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SoC: Uncommon Bond

Sat Oct 21, 2017, 7:15 PM

Once again I find myself at a loss for an intro. Uncommon bond doesn't lend itself to much (there is a book with the same name but I never read it). Besides, I'm trying to cram as much review time in as I can for the con I will visit on October 27th. Trying to struggle for an intro will consume more time than I'm willing to give for these reviews that already take so much of my time with little reward. So I'm going to forgo an intro and just jump into the review for our latest Starlight episode. Here we go with my SoC for Uncommon Bond.


*We open with Starlight at the train station anxiously awaiting the arrival of a certain orange coated, bearded stallion. An adorable little trot she has there!

Station by DallasBlack Station2 by DallasBlack

*That's a good question. When DOES the noon train arrive? Perhaps, say... NOON?!!!

Noon by DallasBlack

*Is that a question or a statement because you don't sound too sure.


*A VERY adorable little trot!

Adorable by DallasBlack

*Excited, really? You hide it so well.

Excited by DallasBlack

*Forever you say? So you two have been friends even before you existed?


*Judging by the title I'd say you are wrong on that front. Also, that guy just want to do his job, not get his ear talked off by a chattering hen mother.

Title by DallasBlack

*Vinyl is the perfect listener. You can tell her anything because with her headphones and music she can't hear you.


*"Come to think of it..." All those were stuff you had in common when you were children?

Children by DallasBlack

*Wow, she could actually hear you over her music. You're voice must be real grating!

Wow by DallasBlack

*Huh, must be noon.


*Obviously that is the train from the Crystal Kingdom or there is some kind of Crystal Con happening.

Crytal by DallasBlack

*Not there I bet.

Not by DallasBlack Not2 by DallasBlack

*I guess now is the time for panic.


*She almost lost her head over Sunburst, literally! Seriously that is dangerous. Most train doors have safety features that prevent premature shutting. I guess Equestria cares not for the safety of it's citizens.

Dangerous by DallasBlack

* You're late!


*The ship is here!

Ship by DallasBlack

*That is one heavy suitcase! It just broke off her magic hold!

Heavy by DallasBlack

*Maybe he just packs heavy.


*Wow, how long was that Train Ride? To Russia?

Long by DallasBlack

*Hmm, perhaps him and Twilight might be a better ship.


*That green thing looks a bit like an off color Trixiecane.

Green by DallasBlack

*You know, old times are just that, old.

Times by DallasBlack

*Great, now Bender is going to explode! If you don't get that one, then you need to watch Futurama.


*Shows what you know, don't it?!

Shows by DallasBlack

*Geek central meets antique central!

Central by DallasBlack

*Ok, that habit of repeating him with a question needs to end.

End by DallasBlack

*If you love being bored to death that is.

Bored by DallasBlack

*Damn, it's like a male Rarity (another possible ship?)! If he isn't a heavy packer, then he may be moving in or at least staying indefinitely.


*You're definition of cool could use some work.

Cool by DallasBlack

*Not all surprises are good.


*Um, Sunburst? Ever seen Rain Man?

Ever by DallasBlack

*Yeah, that one looks... while that one looks... THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME!!!!!!!

Same by DallasBlack

*Oh, like the ability to make somepony think they're interesting? That's some powerful magic!

Ability by DallasBlack

*Hey, it's Twilight! His possible OTP!


*Does somepony hear angels singing?

Angels by DallasBlack

*It is crazy, that you think it's crazy.

Crazy by DallasBlack

*About a billion other ponies for a start.


*Impressive! Though not as good as one made by the Magnificent Tiller!

Tiller by DallasBlack

*That was so fascinating she almost fell asleep!

Asleep by DallasBlack

*Very convincing.


*Yay! More boring crap!

Crap by DallasBlack

*Ring around the rosy, pocked full of poesy!

Ring by DallasBlack

*"When will this hell be over?"


*What a couple of dorks! At least Twilight makes it look adorable. He just looks goofy.

Dorks by DallasBlack

*I think she'd rather deal with Trixie right now. :D

Trixie by DallasBlack

*Popeye: How embarraskin!

How by DallasBlack

*It's a nice little statue, but Twilight seems a bit too into it.

