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Those other groups are just in it for those sweet llama trades. But this one, it's actually founded by the guys who made the llama. Cool, right?

:llama:THE STORY OF THE LLAMA as told by lemontea
August 10, 2005 marks the day that the newly created :llama: received its fame. While some people laughed, others went into a panic. Llama Day was a day of mixed emotion for many, but for the few special clowns in #clowntown, it was a hilarious time for the community.

Who would have thought that a 43 x 97 pixel llama could fuel the fires of deviants? Revenge, plotting, outrage, disgust -- these were all things developed on August 10, 2005. This day marks the special journal, which launched the llama emoticon into deviant stardom: The Llama Conspiracy.

Was the llama a tool designed to insult and hurt the community? Was there some master plan behind it all? Would the shoutbox ever be safe again?

To cut it short: no, no, no. The llama was created out of sheer randomness. On that fateful day before receiving my seniorship status, I mentioned to spyed and lolly that the lack of a llama was a "dire situation" and that "[llamas] are an important part of life" and they agreed.

No less than 10 minutes later, neo-the-foxycoon had an impressive emote lined up for use. It was huge. It still is huge. And it was hilarious. And it still is. And then it was made an emote. And it still is. spyed called mccann and asked him to restart the entire dAmn server, just to see it in action. logey had the luck of being the first person on deviantART to get her page llama'ed (I'm sure she felt proud). A tribute to the llama, designed by a-r, was even made a part of deviantWear history. The llama has since appeared on many deviantART products, so be sure to take home a piece of history. You can find the llama in the Moods system as well, thanks to the input of mattdanna, in case you were feeling particularly llama-like.

From there, when the idea of badges became a part of deviantART, the entire llama trade started. The correct way to thank someone for a llama is to give one back, and to post a giant :llama: on their page.

The llama, to this day, remains a 43 x 97 pixel statue of deviantART excellence. Every August 10, I wish for you to celebrate Llama Day with a full heart and lots of laughter. Make sure you give your friends, family, and love ones a special treat on this very special day:

A :llama:.

Thank you. :heart:
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Llama Badges

:iconllamabadgeplz: = 1
:iconsuperllamaplz: = 10
(Super Llama)
:iconalbinollamaplz: = 50
(Albino Llama)
:iconsuperalbinollamaplz: = 100
(Super Albino Llama)
:iconninjallamaplz: = 500
(Ninja Llama)
:iconplzfancyllama: = 1,000
(Fancy Llama)
:iconkingllamaplz: = 2,500
(King Llama)
:iconspartanllamaplz: = 5,000
(Spartan Llama)
:iconwizardllamaplz: = 7,500
(Wizard Llama)
:icongoldenllamaplz: = 10,000
(Golden Llama)



Head Llama







Please try and limit your requests for llama for llama to 1 per day as to not be considered spam.


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