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Inko Midoriya

One of my favorite moms in anime donning the outfit of her heroic son. 
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I wsih JumpForce made it so that Midoriya's outfit could be worn by either a male for female character
For a moment I thought this was an AU where a young Inko becomes Nana´s sucessor.
Still, she looks awesome!
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I've got another idea for an AU, for whatever reason her family tree is more spaced out, so by the time BNHA begins, She's just a kid. Meaning she's the main character then.

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This is purely adorable!  I cosplay Mama Midoriya & this is absolutely precious!  Wonderful work!!
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well only one thing to say: PROTECT DA MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She's one of my favorite characters on the show.

You know, after she becomes a short chubby jellybean.
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She's really rocking her Son's outfit.
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What if in her youth she wanted be be a hero, but realized her powers wouldn't have much practicality on the field, that would explain why she was so quick let Deku not be a hero upon discovering he was quirkless.
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Izuku: Mom why are you wearing my hero suit? ^^;
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Inko looks very beautiful 
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I had thought to draw an AU where Inko Midoriya changes roles with Izuku.
You got ahead of me.
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i wonder why his mom got fat and small
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It was said because of the guilt she felt from Izuku not having a quirk
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Stress, cant explain the small part
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I would love a version with short, chubby Inko =P
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deku has hips now. 
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