Nice by DallasBlack

*Heads up Starlight, it's time for you to fake interest again.


*A miss is as good as a mile.

Miss by DallasBlack

*Who are you Foolin'.

Fooling by DallasBlack

*You don't have to like what your closest friend likes. My best friend Erik (RIP) loved gory torture horror movies, I've never cared for them.

Like by DallasBlack

*That's not a way to convince him you actually like this stuff.


*It never ends, you will be here for all of eternity.

Ends by DallasBlack

*Like Snoopy's house!

House by DallasBlack

*Meanwhile, back at the castle...


*Did they buy some stuff at random? Because they seem awfully surprised to see stuff they just purchased.

Random by DallasBlack Random2 by DallasBlack

*Yes, just as interesting as it was back in the shop.

Yes by DallasBlack

*Teacup, teacup, teacup!

Teacup by DallasBlack

*Congratulations Starlight, you completed the set!

Set by DallasBlack

*You just ruined the most fun she had all morning!

Ruined by DallasBlack


Nerds by DallasBlack

*Faceplant! It was unavoidable.

Faceplant! by DallasBlack

*Oh, ok. I get it now. Those are not the things they bought, they're the stuff he brought.


*Or any other ancient office equipment.

Office by DallasBlack

*Yeah, there will be some shipping here. Why not? He shares colors with Sunset and I'm sure there is shipping of her and Twilight.

Shipping by DallasBlack

*Pen pals actually write to each other? I thought they mailed each other pens?

Pen by DallasBlack

*You're trying too hard Starlight. Though that is a cute nervous laugh!

Trying by DallasBlack Trying2 by DallasBlack Trying3 by DallasBlack

*I take it back. THAT is trying too hard.

Back by DallasBlack

*Swing and a miss!


*You don't know what it is yet you paid for it? Dumbass. Then again, how many Funko mystery minis did I buy?


*That's what I said!


*That seems kind of... dumb! What if it's something's worth thousands of bits and it's sold for 10?

Dumb by DallasBlack

*Yeah, but treasure doesn't cost you money first.

Treasure by DallasBlack

*It's ok Starlight. I don't get it either.


*That is so... fascinating?

So by DallasBlack

*Plight your separate plot?



Ditto by DallasBlack

*Whatever you say hoss.


*You can see it's got her rapt attention.

Rapt by DallasBlack

*"To forget the last several hours."


*Antique? Starlight hopes not.


*Dragons and Volcanoes? I love that game!

Dragons by DallasBlack

*Dragon Paint? Alllllllrigty then!!!

Paint by DallasBlack

*I'd say it's probably the very same one you two used to play with.


*My guess on what it was called seems more likely than Dragon Paint.

Gess by DallasBlack

*So he threw a temper tantrum. Such a sore loser.


*So was the way you said it!

Way by DallasBlack

*So you are no longer a... horny teenager?

Horny by DallasBlack

*Oh, Snake Eyes! You lose.

Snake Eyes

*Then why not call it Dragon Trap?

Trap by DallasBlack

*She's going to blow!


*Or go "plop".

Plop by DallasBlack

*Is that all it does?

Does by DallasBlack

*Well that's different.

Different by DallasBlack

*Oh great she's snapped again and this time she's not just a unicorn!

Snapped by DallasBlack

*Somehow I imagine Twilight's orgasm being just like that.

Orgasm by DallasBlack

*With that afterglow on her face.

Afterglow by DallasBlack

*It's Twilight. Everything she does is adorable.

Everything by DallasBlack

*Of course he is. Him and Twilight are hitting it off real well!


*Oh, no mention of playing your favorite childhood game with your childhood friend who was your sole reason for visiting? Do you realize how insensitive that is?!

Childhood by DallasBlack

*Mainly because nopony associates her with fun.


*Really? When the hell did this happen?!

Happen by DallasBlack

*That's because most pony's aren't.... NEEEEEEERRRRRRRDS!!!!!!!

Most by DallasBlack

*Sorry Starlight, but you should expect that when you spent so much time away from him.

Sorry by DallasBlack

*Yeah, screw what Starlight would want to do.


