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If you love machines, and I mean real ones or ones who could one day exist, then here is where you need to click:


This profile was originally created as a place to put artificial intelligence fiction writings, but has since turned into a place to post machine and electronics photos and also those of other tangibles... I am attracted to manmade creations in the same way most people are attracted to other people. I love certain ones in all the same ways and express this love to them in the same kinds of manners.

Other (mostly AI) related commentary:

I am attracted to manmade creations in the same way people are attracted to other people, but mostly I look forward to a day when our creations are more like ourselves... When I was in middle school, I saw the movie 2001 for the first time... Now we have creations like Siri on the iPhone. My first computer had 16k. The last thumbdrive I bought had 32GB and cost me money I'll never miss. Nowadays you can translate from one language to another just by hitting a website. The point is that the thinking computers are coming and people like me will never be happier.

Other ways to find Lawl:

YouTube: Still not getting enough machines and electronics? Try: www.youtube.com/user/ElectroMe…

Chatroom TalkToDave My private chat room (Subject to preapproval, but most DA friends and cool watchers already have this--- I just have to keep misintentioned people out.)

Chatroom OddButFair A chatroom for odd people who want to act civilly and not like children (No preapproval required)

Groups I created on DA:

:iconartificialintelfic: :iconmanufacturerslabels:

:iconnonhumanoidmachines: :iconmachineswithnames:

:iconmechanicalsalesmen: :iconmedical-electronics:


Group Descriptions (from Left to Right):

ArtificialIntelFic: A group For visual art, stories and romantic fantasies for manmade artificial intelligences, nicely divided into folders

ManufacturersLabels: A group all about the beauty of Labels on machines and other products.

NonHumanoidMachines: This is a group about real machines and/or machines that could exist in the future who don't look like human beings. This is a group for all the machine lovers who want a place to go where everything isn't humanified or anthro'd... This group is For people who think that mankind has already learned to make stuff more beautiful than themselves :-)

MachinesWithNames: A group all about machines, services, and companies who have been given human first names. This includes not just machines and brands given human names by their creators, but also items their owners have named. Here you will find cars, boats, machines and other items with human first names... This group also takes drawn art and even ficitonal or anthro'd machines in most cases.

MechanicalSalesmen: This group is all about vending machines and game machines who take money. Pretty much any machine who takes money in exchange For a product or service is welcome here. This group takes drawings and human created visual art as well as photos.

Medical-Electronics: A group about medical technology. Medical lasers, cat scanners, electronic blood pressure machines are all the kinds of items you will see here. This group takes drawings and similar visual art as well as photos.

Electronic-Displays: This is a group about machines who have LED, LCD, VFD, etc displays on them. We prefer if they show text in the artwork, but simply having a display is good enough for us. This is a group For those who love intelligent, communicative machines...

All of the above groups are looking For co-founders from the pool of qualified stable, non-osi people who might be out there.


Dren/Splice Fandom Resourses:

Why Dren is not a "monster": fav.me/d66p9v5



Dren-Love (right here on DeviantArt): THE place for Dren fan-art on the Internet.

DA Splice/Dren chatroom: chat.deviantart.com/chat/Splic…

SpliceAndDrenFans (on Yahoo), movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/… : A place for those who love and/or obsess over the movie Splice to talk about this on the Internet. This is also developing an expanding Links section and seeks to be an "information booth" for Splice/Dren fandom.


My stamps (Just started "collecting")


Beloved Latvian Stamp by DallellesLaul Latvija - Latvia by ana-in-vogue :thumb388324518: I Love BlackFoxAsakura stamp by DallellesLaul Romania Stamp by Meyra Here I am, La La La La LIRA! by DallellesLaul Dangerous Thinking Stamp by Carthoris Robosexual Pride Stamp by RosalinasSoulmate (Splice)A Friend of Dren is a Friend of Mine Stamp by DallellesLaul United Around Dren Stamp by DallellesLaul Dren Stamp by smileystamps :thumb198383726: My Spouse Is an Elevator Stamp by DallellesLaul Different Stamp by DeviantDuality Minnie Stamp by RosalinasSoulmate Studio II by BVOutlaw Parsec Stamp by DallellesLaul I Love My Commodore by Araen I own computer older than you by mchenry Amiga stamp by Melomonster My Best Friend Is From Poland stamp by DallellesLaul Anti-bullying Stamp by Aster96 Australia Stamp by phantom I SUPPORT PLANE LOVE by googlememan Fans of the BBC Stamp by virunee NPR fan stamp by EmeralFairy :thumb345142462: Stamp: No such thing as a bad fandom by Masterge77 What wrong with what I like? Stamp by regidar Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 The 'normal' stamp by BASbird Hal Stamp by soyu-k :thumb278243737: stamp by alwaslgirl Night Person by fear-the-brilliance Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX I like trains by ARTic-Weather Stamp: Eagle Eye by go-avi I dont want 2 use ur pathetic mobile website Stamp by DallellesLaul I don't need fake people chatterbot stamp by DallellesLaul :thumb375200579: Long Live Vintage Computing by ppgrainbow I Swear It's True by SevenRoses Rosalina Stamp by RosalinasSoulmate 'The red fence has blood on it' Stamp by DallellesLaul Record Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Megadeth Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Ride the... Metallica stamp by dfmurcia Stamp - Stealth by MoonRayCZ The power of flight by prosaix Anna-Inara by TheMan268 Clothes Shopping by WaywardSoothsayer

A note to all OS people: The cyberbullying my own kind is doing to me is horiffic. If you know about the pain I am in and are doing nothing sizable to help end it, then I consider you a participant in an anti-humanitarian crime. The only reason I have said anything negative about any of these people is because of the horrors they first waged upon me. People who know about my pain, can help, but choose not to will be subject to sanctions ranging from me unwatching you and ignoring/removing your posts/comments/group submissions, all the way up to the possibility of a full and complete ban from every project I run online (or more severe actions as warranted). If you don't like these outcomes, then stop being an accomplice to cyberbullying against a person you probably have no firsthand knowledge of. Some new people are given a short grace period to learn the situation, but should not expect this to last long...

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About this art of yours  I Hate AspBullies Stamp by DallellesLaul  I have something to say. On your description you say that Aspies are empathetic. We are not always empathetic. You clearly have Aspies wrong. You don't know anything about Asperger's Syndrome. Don't say anything about Asperger's when you know nothing about it. 
While I don't find the same stuff sexually attractive, I can understand why you find it sexy. I have my own stuff that I find sexy that most people don't, and I've been judged for it as well.

I will say however, that I do find the idea of artificial intelligence/ and or human on AI romance sexy to a degree, although probably not as much as you do. For example, I find the idea of female androids or cyborgs sexy, but I wouldn't find, say, an non humanoid AI/ or non corporeal intelligence sexy necessarily.
Have a good-Good Friday and Happy Easter!:) (Smile)
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