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White beast (redrawn)

By Dalkur
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If you don't remember the first version of this one you are lucky... it was horrible. I changed about everything in the new version - character design included. Well... the nothern lights are still there
Daan is an old rp character of mine and part of the same head world Dallas and the Mondsänger characters belong to.

Concerning the comment below: yes, the ornament design is not my own but from a 8th century viking axe. Untrue is the claim that I didn't draw the axe or that it is merely photoshoped - you can say the ornaments design is traced however, this is true.
But since the people behind this accusation try their best to wash dirty clothes in public for years now it is time to tell you a little backgroundstory:
I know pretty well who they are. Years ago I was very close to a person that decided to end our friendship very drastically. I won't claim to be innoccent in how it all went very wrong at that time. While we were friends he helped me out tremendiously – also financilly. It was my mistake that I acceppted his offerings. What I really took from the experience I got with him is never to do something similar ever again. While it was meant more than good at that time it slowly got me to loose myself and my respect towards myself and maybe this is part of why it all crashed down so badly. It was his decicion to end it though, not mine, but due to the way he did it and due to his request to do so I never adressed him afterwards ever again. I didn't try to phone him, message him or otherwise bothered him. I was ready to move on with my life.

On the other hand he decided that just leaving wasn't enough. To this day I don't really know the exact reason he left and even people who stood in contact with him longer - before he dumped them as well - said they don't know for sure. It's true that a lot went wrong for quite some time and also that I was not the best person back these days – extremely mentally unstable and depressed. My life was a whole mess and so was I. But he never came around to talk about what bothered him. I don't really want to blame my state of mind back than on anyone but I would lie if I'd say that I didn't felt a heavy relief since he left my far AS he left...


After his hateful note to end our friendship the stalking and attempted cyber mobbing started. First he went for the people closest to me and successfully brought some of them up against me – a coice they later regreted heavily, not because of what I did, but because of what he turned out to be towards them. He also contacted different people of whom he knew I had contact to over the internet and tried to cut of their contact to me with telling plain lies or outing me all colored nicely with his opinion about me as a person. It is just a side note that he tried to befriend people he formerly said were 'traitors' that 'deverved no second chances' as well just to get to me.

Outing? Oh well yes, I happen to be a transman. I wasn't born physically male even though I underwent full transition now and always have 'been male'. Since I don't see a reason to push the details of my anatomy in everyones face I tend to not tell people whom I don't plan to fuck with and that I only know over the internet – and why should I? I guess nobody cares about my genes and anatomy enough to give a rat's crap and also this is noones business, really.

In his opinion though I am a 'liar' since the validity of transgenderism depends on how much he and his friends like a person – they have enough contact to other trans* people to show that they are in general aware that this is a real thing. To be clear about that: he got to know me as a transman from the start and was very supportitiv as long as we were friends.

But that also applies to my art and storytelling. He was propably the biggest fan of ma rp 'Wolfszeit' – as soon as he dropped out of it he did not only claimed it to be the worst shit ever but also lied to people telling that I pushed him out of the rp and took it away from him. He was the one who cut our ties, not me.

This trait of him was nothing new though – he showed his rageful outbreaks as soon as anything (or anyone) didn't turned out as he wanted several times over the years I knew him. Included full fledged killing plans of people that failed to save the data of his broken computer. Bu he also spread what turned out to be lies about his own mother and brother to gain sympathy from us back then...

His attemps to bring up people against me backfired since (most of?) these people contacted me and I explained my point of view on this story. Nevertheless he tried to get people to give out their passwords to my private forums so that he could continue his spying (what he did through other people for some time anyways). He even impersonated other people to try to get these data and to defame me. While calling me a 'coward' because I closed open registration on my forums he didn't have the guts to even contact these people with his real account.

He also turned on these people and tried to harm them as well.

With some people he was successful in getting them on their side. It is funny that the same people he once wanted to 'douse in gasoline and set afire' since he considered them 'worthless bitches' are now the ones who follow him on his hate-train. He got them to answer comments I left on dA with a hateful reply for some time, he was with them at the time he came to my former house to ring the bell in the night to pester me and he was with them when they went after another person several times that is also involved in all this bullshit. The last mentioned person along with another one noticed his true nature soon enough when they didn't support his further plans to bother and 'destroy' me and became useless to him. Surprise: he turned on them as well. For some time his stalking towards one of them was even far worse than what he tried to do to me, going as far to openly post coordinates of their home to let her know he is still watching and destroying her feeling of safety. At one point his group of people tried to play the other person against me with reporting the selling of a mock character to me which they made up together in the time they 'stood united against me'.

I know that it is him not only from the way he writes and the info he got, but also from the direct words he directed at these people at that time – and from the police that confirmed my guess.

He continued to try to get every ounce of information he could get – fake accounts starting to ask innoccent looking questions. Then spaming my inbox with notes of how much my stuff sucks and how noone cares again. Celebrating the death of my late dog Kitana and, to quote again 'enjoying to watch me fail'. I don't know about you, but if you look at the definition of a cyber stalker you have it here.

I waited for 3 ½ years to say anything about this case. I hoped that people grow up and learn to mind their own business. He and at least two other people involved don't and so it was about time to spill the beans.

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awesome *-* love your werewolves
Dash2014's avatar
A very awesome picture. Heart 
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Also ich finde das Bild mehr als genial! Und bitte ignorier den Typen unter mir, der hat mir schon eine Nachricht geschickt in der er versucht hat dich und deine Kunst schlechtzureden. Scheint so ein kleiner Neider zu sein. Bevor man hier große Töne spuckt, sollte man vielleicht est einmal selber was in seiner Gallerie posten...
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As it seems you don't even get the point. What a pity! I don't need to make this "art" bad with my words. It speaks for itself for the ones able to see. 
AngelOfDarkness089's avatar
Just leave this artist alone and go spread your stupid hate elsewhere kiddo and like I said: Before you open your mouth and hate on others post some art of your own! You are just jealous, that's all!
RLutece's avatar…
Must have been a pretty hard evening to photomanip the very first viking axe picture, you find when searching google for it. If you think that putting all the photoshopeffects and filters on this picture will prevent people, who actually can draw and know how to do art, from seeing perfectly clear that all you actually drew on this piece was this anatomical catastrophe you call a werewolf, you are just plain wrong. Don't try to sell it as a "reference" now. On your WIPs, it is more than obvious that you have just used the transform tool of photoshop to change the shape of the picture you have taken from google. After all these years, you claim and pretend you are drawing, I thought that you would a least be able to draw a simple weapon like an Axe without literally taking a picture and changing shape and punch some effects on it. Everyone with eyes can and will see, how hard you have failed and fooled yourself here. Because in the very end, you can lie to your friends and try to dazzle the people on DA but you for yourself will always know, that you have not made any of the efforts you claim. Which is pretty sad by the way.
laracoa's avatar
You are right. This IS very sad. Especially since you, dear RLutece, took so much effort with all this words you wrote. Still, you failed to accomplish anything.
So many lines with such a lack of virtue, it's a real shame.
But in one point I do agree with you: The "so called werewolf" looks awesome.
And just look at this axe! Pretty neat, you nailed it. I wouldn't have mentioned all these detailes if you hadn't spoken of them.
Every time I read your words, this picture becomes brighter and brighter in front of my eyes. Thank you for showing me all the power inside this piece.
I can really see the strenght it needs to have a person like you around.
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