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In response to the latest comment in a long row of hateful coments over the last years (found under my newest upload) I will also state what I have to say in a journal. I really don't like to bother anyone with this amount of bullshit but since these people didn't manage to move on for 3 1/2 years now chances are low they ever will and so I have to speak up.
Some of you know it already for a long time, some might be very surprised that I get stalked by at least three people (all also on dA). I will just copy&paste what I already wrote under my submission:

Yes, the ornament design is not my own but from a 8th century viking axe. Untrue is the claim that I didn't draw the axe or that it is merely photoshoped - you can say the ornaments design is traced however, this is true.
But since the people behind this accusation try their best to wash dirty clothes in public for years now it is time to tell you a little backgroundstory:
I know pretty well who they are. Years ago I was very close to a person that decided to end our friendship very drastically. I won't claim to be innoccent in how it all went very wrong at that time. While we were friends he helped me out tremendiously – also financilly. It was my mistake that I acceppted his offerings. What I really took from the experience I got with him is never to do something similar ever again. While it was meant more than good at that time it slowly got me to loose myself and my respect towards myself and maybe this is part of why it all crashed down so badly. It was his decicion to end it though, not mine, but due to the way he did it and due to his request to do so I never adressed him afterwards ever again. I didn't try to phone him, message him or otherwise bothered him. I was ready to move on with my life.

On the other hand he decided that just leaving wasn't enough. To this day I don't really know the exact reason he left and even people who stood in contact with him longer - before he dumped them as well - said they don't know for sure. It's true that a lot went wrong for quite some time and also that I was not the best person back these days – extremely mentally unstable and depressed. My life was a whole mess and so was I. But he never came around to talk about what bothered him. I don't really want to blame my state of mind back than on anyone but I would lie if I'd say that I didn't felt a heavy relief since he left my far AS he left...


After his hateful note to end our friendship the stalking and attempted cyber mobbing started. First he went for the people closest to me and successfully brought some of them up against me – a coice they later regreted heavily, not because of what I did, but because of what he turned out to be towards them. He also contacted different people of whom he knew I had contact to over the internet and tried to cut of their contact to me with telling plain lies or outing me all colored nicely with his opinion about me as a person. It is just a side note that he tried to befriend people he formerly said were 'traitors' that 'deverved no second chances' as well just to get to me.

Outing? Oh well yes, I happen to be a transman. I wasn't born physically male even though I underwent full transition now and always have 'been male'. Since I don't see a reason to push the details of my anatomy in everyones face I tend to not tell people whom I don't plan to fuck with and that I only know over the internet – and why should I? I guess nobody cares about my genes and anatomy enough to give a rat's crap and also this is noones business, really.

In his opinion though I am a 'liar' since the validity of transgenderism depends on how much he and his friends like a person – they have enough contact to other trans* people to show that they are in general aware that this is a real thing. To be clear about that: he got to know me as a transman from the start and was very supportitiv as long as we were friends.

But that also applies to my art and storytelling. He was propably the biggest fan of ma rp 'Wolfszeit' – as soon as he dropped out of it he did not only claimed it to be the worst shit ever but also lied to people telling that I pushed him out of the rp and took it away from him. He was the one who cut our ties, not me.

This trait of him was nothing new though – he showed his rageful outbreaks as soon as anything (or anyone) didn't turned out as he wanted several times over the years I knew him. Included full fledged killing plans of people that failed to save the data of his broken computer. Bu he also spread what turned out to be lies about his own mother and brother to gain sympathy from us back then...

His attemps to bring up people against me backfired since (most of?) these people contacted me and I explained my point of view on this story. Nevertheless he tried to get people to give out their passwords to my private forums so that he could continue his spying (what he did through other people for some time anyways). He even impersonated other people to try to get these data and to defame me. While calling me a 'coward' because I closed open registration on my forums he didn't have the guts to even contact these people with his real account.

He also turned on these people and tried to harm them as well.