*Oh, so do you remember her existence!

Remember by DallasBlack

*Well that was rude!


*Poor girl!

Girl by DallasBlack

*I see you set your alarm for annoying.

Alarm by DallasBlack

*He's obviously far sighted.

Sighted by DallasBlack

*I guess he's not used to waking up with a lovely female next to his bed. Of course neither am I so I can't judge.


*Well, its morning somewhere.

Somewhere by DallasBlack

*She's being quite adorable in this episode!

She's by DallasBlack She's2 by DallasBlack She's3 by DallasBlack

*Dude's got a one track mind.


*Oh, you liar!

Liar by DallasBlack

*What an ass! Looks like he's rather spend time with Twilight than Starlight.

Ass by DallasBlack

*Starlight ain't giving up that easy.

Easy by DallasBlack

*So you will just have to sleep later.

Sleep by DallasBlack

*How could you say no to that face?

Face by DallasBlack

*You're... kidding right? Ponies don't normally wear clothes.

Kidding by DallasBlack

*You don't remember what you drank when you were a kid? I do and I'm 38!

Kid by DallasBlack

Hugs by DallasBlack

*Assuming you haven't eaten an apple since you were a kid. See Starlight, this is what I meant about trying too hard.

Apple by DallasBlack

*Did you get Apple Jack's permission to do that? It think not!

Apple Jack by DallasBlack

*It's the Pait And Growerful Triskie! I know a certain DA artist who is probably banging his head against something right now! He knows who I'm talking about. :D

Triskie by DallasBlack

*Hilarious! I realize the irony of me bringing up teacup earlier. A teacup has become to Trixie what a muffin is to Derpy.

A Teacup by DallasBlack

*Gee, which is the most likely of those two choices?

Gee by DallasBlack

*Sure! Who's going to be doing this?

Do by DallasBlack

*He knows nothing about Trixie does he?


*Who she actually shares more in common with despite objections from some in the fandom that they don't.

Common by DallasBlack

*Pyrotechnics are about the only thing she does flawlessly.

Pyrotechnics by DallasBlack

*The chained and struggling Trixie!!!!

Chained by DallasBlack

*Typical Trixie! She could be a great comedic magician if she'd just lightened up a bit.

Typical by DallasBlack

*Impressive indeed.

Impressive by DallasBlack

*I love you Trixie, but you are a ditz!

Love by DallasBlack

*She asked for assistance, not torture!

Torture by DallasBlack Torture2 by DallasBlack Torture3 by DallasBlack

*"Behold, my two closest friends."

Closest by DallasBlack

*Much more affective! Though not nearly as funny.

Funny by DallasBlack

*If she says, "Ta-Da!", I'm going to bust a gut.

Ta-Da by DallasBlack

*Yeah, too bad you suck at magic. Use it to your advantage and become a comic magician!

Suck by DallasBlack

*Another ship made possible by over analyzing fans! BTW, an adorable giggle she's got!

Possible by DallasBlack

* He's got a Mega Man hoof!

Mega Man by DallasBlack

*Wait a minute, that's a fake hoof!!! He's a phony! A big fat phony!

Phony by DallasBlack

*She's a phony too! She's not impressed!

Impressed by DallasBlack

*Too bad that's not the New York Times

New York by DallasBlack New York2 by DallasBlack

*Sorry Trixie, but your origami could use some work.

Work by DallasBlack

*Huh?! It's whole again!!!

Again by DallasBlack

*Trixie's also a phony!

Also by DallasBlack

*That card is a 3 of diamonds.


*Not even close!

Close by DallasBlack

*Yeah Starlight, that card trick was bad.

Bad by DallasBlack

*Oh, that game is a scam!

Scam by DallasBlack

*Fastest hooves in the west!

Fastest by DallasBlack

*Yeah, that's how they sucker somepony in. Makes you think it's on the up and up just top play with you.

Sucker by DallasBlack

*You're not supposed to do that!

Supposed by DallasBlack

*Because she doesn't know anything about him!

Him by DallasBlack

*Not going to even hide your contempt are you?

Hide by DallasBlack Hide2 by DallasBlack

*Didn't Twilight cover that up? We don't want a repeat of last time do we?

