or perhaps he wishes to unlock Blaze's inner conciousness and further her worth as one of his elite guardians.

Nobody, save Gannondorf alone, has seen Blaze without her armor. Her race and heritage remain unknown to hyrule.

In Depth Background (The stuff only the 4th wall know about...)
Blaze was originally known as Aravas. She was a captian of the royal guard in Hyrule Castle; a skilled military leader. Though her usual duty was to remain at the castle handling trifles and ordering lazy guards around, Aravas was called to an urgant mission.

A rogue manufactorer, a creator and inventor of deadly Iron Knuckles, was rumored to have stationed himself close to the Hyrule Castle Town. He had invented the Iron Knuckles for the evil king Gannondorf. However, in addition to the payment he was to recieve for his commission, he demaned a place of power next to Gannondor.
The dark lord scoffed the old man's request, and swatted him away like an unwanted vermin, taking the army of iron knuckles for himself. The inventor, blinded by rage, vowed to take revenge on Gannondorf, and hid away in order to create an improved army of iron knuckles.

Aravas took a small flank of her most trusted guards to capture and eliminate the threat. She grossly underestimated their bounty, and was brutaly defeated.

As a way of humiliation, the inventor tortured and twisted the captian over the course of many years. After many foul and cruel experiments were conducted on her, she drew near death. However, sweet slumber was not to be the fate of Aravas, for before her soul could be free of her torment, her body and spirit were locked within the cursed armor of an Iron Knuckles created especially for her. She was simply named Blaze.

The cruel inventor was pleased with his new toy, and used her to wreck havoc on the hylian populace. Every drop of blood spilled by blaze added to her experience and destruction. Seeing this as a wicked oppertunity, the inventor enlisted Blaze within the Myriad Path. He hoped that the battle experience would make her the ultimate war machine and use her to conquer hyrule.

Likes: Stillness
Dislikes: Disturbances
Fears: Nothing
Weakness: Agile foes-- Blaze is incredibly slow
Strengths: Nearly impenetratable armor, god-like strength

Personality: Blaze has no will of her own, and as such doesn't have much of a ';personality'. She remains silent as the grave, showing no hint of expression. She feels no happiness, sadness, fear or amusement. She wont even grunt or yell in combat as she recieves blows, or dishes them out. As far as anyone is concerned, Blaze has no voice.
On extremly rare occassions, however, a moment of expression will overcome her. On such times, she looks as if she is confused, not sure why she is where she is. These moments usually die quickly, though, (perhaps a slight headbob to the left and right, or a calculating glance at her hand)and before anyone can even notice her change in behavior she redeems her forboding composure and merciless countenance.
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Comments (9)
lordturtlemonk's avatar
lordturtlemonk|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing! She looks so very, very amazing. ^^y You are skilled.
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rueyeet's avatar
Garrin: *takes one look* Crap, not again! *runs away*

It'll be fun to see if Blaze gets any of herself back in MPII. I like the spikes, and the implication of the torn cape that she's been through the wringer a bit.
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dalmuln's avatar
haha, yes Blaze had a costume adjustment. she's alot less flimsy now XD I was looking at the old design and realised it looked like she could tip over any moment. No more stripper shoes and she's ready to get down and dirty :)
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rueyeet's avatar
I remember looking at the heels and thinking, "did a guy draw this?" because guys seem to have that love for putting fighting gals in impractical footwear.

Then I saw your ID pic and figured it must be that you walk in high heels lots better than I ever will. *hee*
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Imperfect-Chaos's avatar
I'll be back in the Myriad path too, but not with Iten. I like Blaze's revisions. My new character is gonna have to make due with the most basic of sketches and colouring for their portrayal. Haha.

I think it shows how you've improved over time in certain areas, in my opinion. It just seems to strike me as more realistic or something than her previous image
Reply  ·  
dalmuln's avatar
oh hush the way you portrayed miff is squeemishly delightful :P

I was aiming for a more realistic look this time around, though. Last time I kind of just made up the armor as I went along...it didn't really make much sense XD
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Imperfect-Chaos's avatar
I've totally done that before. Haha.
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SydeX's avatar
SydeX|Professional General Artist
and Im making a trade with you for something this quality if not better? :fear: I feel bad now already 75% done with your piece and it looks like crap.

I hope it is up to your standards dal. :(

This ones great btw!
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Lmih's avatar
Lmih|Professional Traditional Artist
Verrrrry cool =D
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