With some people he was successful in getting them on their side. It is funny that the same people he once wanted to 'douse in gasoline and set afire' since he considered them 'worthless bitches' are now the ones who follow him on his hate-train. He got them to answer comments I left on dA with a hateful reply for some time, he was with them at the time he came to my former house to ring the bell in the night to pester me and he was with them when they went after another person several times that is also involved in all this bullshit. The last mentioned person along with another one noticed his true nature soon enough when they didn't support his further plans to bother and 'destroy' me and became useless to him. Surprise: he turned on them as well. For some time his stalking towards one of them was even far worse than what he tried to do to me, going as far to openly post coordinates of their home to let her know he is still watching and destroying her feeling of safety. At one point his group of people tried to play the other person against me with reporting the selling of a mock character to me which they made up together in the time they 'stood united against me'.

I know that it is him not only from the way he writes and the info he got, but also from the direct words he directed at these people at that time – and from the police that confirmed my guess.

He continued to try to get every ounce of information he could get – fake accounts starting to ask innoccent looking questions. Then spaming my inbox with notes of how much my stuff sucks and how noone cares again. Celebrating the death of my late dog Kitana and, to quote again 'enjoying to watch me fail'. I don't know about you, but if you look at the definition of a cyber stalker you have it here.

I waited for 3 ½ years to say anything about this case. I hoped that people grow up and learn to mind their own business. He and at least two other people involved don't and so it was about time to spill the beans.


Als antwort auf den letzten Kommentar in einer langen Reihe von Hass-Kommentaren im Verlauf der letzten jahre (zu finden unter meinem neusten Upload) werde ich das, was ich zu sagen habe auch noch einmal in einem Journal darlegen. Ich belästige andere Leute wirklich nur ungern mit dieser menge an Bullshit aber da diese Leute es seit 3 ½ Jahren nicht schaffen sich weiter zu entwickeln, stehen die Chancen schlecht, dass sie es jemals werden und somit muss ich etwas dazu sagen.

Einige von euch wissen es bereits seit langer Zeit, einige mögen überrascht sein, dass ich von mindestens drei Personen gestalked werde (diese sind ebenfalls alle auf dA vertreten). Ich werde nun nur das copy&pasten, was ich auch unter meine submission geschrieben habe:

Ja, das Design des Ornamentes ist nicht von mir sondern von einer Wikingeraxt des 8ten Jahrhunderts. Unwahr ist die Behauptung ich hätte die Axt nicht gezeichnet oder dass sie gephotoshopped ist. Man kann allerdings sagen, dass das Ornament getraced ist – das trifft zu.

Da die Personen hinter dieser Anschuldigung jedoch seit Jahren nun ihr bestes versuchen schmutzige Wäsche in der Öffentlichkeit zu waschen, lasst mich euch eine kleine Hintergrundgeschichte erzählen:

Ich weiß ziemlich genau, wer diese Leute sind. Vor Jahren war ich sehr eng mit einer Person befreundet, die unsere Freundschaft sehr drastisch beendete. I werde nicht behaupten unschuldig an den Sachen zu sein, die zu dieser zeit schief gingen. Während wir Freunde waren hat er mir immens ausgeholfen – auch finanziell. Es war mein Fehler seine Angebote einfach anzunehmen. Was ich vond er Erfahrung mit ihm wirklich mitgenommen habe ist, niemals wieder etwas ähnliches zu tun. Während das alles damals sehr gut von ihm gemeint war, hat es dazu geführt, dass ich mich und meinen Respekt vor mir selbst nach und nach verlor und vielleicht ist das ein teil davon, warum am Ende alles so übel schief ging. Es war dennoch seine Entscheidung es zu beenden, nicht meine, aber durch die Weise wie er es beendet hat und auch auf seinen Wunsch hin habe ich danach nie wieder versucht ihn zu kontaktieren. Ich habe ihn nicht angerufen,ihm Nachrichten geschrieben oder sonst wie belästigt. Ich war bereit mit meinem leben weiter zu machen.