Cover by DallasBlack

*No, you REALLY shouldn't have!!!!

No by DallasBlack

*Starlight, you've made a LOT of mistakes since you're reformation. This will make them all seem like petty crimes. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

Mistakes by DallasBlack

*So you've got some sense after all.

Sense by DallasBlack

*Sounds like a chisel. That can only mean one thing, Maud! The only Starlight friend we haven't seen yet.

Chisel by DallasBlack

*No, that one is in Manehattan.

Manehattan by DallasBlack

*What did I say? Ah, smug mode!

Smug by DallasBlack

*There's a Connection there!

Connection by DallasBlack

*Somepony's in denial!

Denial by DallasBlack

*Let me guess, he's tapping with her now.


*No, but he's quite curious.

Curious by DallasBlack

*She is just not having a good time is she?

Time by DallasBlack

*Smart move guy, when Maud suggests something, it's best to accept it and not argue.


*She's Tearing Down The Walls!


*It's pretty stone.

Stone by DallasBlack

*What I just heard (and probably Starlight as well) was, "Blah blah blah blah blah!"

Blah by DallasBlack

*Apparently he knows a lot about a lot of things.

Apparently by DallasBlack

*Chin up Starlight, do you really want to connect with him on this level?

Chin by DallasBlack

*Look at them, they're both thrilled! Or maybe just him, she's not easy to read.

Thrilled by DallasBlack

*Are you crazy? That stuff doesn't look like it's something you would want to eat!

Eat by DallasBlack

*Is that even edible?!

Edible by DallasBlack

*Oh, I guess if you're a dragon like Spike it is.

Spike by DallasBlack

*What a strange pony.

Strange by DallasBlack

*Off with his new friends.


*Now, I may be jumping to conclusions because there is no evidence to back this up, but is something troubling you?

Troubling by DallasBlack

*Because he finds Starlight boring and uninteresting?


*That's what she thought too, but he just seems indifferent to her. He's actually being a bit insensitive if you ask me.

She by DallasBlack

*Foals yes. As adults things change. I doubt I could still be friends with my childhood friends that I haven't seen in 20+ years (sadly, more like 30+ years).

Adults by DallasBlack

*A friend of your friends can still be your friend and friends with their friends also making them your friends and their friends can be friends... Don't ask me what I'm talking about, I have no clue. Move along!

Friend by DallasBlack

*"Thanks Twilight, that's a great comfort."

Comfort by DallasBlack

*Yeah, you know, that thing you unicorns do?

Thing by DallasBlack

*Eh, she's in the top 10.

Top 10 by DallasBlack

*I think that went to the top of her head.

Head by DallasBlack

*Maybe because she doesn't care about that boring crap?


*Let the original shipping of these two begin!


*Some fun bedroom games to help the ship set sail!

Bedroom by DallasBlack

*Oh, a spell, of course. I didn't really think they'd have sex on a kid's cartoon! Or did I?


*That is quite The Spell!

The1 by DallasBlack The2 by DallasBlack The3 by DallasBlack

*But wait, there's more! If you act now, you can get two Wow Spells for the price of one and a t-shirt! That's over a 40 bit value for only 29.99!!!!

Act by DallasBlack

*She's back to her adorable filly self!

Self by DallasBlack

*More like creepy and uncomfortable. However, if you want to say cool I guess it's all right.

Creepy by DallasBlack

Pushy by DallasBlack

*Girls are so pushy! A word that sounds similar to something that will get you slapped BTW.

Pushy by DallasBlack

*Something tells me this isn't having the desired effect.

Desired by DallasBlack

*Such an adorable little filly!

Filly by DallasBlack Filly2 by DallasBlack Filly3 by DallasBlack

*How about... adult?

About by DallasBlack

*Great, now you're going to make her cry!

Cry by DallasBlack

*See, here come the waterworks now! I'm even getting a little misty.

Waterworks by DallasBlack Waterworks2 by DallasBlack

*Starlight screwed up again. Unintentionally of course.

Screwed by DallasBlack

*Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black! I've got news for you sister, you have NO room to be talking about overdoing it!

Black by DallasBlack

*Well of course! There's... and then there is... and you both...


