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Wife Vs Mistress II 2nd half
2nd half part part 2 of 2
“yes, yes, yes, oh god yes…,” jannette chanted, her cries harmonizing with deanna’s moans. She seized deanna’s sweaty, hot thigh and thrust harder and harder, determined to grind herself as deeply into deanna’s juicy, yielding cunt as was humanly possible. Deanna moved with her, grinding and thrusting back just as hard, equally determined to claim jannette’s pussy as her own.
The women’s powerful, sweaty bodies bucked wildly, muscles straining, bellies rippling powerfully, hips and asses moving in perfect rhythm as they fucked. Their golden, sweat-soaked tits bounced and rocked in concert with their thrusting bodies. Deanna and jannette threw back their heads and moaned in erotic ecstasy. The women closed their eyes and smiled savagely, both women thoroughly enjoying the vicious fucking they were administering to each other. Their engorged clits worked relentlessly against each other, sending waves of pleasure ra
:iconclubcatfight:ClubCatfight 5 4
Ohhh God by PdPatty
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Dust Storm 19 by Dangerguy01
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a goddess in the bedroom by Nem70 a goddess in the bedroom :iconnem70:Nem70 19 9



(Full story…) Back in the Blackburn Mansion , Elizabeth and Maria were still tribbing missionary style when Elizabeth came first. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEHHHhhhhh", Elizabeth screamed, and her pelvis convulsed repeatedly as her pussy muscles expanded and contracted repeatedly. But she didn't want to leave Maria unsatisfied so she licked her fingers, reached down, and gave Maria a hand job until she came a minute later. As they both lay in bed, embracing, Elizabteh said "Maria, I love you. If I ever divorce that son-of-a-bitch I'm married to, I'm gonna take you to California and marry you on the beach." Maria said "I lobe you too, Eeleezahbett." Then they continued to embrace and kiss each other for several minutes. After several minutes, they got up out of bed, and Elizabeth went into her walk in closet, and came back out carrying a beautiful black evening dress for Maria to try on. It fit perfectly, and the black color perfectly accentuated Maria's dark Hispanic beauty. "I lobe it, Meesus Blahkborn." "Then it's yours, my love", Replied Elizabeth. She then gave Maria an envelope with one hundred dollars in cash inside, and told Maria to take some food from the refrigerator on her way back to her garage apartment above the four car garage. After a final kiss, Maria left the room. Elizabeth took a shower to get the smell of lesbian love and pleasure off of her before David got back home. As Elizabeth bathed, she was sure that David was out fucking someone. She knew her husband.

David and Abigail were now back downstairs in the parlor of the whorehouse. The ever beautiful and charming Lady Anna greeted them with a smile on her face. "Did my girls do their utmost to please and satisfy you both", she asked. "O-M-G, Emily almost killed me with orgasmic ecstasy. You were right, Lady Anna, SHE-IS-INCREDIBLE", Abigail replied. "I'm so very pleased that you were satisfied", Lady Anna said with a smile on her face. David then pulled out a roll of cash; two thousand dollars. One thousand for him and another thousand for Abigail. He then handed the roll of cash to Lady Anna who, without taking her eyes off David, slid the roll between her cleavage underneath her black dress. Then Lady Anna took Abigail by the hand, led her to a corner of the room, and said "You're so beautiful. If you ever decide to come back, go to bed with me. It won't cost you a thing." Abigail smiled and said "Okay." As she turned around to walk back Lady Anna lightly slapped Abigail's ass, and then gave it a squeeze. Abigail's eyebrows raised up as she smiled. As David and Abigail went out the front door, another client walked in. Lady Anna said "Good evening Mr. Daniels. It's such a pleasure to see you again..."

A little while later, David dropped Abigail off at her front door. Abigail said "Oh thank you baby for buying the girl for me. This has been one of the best nights of sex I've ever had. How can I make it up to you? Can I give you a blow job before you drive off?" David said "Why don't you give it to me tomorrow at the office. I'm pretty tired after tonight." David and Abigail shared a long kiss before she climbed out of David's car. She shut the door, they waved goodnight to each other, then she walked to her house and closed the front door behind her. Before David drove off, he pulled out his cell phone, and texted "I'm cumming over" to a certain number. In a few moments the response came. "Okay" was the response.