Er auf der anderen Seite beschloss, dass einfach aus meinem leben zu verschwinden nicht genug wäre. Bis zum heutigen kenne ich den genauen Grund, warum er die Freundschaft beendete, nicht und auch die Leute, die länger mit ihm in Kontakt blieben – bevor er sie auch weggeschmissen hat – sagen sie wüssten es nicht genau. Es stimmt, dass damals schon eine Weile schon viel schlecht lief und dass ich damals nicht die beste Person war – extrem mental unstabil und depressiv. Mein Leben war eine Katastrophe und ich mit ihm. Aber er kam nie auf mich zu, um über irgendetwas zu reden,d as ihn störte. Ich möchte meinen damaligen mentalen zustand eigentlich niemandem in die Schuhe schieben, aber ich würde lügen wenn ich sagen würde ich wäre nicht erleichtert gewesen, als er meine Welt verließ sofern er sie denn verlassen HAT...

wie auch immer...

Nach seiner Hassnachricht, mit der er unsere Freundschaft beendete ging das stalking und versuchte Cyber-mobbing los. Zuerst wandte er sich an die Leute die mir am nächsten waren und brachte sie erfolgreich gegen mich auf – etwas das sie später sehr bereuten, nicht wegen etwas, das ich getan hätte, sondern dem, in das er sich ihnen gegenüber entpuppen sollte. Er hat auch andere Leute, von denen er wusste,d ass wir in Kontakt stehen, kontaktiert und versucht diesen Kontakt abzuschneiden, indem er schlichte Lügen erzählte oder mich outete, alles geschmückt mit seiner persönlichen Meinung über mich. Es ist nur am Rande zu erwähnen, dass er versuchte Leute zu seinen freunden zu machen, die er kurz zuvor noch als 'Verräter' tituliert hatte, die 'keine zweite Chancen' verdienen, nur um an mich heran zu kommen.

Outing? Oh ja, ich bin ein Transmann. I bin körperlich nicht als Mann geboren, auch wenn ich mittlerweile die Transistion durch habe und immer 'Mann gewesen' bin. Da ich den Grund nicht sehe jedem die Details über meine Anatomie ins Gesicht zu drücken erwähne ich das nicht bei Leuten, die ich nicht plane zu ficken und die ich nur übers Internet kenne – warum sollte ich? Ich glaube kaum, dass meine Gene oder Anatomie so interessant für andere sind oder dass sie auch nur einen scheiß darauf geben, zumal es niemanden was angeht.

In seiner Meinung jedoch, bin ich ein 'Lügner' da die Validität der Transidentität davon abhängt, wie sehr seine Freunde und ihn jemanden mögen – sie haben genug Kontakt zu anderen trans* Leuten, um zu zeigen, dass sie wissen, dass dies eine echte Sache ist. Um das klar zu stellen; er hat mich als Transmann kennen gelernt und war solange extrem unterstützend, wie wir befreundet waren.

Aber das trifft auch auf meine 'Kunst' und meine art des Geschichtenerzählens zu. Er war wahrscheinlich der größte Fan meines RPGs 'Wolfszeit' – sobald er jedoch nicht mehr dabei war, sprach er jedoch nicht nur davon wie scheiße das doch alles sei, sondern erzählte auch die Lüge ich hätte ihn aus dem Spiel geschmissen und es ihm weggenommen. Er war derjenige, der unsere Verbindung gekappt hat, nicht ich.

Aber dieser Zug war nichts neues – er hat seine hasserfüllten Ausbrüche auch vorher schon immer gezeigt, sobald etwas (oder jemand) sich nicht so entwickelt hat, wie er wollte. Darin enthalten ist ein komplett ausgearbeiteter Mordplan gegen Personen, die es nicht geschafft hatten die Daten seines kaputten PC zu retten. Aber er erzählte auch Lügen über seine Mutter und seinen Bruder, um Sympathie zu ernten...

