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Share no trust, share no trust

they will betray you all at last

Keep your mouth shut

just ignore

the riot in your soul

There is no heart in me -no more

my hate burns the

infinite sky

neverending night were I stand

I'm burning

with wounds that don't heal

they were right about me

I've always been

the darkest of all stars

Hunting the demons

through this wasteland

of my dreams

I never stopped to hate

leave me bleeding in the rain

under this peaceful

pale and silent moon

forever is just a heartbeat away

...I never stopped to love you

Reupload from old account
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XSamuraiEdgeX's avatar
hey i want that sword to decorate my room!
Username-91's avatar
I hope you wont piss of because of this, but, that right red eye that it lights up, it reminds me on the terminator movie. If I may said that. No anger issues because of this okay? Piece!
Dalkur's avatar
;) no problem, buddy - I see where you are comming from. Yeah, it kind of is similar to the terminator - and even in more ways than just the eye. Dan Willow is a Cyborg, just like the terminator is - well he is still more human than the terminator but they definitly have some things in common.
However the character is not based on the terminator-saga (even if my mate is a huge fan and Dan Willow is his character, not mine)but on so called 'Hit marks' that are part of the world of darkness universe. But I strongly suspect that the world of darkness authors got their idea for the Hit marks from the terminator saga, so...
Username-91's avatar
You're very welcome Dalkur. I'm glad that I've supported you. And thanks for the points It's very appreciating.
Username-91's avatar
Whats means that sword in the middle and why that bleeding wolf watching at him?
Anyhow... +fave!
Dalkur's avatar
The bleeding wolf is Dallas (once again - I guess he's the char I draw most often). The sword in the middle is his sword and though he lost the original one that Kyle (kind of a father figure to him) gave to him years ago, each sword he possesses resembles this one. On the right side you see flames and the eyes of Dan Willow. Basicly the central position of the sword resembles that they (Dallas and Dan) will meet in battle and that their battle against each other became the centre of their lives.

And thx ;)
Username-91's avatar
What will happen to them only you know that and it's wrote it in you're book.:toocool:
Username-91's avatar
You're welcome! Its beautiful, I love the atmosphere and the expression on his eyes in the moonlight night sky. I love IT!
Username-91's avatar
Teliko-Pardus's avatar
Da ist es ja wieder;) Ich freue mich, dass du dich entschieden hast es hochzuladen, da es wie schon gesagt echt toll ist und einen sehr epischen Charakter hat:D :+fav:
fawnwolf17's avatar
this is really good. i can relate to this
Thyria's avatar
da isses ja, das hängt auch noch nicht an meiner wand... super bild wie ich finde, immer noch
zumal du das mit dem schatten un dem Blut super hinbekommen hast :)
The-Silberfang's avatar
Noch immer toll, schön das du es auf den Account geholt hast. ^^
Jack-the-Wolf1986's avatar
ich finde diese Bild immer noch faszinierend cool.
X-LadyShadow-X's avatar
Finde das Bild immernoch stark. Das Blut ist cool.
Ronta-Casalos's avatar
und nochmal fav- ich liebe das Bild und die Aufteilung darauf.
Nokil's avatar
Ich liebe dein Blut *o*
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