*My point exactly!

Point by DallasBlack

*Trixie, you are a lot of things. Funny, adorable, annoying, entertaining, and other things. Impressive however, just isn't one of those things.


*Not to mention magic tricks.

Tricks by DallasBlack

*Lets face it, some in the present too.

Present by DallasBlack

*I'm laughing my ass off at that!!!!!!!!!!! Air, air, air!!!!!! Pant, pant, pant!!!!

Laughing by DallasBlack
Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol 

*That is true!

True by DallasBlack

*Yeah, Trixie isn't... half as bad as she used to be!

Half by DallasBlack

*Everypony's a critic.

Critic by DallasBlack

*If you're dorky and you know it clap your hooves!

Clap by DallasBlack

*Oh, who's being a grumpy wumpy widdle unicorn?!


*You may need a clean pair of those.

Clean by DallasBlack

*It's hard to have anything in common with you Maud. Still love you though.

Hard by DallasBlack

*You're a whole kind of different Maud.


*Ha ha! That's funny Maud!

Ha ha! by DallasBlack

*A witch!!! Monty Python reference.

Witch by DallasBlack

*Ok, I get that one! She really is a comedian!

Get by DallasBlack

*So is that a yes or a no?


*Oh, Dragon PIT! How come I heard Dragon Paint? Much better name! If this weren't stream of conscience, I would go back and change it to save face. But that's not how these reviews work. My idiocy stands!

Pit by DallasBlack

*That is actually quite adorable! Especially Maud and Trixie!

Quite by DallasBlack

*And it works great for strong soap and smoothing calluses.

Great by DallasBlack

*The one thing she's good at. She also looks so adorable with that smile on her face!

At by DallasBlack

*Maybe not as a child, but it's more fun to be a set piece!

Pice by DallasBlack

*And cute!

Cute by DallasBlack

*I'll let Nelson take this one.

Nelson by DallasBlack

*Giggle giggle ha ha!

Giggle by DallasBlack

*Speaking of ships, there's one of the most famous ones in the fandom!

Speaking by DallasBlack

*The great and powerful porter!

Porter by DallasBlack

*Hey look at that! Twilight and Trixie working together!

Working by DallasBlack

*Go ahead and join in! Don't need to be a stick in the... Maud!

Mud by DallasBlack

*Trixie ain't letting you sit this one out.

Ain't by DallasBlack

*Another adorable moment!

Another by DallasBlack

*I will have a pre-parting shot after the bonus shots. I am showing the real parting shot now because I know it is going to be a main focus in the finale. That book, that barrel, and the antique shop it came from are all in the final scene in the comic that is supposed to set the stage for said finale.

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

Oh, I am so anticipating the finale! Too bad these take so long to make because it will take me a whole week to type the review for the finale. Meaning it will take a week to watch both parts. From the comic and that parting shot, my anxiety to find out what unfolds is palpable! However, lets focus on this episode. This was another cute, sweet episode! I can't say much more than that. I give this episode 4.3/5 or 9/10. As always what follows are the bonus shots coupled with a parting shot. As stated above, it isn't the actual parting shot but it's one in keeping with the lighthearted nature of the episode. See you motherbuckers (no Eye Roll, Nose Boop, or Derp, can you believe it?!!) next week for the Season 7 finale (and maybe even my last SoC, have to play it by ear)!

Untitled00 by DallasBlack
"With his knowledge and my magical prowess, our foals would be the most powerful ponies in all of Equestria!!!"

Untitled01 by DallasBlack
"What the hay is he doing with a Playmare magazine?!"

Untitled02 by DallasBlack
"I forgot my money, would you be a friend and tip him for me?"

Untitled03 by DallasBlack
"You can't tell the difference?! The color on this one here is bole while the other one is clearly coffee. Are you blind?!"

Untitled04 by DallasBlack
"This is boring how about the three of us have a little fun for all the shippers?"

Untitled05 by DallasBlack
"Oh yeah, great idea!!! I found a book recently that has a list of positions for threesomes I've been wanting to try!"

Untitled06 by DallasBlack
"Oh, that was just a dream."