Seine Versuche andere gegen mich aufzubringen waren ein schuss in den eigenen Fuß, da die (meisten?) Leute mich anschrieben, um meine Seite der Story zu hören. Trotzdem versuchte er Leute dazu zu bringen ihre Passwörter für mein privates Forum heraus zu geben, so dass er dort weiter spionieren konnte (was er durch einige Leute zeitweilig ohnehin tat). Er hat sich sogar als andere Personen ausgegeben, um an diese Daten zu kommen und mich zu verleumden. Während er mich einen 'Feigling' nannte, hatte er nicht die Eier diese Leute mit seinem eigenen Account anzuschreiben.

Er hat sich dann auch gegen diese Leute gewandt und versucht ihnen zu schaden.

Bei einigen Personen war er erfolgreich und zog sie auf seine Seite. Es ist lustig, dass die selben Leute von denen er sagte man 'solle sie mit Benzin übergießen und anzünden' weil sie 'wertlose Schlampen' seien ihm nun auf seinem Rachefeldzug folgen. Er hat sie dazu gebracht eine zeitlang Kommentare von mir auf dA mit hasserfüllten Gegenkommentaren zu beantworten, er war nachweislich mit ihnen zusammen, als sie zu meiner alten Behausung fuhren, um mich dort mit Klingelstreichen in der Nacht zu nerven und er war mit ihnen zusammen, als sie auf eine weitere Person los sind, die ebenfalls in dem ganzen Bullshit drin hängt. Die letzte genannte Person, sowie eine weitere haben seine wahre Natur früh genug zu spüren bekommen, als sie seine Pläne mich zu nerven und 'zu zerstören' nicht länger unterstützen. Überraschung: er hat sich auch gegen sie gewandt. Für einige zeit war sein Stalking einer von ihnen gegenüber sogar weit gravierender als das, was er mir gegenüber versuchte, soweit gehend die Koordinaten der Behausung der Person offen zu posten, um zu zeigen, dass er sie beobachtet und zu versuchen ihr das Gefühl von Sicherheit zu nehmen. Zu einem Zeitpunkt versuchte diese Gruppe von Leuten auch mich gegen diese Person aufzubringen, indem sie mir davon erzählten, dass die Person einen 'Verarsche-Charakter' den sie damals zusammen erstellten, verkaufte.

Ich weiß, dass er es ist – die Art zu schreiben und die Informationen, die er hat ergänzen sich durch die Aussagen verschiedener Personen und die Nachforschungen der Polizei, die mir den Verdacht bestätigt hat.

Bis zum heutigen Tag versucht er an jeden Fitzel Information zu kommen, den er kriegen kann – mit falschen Accounts stellt er scheinbar harmlose Nachfragen. Danach spamt er meine Inbox mit Notes darüber wie scheiße meine Sachen sind und wie sich niemand dafür interessiert. Er freute sich über den Tod meines Hundes Kitana und 'freut sich mich versagen zu sehen'. Ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht, aber wenn ihr nach der Definition von Cyber-mobbing sucht habt ihr sie hier.

Ich habe 3 ½ Jahre damit gewartet irgendetwas hierüber zu sagen. Ich hatte gehofft, dass Menschen irgendwann erwachsen werden und sich um ihren Scheiß kümmern. Er und mindestens zwei weitere involvierte Personen können dies nicht und damit wurde es mal Zeit auszupacken.

Thanks for reading

You like cool T-shirts?

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 8:05 AM

Well if you do you might want to support :icontherbis: in her campaign to get one of her bad ass Shirts printed over at Qwertee!
Best thing:  If you support the artist you can win one of these shirts. And even if you don't win the shirt will be up on sale on Qwertee for only 10€ which is a pretty nice price imho.

You can read more in the journal here:
<da:thumb id="522084876"/>

And also you should check out the rest of her gallery! Her artwork and shirt designs are really nice and definitly worth a look or two.


