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MP II: Aggron vs Lightbane
Kalak was growing quickly annoyed with the fact that not only could the mysterious sheikah Uriah see him, but was also giving him orders.  As if he had any jurisdiction over the servants of Ganondorf!  Kalak narrowed his eyes grumpily at the dark sage as he was brutally reminded of his 'duty' within the dungeon, and was thinking of a clever comeback before the Twili found himself in fresh battle chamber.  
“Brilliant.” He said, rolling his slanted crescent-moon eyes.  Deciding that he wasn't going to give the snobbish Tournament Master any reason to complain, Kalak actively began seeking for a clear vantage point.  
The room was simple enough.  A battle ring in the midsts of the familiar Lost Ways room.  
“What did I call it previously...?” His mind trailed to the last time he was here.  “Ah yes...our favorite 'ovular room of losers'.” Kalak chuckled darkly.
“Hmph.” H
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eberVSharu AND garrinVSkoku
The deeper the dungeon crawled, the more demonic it seemed to become.  The next group of tunnels and chambers were far more wild than the somewhat uniform halls Kalak experienced previously.  This one was really a piece of work—A grove of wicked trees twisting into an endless black sky and swirling clouds.  A miserable drizzle dripped down the branches, causing an eerie shine to reflect off the flora.  A chilling wind cut through the trunks, causing even the intangible twili to shiver bitterly.  
The first figure to catch Kalak’s eye was the Scoundrel Garrin.  Kalak had noticed him before.  It seemed that he had been trapped in the dungeon before, as the twili caught on to Garrin’s immediate distaste for his iron companion, Blaze.  
Garrin seemed disgusted by the scenery, haunted branches constantly whacking him in the face for all the wind.  In a final frustration the Hylian began
:icondalmuln:dalmuln 3 6
Myriad Path II: Rath Vs Kaisui
Nervous glances and raised eyebrows leered at Blaze across the dreamy meadow of victors.  They couldn’t be blamed—the image of a hulking iron knuckle sitting Indian style with a tiny teacup in one hand completely motionless was quite absurd.  Kalak’s instruction to ‘blend in’ was probably more detrimental than helpful.  The twili slithered away from the golem, taking refuge in the shadow of their tent.  He gazed longingly at the unusual dainties with a watering mouth.  
“Twili Kalak.” The startling voice of Uriah said behind him suddenly.
Kalak jumped, craning his long neck behind him to see the sorcerer standing ominously over him.
“By Gannon’s black horse--!” He cursed, face flushing and fingers twitching.
“You are failing your duties, chronicler.”  Said Uriah darkly.  The skin on the back of Kalak’s neck prickled uncomfortably.
:icondalmuln:dalmuln 3 25
Myriad Path II: Cracking
It had been some time since Kalak returned from witnessing the dual between Carmen Lightbane and Taliesin.  He casually trailed after the hulking golem, dodging glistening rays of light shining through the cracks of the stone ceiling.
“I wonder how our friend the Blind Sheikah is doing, hmm?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if his ‘nightmares’ drove him to insanity?”  Kalak cackled silently to himself, pleased at his previous handy work.  “Though it was a shame I couldn’t finish the poor bloke off.  Still…I suppose it is better he lives on with nightmares in his soul rather than finding peace in cold death.”
Hours passed as they pushed forward, seeking the hall’s exit.  The sentient giant seemed to know no tiring, as her pace had not slowed since they entered the forsaken dungeon.  The twili wasn’t in bad shape, either.  It took little effort for him to glide thr
:icondalmuln:dalmuln 2 4
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Scarlet Aurore
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Myriad Path Forums

Sun Jan 11, 2009, 7:48 PM…

The MP has had its ups and downs, and over the past few months its been rather slowish.  Tis a shame because its such an entertaining subject and every time the hype simmers down I get a little sad :(  So, in order to keep things exciting and for everyone to have a place to discuss (other than the comments of the spontaneous MP themed fan art) I have created the Myriad Path Forums! *sound fanfare*  

It is my hope that everyone involved will be able to come together on these forums to discuss, chatter, post their artworks and play silly forum games together.  Maybe in the future, we could even host our own mini MP styled tournaments to occupy us inbetween main events- who knows!

People who are not competitors in the MP are all welcome to join in on the fun.  Just come on in, kick back and relax!… <----go sign up and post!



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