A half hour later, David was standing in the living room of a one bedroom apartment. His slacks and underwear were dropped down to his ankles, and his very big and hard cock was inside the mouth of a very handsome young man who was on his knees. The young man, a gay male model named Derrick, was eagerly sucking on David's athletic penis while David's left hand was holdoing Derrick's head from behind. In just a few more moments, David realized he was about to cum. He bent his knees slightly, grabbed Derrick's head with both hands, holding it firmly in place, and yelled "I'm cumming!" While David was in a state of orgasmic ecstasy, his pelvis convulsed as he began jacking off. Rope after rope of David's cum slammed into the back of Derrick's throat with force, and Derrick had to swallow fast and hard to keep from choking on it. 

Although everyone knew David Blackburn had a lot of girls within easy reach for sex, no one, not even Elizabeth, knew he'd been keeping a male lover on line as well. He paid for Derrick's apartment, utilities, and food. For his part, Derrick had to be on short notice to provide gay sex to David when he was hot and horny, which was often. After getting his blow job, David took a quick shower in Derrick's bathroom to wash the "sex" off. He then left for home. 

At about 10:30 PM, David walked up the staircase inside his mansion. Elizabeth was laying in bed, watching television and heard his footsteps. "Hi baby", David said. Elizabeth said "Been working late?" David replied "Yeah. Had a lot of contracts to sort out." Elizabeth thought to herself "Bullshit you motherfucker. You've been out fucking again." But she didn't say what she was thinking. She didn't want to throw cold water on the situation because, you see, that ultra horny nymphomaniac Elizabeth Blackburn was craving yet another orgasm, as if she hadn't had enough today already. "David baby, please fuck me. I haven't had sex all day today." David said "Okay baby, I'll make you cum." David knew perfectly well that his ever horny, insatiably greedy-for-orgasm wife had been cumming all day, even if he didn't know with whom. 

As usual, David's sexual performance was magnificent, and Elizabeth had three more orgasms before letting David jacked off in her womb. 

It was now midnight. Lights out. Tomorrow's a brand new day. 

(Full story…) Back in the Blackburn Mansion, inside the master bedroom, Elizabeth Blackburn was lying on her back against five pillows. The lovely Maria was busy licking her. Maria had already sat on Elizabeth's face, with her legs spread far apart which meant that her pussy lips were spread wide open. Elizabeth wanted nothing to interfere with Maria's cum when it dripped out. Her nose was in the crack of Maria's butt cheeks while her tongue had dirty danced all over Maria's dark brown pussy and clitoris until Maria couldn't take it anymore, and came...hard. Very hard. While Maria cried out in orgasmic ecstasy a large wad of the most delicious pussy cream fell out of her pussy, and all over Elizabeth's tongue, coating it. Elizabeth was in ecstasy, her tongue was in ecstasy, and she immediately wrapped her arms around Maria's legs to hold her in place until every last drop dripped out. Now, Elizabeth was on her way to a wonderful lesbian orgasm. As she lay against the pillows, feeling Maria's incredible tongue performing sexual magic on her clitoris, she stroked Maria's thick, black, silky, shiny hair with her fingers and said "Beautiful girl. You beautiful girl. You're gonna make me cum." 

As Elizabeth came closer and closer to cumming, she began to fuck Maria's face while Maria continued licking. Finally..." AAAAAAIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh". Elizabeth Blackburn came hard because Maria never stopped licking her throughout the entire orgasm. When Maria finally did stop licking Elizabeth, she saw some clear fluid running out of her pussy. It was half way between her pussy and her crack. It was Elizabeth's cum, and Maria quickly licked it up. "Mmmmmmmmm", Maria said. She too loved the taste of pussy cum. What lesbian didn't? Then both ladies got up on their knees on the bed. Elizabeth was still in a state of frenzied heat. Her blood was boiling for more sex with Maria. She embraced Maria, kissed her hard, and then fell on top of her. Now Maria was on her back. She spread her legs wide for Elizabeth. Elizabeth reached her arms around Maria's waist as Maria arched her back up slightly to allow her arms underneath. She then began trib fucking Maria missionary style as they both kissed. Their kissing was only interrupted by the sexual moans each of them made. As Elizabeth lesbian fucked Maria, it was hot, wet pussy rubbing against hot, wet pussy, and soaking wet clitoris against soaking wet clitoris. Who would cum first? 