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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 1:55 PM

Hello everybody!
Did you know that you can also find me on Weasyl?
If you like my art maybe you want to follow me over there as well :D


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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 15, 2014, 12:18 PM

Got tagged by :iconxx-flash-xx:

1) Write down every letter in your name
2) Write down a song that pops into into you head beginning with each letter.
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people.

A - Anyway you want it - Journey
L - Loyal to my hate - Wumpscut
I - I Know I'm a wolf - Young Heretics
S - Shatter me - Lindsey Sterling
T - Tapirsupper - Fewjar
A - All that could have been - Nine Inch Nails
I - I hate everything about you - Three days grace
R - Roter Stern - Centhron

Since I know it bothers a lot of people, I won't tag anyone. But if anybody who reads this wants to make this one, just feel tagged ;)


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New journal skin

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 1:37 PM

It was about time for one ;)
Credit for the original design further down at the end of this journal :3

<da:thumb id="167693300"/><da:thumb id="167693188"/><da:thumb id="167692875"/>

Art I got
Thousand Faces by Thyria<da:thumb id="464569885"/>


Lass die Welt an dir zertrümmern, bevor sie dich besiegt

Stamp: Please do not RP with my Characters by Boltonartist Do not use my artwork stamp by diabolikal-lily


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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 2:27 PM
In case you didn't know already:

 You can also follow me on tumblr if you like!

On my art blog ( you can find WIPs, sketches and 'small' stuff i will not post in my galleries! So if you are interested in how I work on my pictures you might want to check it out ;)

I also have a personal account where I mostyl reblog stuff I like. You can find it here:

And to add to my list of social media accounts: yeeees, I'm also on

You might have noticed that I'm pretty absent here on DA
Nevertheless I'm working rather frequently on artwork - tumblr really is the place to go to follow it ;)

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Heavy art theft

Journal Entry: Sun May 25, 2014, 11:30 AM
I normally don't post journals about when my artwork gets stolen and prefer to talk to the culprit in privat...
But this case really goes too far in my mind.
Not only my own works were stolen, but also content of my fellow Wolfszeit players.
Artwork as well as whole characters and probably also parts of our RPs story (and therefore parts of a novel I am writing) were taken.

I'm talking about this czech website:…

I am really pissed right now and this is really rarely the case.
 If didn't know it already: No, you are NOT allowed to take my stuff for anything unless I allow it in person!

Help in this case - espeacilly from people speaking czech - is appreciated.
I want this site gone but I still prefer a peaceful solution without taking legal actions.
Maybe someone can explain to these kids why it is not at all cool what the did?....


EDIT: the main site is down! There is only a forum left that is hosted by another company - hopefully they will react just as fast as webnode did.

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 29, 2014, 12:43 PM
Xar writes a journal entry?
Yes he does...and he has some nice news for all the wonderful and patient people that waited forever for updates on one of my projects:
I started to work on Scarhunter again.
Page 11 was already finished for an eternity, I just never got to put text on it. Beware: it looks rather crappy but to make up for it I really love the look of page 12 which is already done, completed and ready to be posted soon.

No pages for now though - I want to 'collect' some finished pages before I start posting again and I hope I am able to establish a workflow that is a little more productive.
But you can look up for more about Rhygore, Euphor and all the other characters soon.


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 13, 2013, 12:49 PM
Got tagged by BlossomWolf42 sooooo let's answer some questions.

I won't continue the tag-chain however. Yeah yeah I know: 'rules'....just call me a rebel.

Q1: Do you has pets?

A: Yepp. A Dog and birds. My last rats passed away recently :/

Q2: Have you broken a bone before? (Hopefully not ;^; )

A: Aye - my rips and my left shoulder.

Q3: Has a duck ever bit you? (In my case yes it hurt)

No. It was close, however. When I was still little and my parents and me were on vacation at Teneriffa a duck called 'Alfonso' used to eat dinner with us at a local restaurant (he belonged to the owner)...let's just say he wasn't the friendliest duck.