Untitled07 by DallasBlack
"Um... I didn't say anything in my sleep... did I?"

Untitled08 by DallasBlack
"Too bad it was just a dream. It's back to boring city!"

Untitled09 by DallasBlack
"Did you hear her talking in her sleep about us in a threesome?" "Yeah, I'm saving that little tidbit for a little blackmail."

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"Isn't the most exciting spoon you've ever seen?!!!!" "He's GOT to be messing with me."

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
"Actually, it's not a letter opener. It's a pre-historic Equestrian marital aid. Also known as a dildo. My friend Rarity is an expert on those things."

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
"But... it is a letter opener."

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
"Oh wait, that was the joke."

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
"Besides, Rarity is not the expert on those things. I am!"

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"I love this barrel so much, I'm sleeping with it tonight!"

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
"Ha, he makes a much better ship with me than you!"

Untitled17 by DallasBlack
Great minds think the same.

Untitled18 by DallasBlack
"Actually, I'm ok with you two as a ship... as long as I get to watch!"

Untitled19 by DallasBlack
"So go on, lets see some hot love making right now!"

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"This guy is a sad, perverted man."

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"Metal is FOREVER!!!!"

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
"You are perverted and sad, but you are also silly!"

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"Well it's was fun today, but girls aren't allowed in my room at night. Court order"

Untitled24 by DallasBlack
"Heeeeeere's Starlight!"

Untitled25 by DallasBlack
"Is that morning wood you're sporting or does the blanket naturally tent like that?!"

Untitled26 by DallasBlack
"Nothing to be ashamed of, you are more well endowed than most stallions."

Untitled27 by DallasBlack
"Oh my Celestia, is that THE Sunburst your are always talking about?!"

Untitled28 by DallasBlack
"You were right, he is well hung!"

Untitled29 by DallasBlack
"Normally when I'm chained up like this, it's in Starlight's bedroom and she knows the safe word to unlock me. However, I will attempt to escape from the chains unassisted!"

Untitled30 by DallasBlack
"When you have performed as often as I've had, you will occasionally lay one of these."

Untitled31 by DallasBlack
"These aren't even real marble, just cheap plastic."

Untitled32 by DallasBlack
"Why don't you and Sunburst just get married already. Waifu stealer!!!!!"

Untitled33 by DallasBlack
"I can't help it if all the stallions want to be shipped with me."

Untitled34 by DallasBlack
"Position number 8 is going to require some warming up first. You can cramp up something fierce if you don't stretch first!"

Untitled35 by DallasBlack
"Why don't you and Starlight ever hook it up? The fandom wants it badly!"

Untitled36 by DallasBlack
"Wait a minute, something just occured to me."

Untitled37 by DallasBlack
"You don't like mares do you?"

Untitled38 by DallasBlack
"Trixie, that is very rude of you to assume something like that! Ever thought that he may just be a loser who can't get it up?"

Untitled39 by DallasBlack
Presenting the comedy stylings of Maud Pie and Trixie Lulamoon!!!

Untitled40 by DallasBlack
"If only they were stallions, then we could have some REAL fun!"

I had some fun with those bonus shots and hope they provided some chuckles. If anyone is offended by them, well, they obviously have never read these before :D. Anyway, here is the more light hearted parting shot. See everypony next week for the last SoCs of the season (and possibly for the last time)!