In the parlor of the whorehouse, Lady Anna and a couple of gentlemen could hear all the moaning and screaming from all the sex that was going on inside the whorehouse. The two about-to-be clients said "Lady Anna, you certainly have a nice place here. Everyone's really enjoying themselves." Lady Anna responded "We're only much too thrilled to be able to serve and satisfy our clients." Meanwhile, upstairs, David as stil pumping Brittany hard. By now she'd already cum three times with David's help, and was on her way to cumming a fourth time. She didn't say it, but she was wondering if she was going to survive being fucked so hard for so long. "AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEAAAAAhhhhhhhh". In the bedroom next door Abigail Brewer just had the fourth insane orgasm with Emily. David and Brittany laughed hard even as he continued to fuck her hard. "Rock the house, Abigail baby", David said with a smile on his face. Shortly after that, Brittany came a fourth time. She let out a deep throaty moan as she came. After she was through she said "Mr. Blackburn, I know you're paying a lot for this, but I don't think I can handle any more." He smiled and said, "Okay baby, let's finish it." He then rolled her over. She got on her knees in the doggie position. He then reentered her pussy from behind. This was his favorite position for a fast orgasm. As he slid it back in, his cock could feel her tight, taught pussy walls give it a tight, merciless embrace. Her pussy muscles were strong and gave his cock a magnificent sqeeze. He could feel "all of her", and now David was ready to pop his rocks. He fucked her like this, feeling her tight walls all over his most sensitive nerve endings until he couldn't take it anymore, and busted his nuts inside her. He shot his big load all inside her womb. "UNH UNH UNH UNH UNH UNH", David moaned as he popped his rocks inside Brittany. Brittany closed her eyes and smiled as she felt David's warm, thick, sticky seed splattering all over the walls of her hot blooded womb. 

After he jacked his load inside of Brittany, they stayed in the position they were in for a half minute when all of a sudden... "AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEhhhhhhhh". Abigail Brewer just had her fifth orgasm. Both David and his hooker Brittany laughed so hard when they heard it they collapsed down on the bed, his still hard cock still inside her hot, wet pussy. They kept up the laughter for maybe a half minute. Then David pulled his cock out of Brittany, got up from the bed, walked over to the bedroom wall and pounded it three times with his fist. "Hey, what's going on in there", he jokingly asked. Abigail yelled "I'm cumming to death!" David laughed as he walked away from the wall and said "Yeah, the whole city can hear it. Let's get ready to go, baby doll", he said. Abigail yelled back "Okay Love. I don't think I can take it anymore anyway." After they emerged out of the two bedrooms along with Brittany and Emily, David took one look at Abigail and said "Girl, your face is as red as a tomato.: Abigail said "Well yours would too if you'd cum as much and as hard as I have all night long." 
(Full story…) Inside Emily's bedroom next door, you never saw two lesbians in such a state of heat. Abigail had just cum twice, and Emily was only getting warmed up. She was determined to make the beautiful Abigail beg for mercy. Abigail screamed out loud for the third time..."AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAuuuuuuuhhhhhh". She had just had yet another merciless lesbian orgasm. Next door, David was still on top of Brittany when he heard it. "Fuck, that's three orgasms she's had in under five minutes." 



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Gene Scott
United States
I'm a guy who likes sex way too much. Straight and lesbian sex really turn me on. I have a dirty mind and try to express it in my photos. I'm a big boy so sex doesn't scare me one bit. If you can't deal with it then run home to your mama and play with your toys.


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