Q4: Do you like the idea of getting a starter from the first pokemon games like Charmander,Bulbasaur and Squirtle as well as the new starters in Pokemon X and Y?

Yeah I think it's pretty cool.

Q5: Do you read Warrior Cats?

Used to. Stopped after...dawn, I think it was.

Q6: Celestia,Cadence, or Luna?


Q7: What does the fox say?

After being asked that question over and over again, probably: "Just shut the f*ck up!"

Q8: Whats yur fave animal?

Wolf - obviously ^^''

Q9: If you could have any animal in the world as your pet what would it be?

Tough question since I love a lot of animals - nothing that is not a domestic species, though! I probably would stick with dogs, but I would really love to have some ferrets in the future. Despite loving wolves I would not want to own one as a 'pet' - they are wild animals and should be respected as such.

Q10: What would you do if I said I ate a pom tree? 

Stare at you like this: O_

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Still alive!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 12, 2012, 1:21 PM
Just wanted to give you a sign that I'm not dead yet.
I am currently a little busy with some projects that I don't want to reveal at this pointt, but besides these I will be back with some new pictures soon.
Thanks for all your support and love! I appreciate it! :heart: :)

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10 Questions answered

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 9:20 AM
Got tagged by the lovely :icontorheit-skadi:

1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new
questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people

Since I'm a ruthless,  badass rulebreaker I won't tag anyone this time muahahaha!

1) Do you rather do drawing or handicraft works
I draw more than I craft, however I do both.

2) Juice or Soda?

3) Who is your favourite OC (If you don't have one, who is your fav OC someone else created)?
To name the obvious: it's Dallas.

4) Bath tub or shower?
Shower - but a bath is great to relax from time to time

5) If you were a company, what was you Slogan?
Break the limit

6) Do you eat Breakfast?

7) What will you do next Weekend?
Lots of naughty things not suitable for those under age Ô_o
And porabably take my dog and mate for a looong walk outside the city (if the weather stays nice)

8) What's your favourite Youtube-Channel? that of Coldmirror....I just watch videos I like not keep track of a certain channel

9) What would you buy if you had to spend up to $100 right now?
Stuff to work on my next big project ...but I fear I wouldn't get too far with that amount...but I could start with some things

10) Create a two-lines rhyme with your username!
Eyes of steel and darkish fur
you name the dog it is Dalkur!

(a bit unfitting rhyme but....weeell it least the spelling fits XD)

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Joining accounts together

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 2, 2012, 2:26 AM
So I see that the majority of the watchers that answered my poll share my concern with too many accounts and would prefer just one instead of seperate ones for all projects.
This means I will join together my accounts and also my comic projects will be featured on here instead of on their own accounts. I will keep my photo account seperated, however, since I really guess most are here for watching my drawings, not my photos and both are not really connected.

Thanks to all that shared their opinion! You really helped me make a decision :)

So beware of cross posting since I will reupload my comicstuff here as well while leaving the old accounts intact for a while (with a note pointing to this account).

I also slightly overworked my journal was braught to my attention that it was pretty hard to read my journals and I clearly see the point in this statement - so I hope it is a little better now ;)

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Beyond - bitte werft einen Blick drauf

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 5:44 PM
EDIT: der Link funzt nun auch - blöde Tippfehler

So, my issue with my cintiq has resolved and I'm back to work on the many things still lying around.
I still lack time for drawing since I have to work on other things at the moment but I find at least an hour every now and then to draw. It's crazy how much you can miss art, when you are not able to draw (well i hab the traditional way still open...but motivation for this kind of art is short at the moment).

As the current art dump shows there are some funny things to come soon. I also feel that I got better in drawing fur again, which makes me really happy, even if it's time consuming as hell.