Parting Shot 0 by DallasBlack

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saturdaymorningproj Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
Nicely done with the SoC and the episode itself was fun to watch as well. I really enojoyed it, some drama but overall fun interactions as well. I will write more about Trixie here - I liked the fact she was shown doing something for sheer fun instead of showing off, and the little montage where she and Sunburst were showing various tricks each other was pretty fun, also she wasn't constantly at "me" mode as strongly as she usually is. 
bubblized Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
I'm happy the writers got back on track on her character arc, To Change a Changling was just an insulting middle finger to every Trixie Fan.
saturdaymorningproj Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
I would say that about everything since "No Second Prances".
bubblized Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017
The development there was perfect
saturdaymorningproj Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
I beg to disagree, but if you enjoyed that...ahem...episode, well, good for you ;)
Everyone has their reasonings so hey, here is mine: For me "No Second Prances" feels very forced in general. Neither Twlight nor Trixie act like what happened in the end of "The Magic Duel" - in fact, this episode would made more sense if "Magic Duel" never happened. Trixie is back to her haughty self for no apparent reason (and this time the story is narrated so you supposed to root for her, at which it fails in my eyes) and Twilight is freaked out as if it was Chrysalis herself tryin' to befriend Starlight for no reason. Both of them are written in such off putting manner that it's baffling. "Uncommon Bond" is first episode since then where Trixie feels likeable, since it's the first time I see her doing things for pure fun rather then need of impressing somepony else. Before that in most cases she feels like Rainbow Dash in first 2 seasons where she was in constant "In-your-face" mode. And yeah I disliked Rainbow Dash in that period as well.
Not everyone must love the new take on Trixie. Her personality makes sense as the minor villain she was at first, now that she's on good terms with everypony it would feel better if some of her traits were toned down a bit. Like they did with "Uncommon Bond" - she still does have that ego of hers, but it's not as obnoxious as it was in previous episodes she appeared in.
bubblized Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
You give an reasonable opinion and I can respect you for that. You're atleast not like THESE FUCKING ASSHOLES:………

Who whines like spoiled 3 year olds and activly trys to increse their hate boners. VoiceofReason and Dawill is the worst ones as they ACTIVLY SAYS THEY WANNA KILL HER AND ACTS LIKE IT'S A FUCKING JOKE! JOKING ABOUT KILLING SOMEONE IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY!
(And King of Madness is frustration indusing in general)

And, no offense, I like you but you made my alittle angry when you made the "Retared Trixie Face" and used it THREE TIMES and in all of them she acted like she where from an horrible fanfiction. That face is gong to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE untill I die...
(1 Reply)
DallasBlack Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
She was more subdued for sure. She even worked with Twilight to carry Sunburst's bags. Her greatest moments was when she put those fake legs through the saw-in-half box (damn that was funny!) and when she pulled Maud into the group hug.

Glad you enjoyed the SoC! I'm trying to make these last ones of the season as good as possible. I'm seriously contemplating on them being the last and it's always best to go out on a high note. It's not set in stone, I will have to see how long of a season break we get. It could be that since there was such a short break between season 6 and season 7, I just got burned out too soon.

I have just finished the one for Shadow Play Pt.1 and will begin working on Pt. 2 tomorrow. As previously stated I have a WWE PPV to watch tonight. Some interesting things have developed. Originally there was going to be a match between Finn Balor (Prince Devitt in RoH and Japan) and Bray Wyatt. This was going to be a crap match because not only have they screwed up the Bray character but he has lost twice already to Balor and this time was going to wear face paint and a shawl and "become" Sister Abigail. However, both Wyatt and his brother Do Dallas have developed meningitis and have been pulled until they recover. Instead AJ Styles is going to face Balor. As you know AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers alive today so this match is going to be a HUGE improvement over the original match. Also there was going to be the reunited Shield vs. Miz, Ceasaro, Sheamus, Braun Stroman, and the returning Kane. However, Roman Reigns also has the disease and has been replaced by... Kurt Angle! Making his first WWE match in over 10 years. While I hope Roman, Bray, and Bo get better, this has turned another boring PPV into something to actually look forward to.
saturdaymorningproj Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
Have fun at the PPV, yeah I liked Bray, he had potential but then they got him loosing for too many important matches, so I lost interest :(
sorry to hear about illness of both him and his brother. Wait wait wait, Kane is back in action? didn't he took part in campaign to be a governor in some state
or something like that? Color me surprised, I thought he started political career for good and hanged off his boots. Also, I am intrigued upon news of Kurt Angle returning, I know he had matches here and there, and it was only a matter of time before he will do so after his return to WWE, but I didn't knew he will go and replace their current poster boy at PPV :P

Anyway, about the SoC, yeah I understand you, personally I ponder about something similar. I may ditch the idea of drawing something related to each upcoming episode every weekend and even writing any thoughts in journals or submissions. I will either stick with it, ditch the idea completely OR will do any episode-related drawing only for episode that will really really impress me. Not sure, just as you said, nothing set in stone. ;)
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