But my current "art status" is not the only thing I want to adress.
The rest of this journal will be in german since the forum I want to introduce is indeed a german one. Don't be mad at me, english speakers, but german still is my native tongue (as you can see when you look at my horrible english, lol)

Das Forum, das ich euch vortstellen udn zu dem cih euch einladen will existiert jetzt schon eine Weile, wurde aber bisher nur von einer recht kleinen Gruppe eingeweihter genutzt. Damit es auf Beyond aber mal etwas mehr zur Sache geht, würde ich mich freuen, wenn sich die Canidenfreunde hier vielleicht dazu entschließen würden einen Blick zu riskieren.

Als kleiner Überblick:

Zu bieten haben wir:
- den aktiven Austausch mit anderen Hunde/Wolf/Fuchs etc. -Freunden
- Einen Newsbereich, in dem wir euch auf dem Laufenden über das Geschehen rund um Canis lupus und co halten
- Kontrolle für fachliche Richtigkeit von Beiträgen über Caniden
- Eine große Kreativecke zum Austoben inklusive eigenem Oekaki
- Eine Shoutbox zum Plaudern zwischendurch
- Mehrere innovative Rollenspiele bei denen neue Gesichter gerne gesehen sind
- Eigens erstellte Smilies und Grafiken
- Viele liebevoll gestaltete Forendesigns
- Die Möglichkeit aktiv zur weiteren Gestaltung von Beyond beizutragen (Verantwortungsvolle neue Mitglieder im Team, die sich aktiv beteiligen sind willkommen!)

Viele Features sind geplant und werden/wurden schon zum Teil umgesetzt - sobald mehr User zu einem aktiven Forenleben beitragen werden weitere folgen bzw. öffentlich freigegeben werden.

Dazu gehören u.a.:
- Adoptables (ähnlich wie bei Squiby), diese beinhalten auch ein Zuchtsystem | Es gibt bereits mehere exclusive Adoptables und auch die Seite für sie steht im Grunde bereits. Wir warten aber noch auf weitere Mitglieder bis zum Release.

- Ein regelmäßiger Kunstwettbewerb über das Oekaki. Sammelt Punkte und sichert euch den Jahrespreis, der u.a. Sachbücher enthalten wird.

- Ausführliche Wissensdatenbank zum Thema Caniden. (hier ist Hilfe gerne gesehen!)

- Buch-, Film- und Spielerezensionen rund um Caniden (Auch hier freuen wir usn über Mithilfe!)

- Ein eigenes Maskottchen, das von euren Beiträgen lebt (bereits implementiert, aber noch nicht aktiv)

- Wahl zum User und RPG- Charakter des Monats, der jeweils einen kleinen Preis gewinnen wird

Interesse bekommen?
Dann schau rein und schließ dich dem Rudel an!

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Cintiq issue

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 6:16 AM
Just a quick note:
I won't be able to draw the next days and wasn't for a while now due to lacking an important cord for my cintiq 12wx. With having a new computer now I have to switch the connection as well and stupid me forgot where he but the damn connection cable....
so wish me luck that I find it, otherwise I'll have to buy a new one.

Have a nice day

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 12:38 PM
By dear :iconabosz007:

So here we go

1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately
(AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people

1. Choose three moods that would describe your personality
hyper, depressed, angry

2. Whats the biggest reason why you enjoy being on dA
One reason is plain simply to showcase my art - the other big reason is to follow artists whos work I really like.
I would also enjoy being "into the community" more, but I feel I'm not social enough - at least I get the feeling people avoid talking to me most of the time.

3. a WILD future dream! what do you want to be when your "grown up"?
I am, lol
A big dream however is to work on ethology in wild living wolves

4. If you would get an Oscar in your life, who would you thank?!
Certainly not my parents - wooohooo, I'm a bad son, I know.
I would thank my pack and especially my mate for enduring me for all the years.

5. Your last wish. lets say death knocks on the door with a smile, says sorry but your time's over. whats your last wish?
Doing something meanigful in my last minutes - whatever it might be I could sacrifice myself to. Oh, I'm soooo cheesy.

6. Do you think we all are going to die in 2012!? if yes, could you do everyhting you wanted to in your life?
No - some humans will survive even if a catastrophe is coming - and if so I will do anything to be amongst them

7. If you could choose to meet a deviant in real life, who would it be ? (can also be more than one)
Hm, probably everybody who could be fun to hang out with. No specific person at the moment, since I met the members of my pack before already ;)

8. Do you like Disney movies?! Yes- Why?! No, Why not!?
Yes, at least some. The ones I like are for the nice abalnce between being emotional and funny.

9. Who are people you admire, people who you relate to heroes?! because of the things they do
Everyone who truly follows his/her way. Otherwise my life is pretty hero free. I'm not one to admire people much – shame on my arrogance.

10. If you HAD to give a christmas present to the person you HATE most, what would it be?
A nice meal – flavoured with some dog poo and other tasty shit

So the ones I tag:
:iconfeuerblitz: :iconfayliam::iconnokil::iconakira-white-wolf: :iconsethya:
and mah paaaaack because I'm boring, ha

1. Who is your favourite fictional character and why?
2. What's your absolute favourite artwork here on DA and why?
3. What was the happiest moment in your life so far?
4. How did you come to DA?
5. Your weirdest feature?
6. Ever been to hospital (your birth doesn't count!)?
7. The strangest meal you ever had was…?
8. What would your perfect day be like?
9. Is there something I always wanted to tell the world? Do it!
And the last important "Question": Skyrim? o_o

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 9:51 AM
Just wanted to leave a quick note.
I'm currently not very active on here because I have some stuff to do. The following week I will be mostly without internet because I go to bielefeld to pick my mate and my pets up. Finally the whole family (if you don't count the rest of teh pack of course) will be together again- in Leipzig.
I know there are things I didn't answer yet, like notes and comments - I will be back on these, when I return.

So long, take care

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Reuploads and redoing

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 23, 2011, 3:33 AM
Hello everybody,
since the result of my current poll is rather positive I decided to reupload some pieces of my old gallery that I still like.
I also decided to redraw some old stuff since I'm not too pleased with it anymore.
Since I won't upload any Legacy/4 souls related artwork here before the book is out (and this might take a looooong while from here on. Bad news is that I will work a lot on artwork for this project and it will eat a lot of my spare time) I believe this as a rather good way to feed my starving gallery ;)
I'm myself pretty curious how redraws of my old artworks will turn out, so stay tuned! And for the ones worried: of course there will also be new stuff in the future. I have at least 20 pictures that wait for being finished and I hope that my current productive phase contniues a little longer.

Thx for reading, have a nice day

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2011, 4:29 AM
Strange times create strange thoughts. Lost the focus, try to see my new goals.
I'm not sure where my current  path is leading me and with this said it might be that I reconsider which of my works I will show online and which I will keep to myself and chosen people that will help me improve them.
My more serious projects will probably stay unavaidable for the public for a while even if I will spend most of my free time on them - this includes written pieces and drawings alike. I will seriously try to make something of the crap in my head - woohooo. But that means that I will avoid to tell too much ahead of time - especially because I'm a bit paranoid of idea thieves after some strange incidents.

Just to justify the lack of updates. ;P


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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 7, 2011, 5:42 AM
Whoooo it's Dallas Birthday today - not that it matters much, I just wanted to update the journal.

Have a nice day

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 3:05 AM
Hey guys,
just to let you know I'm still alive. Sorry for my lack of updates and acitivity at the moment, but I'm in a rather strange mood and didn't feel like being  on DA much. :/
(cura: that's also the reason I didn't manage to meet you in the chat yet. D: sorry, hun)
I just feel tired and drained somehow - not only physically.
I have tons of unfinished pictures flying around, but lack motivation to really finish them - besides some small crap not worthy of being posted here and some stuff that will probbly end being uploaded on my other account. Hope I get at least some things done soon.

Well, have a nice day


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