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I doodled away....with this result.
It feels good to once again really enjoy drawing - without overthinking anything or caring about the result. I did just draw and had fun with this picture and the ridiculous amout of stuff and effects that piled up in it. Some symbolism - no real story. Maybe you come up with your own?

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That's gorgeous and stunning all at once. I also admire the skulls o_o seems like you put a lot of work into it. The whole artwork is interesting in both concept and implementation. Last but not least, the wolf and the light. I'm just impressed, it's really beautiful. Keep the good work up^^sadly there's no story haha at first I thought there MUST be one XD but that's fine.
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Thanks so much for this awesome comment! I don't dare to come up with a story XD - I have too much other sories that wait to be written down before I can allow my brain to work out new ones
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You're welcome :-)
Haha oh yes, I do know what you mean. When I was 22, I finished my first story and it was hard to focus on something else. I was stuck in this world for at least two years after this and then it was really hard to find ONE story when I had so many in my head xX It's difficult with so many ideas, you need many copies of yourself so you can divide the work haha.
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Exactly. And having other hobbies and a job as well ...not to mention the obligatory social contact...time really tends to get really short
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This is gorgeous! A very interesting scene, and I love the mysterious, somewhat dark and magical atmosphere. c:
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Sehr schick, wirklich schöne und interessante Licht Schatteneffekte. ^^

Gerne wieder mehr Künstlerisches. ;-)
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Danke! Na am künstlerischem mangelts nicht- nur an Künstlerischem, das ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt veröffentlichen kann/will XD
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Das ist schade, ich würde auf jeden Fall gerne etwas sehen, egal in welchem Zustand.  ^^
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Ich liebe es so sehr! Was für schöne Arbeit !
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Vielen Dank!
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This looks so amazing! The colors are all so gorgeous! ♥
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Thank you dear ^^
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Das Ergebnis ist geilo!

Ich mag die ganzen Effekte, die gravierten Schädel sehen klasse aus, doch besonders der Wolf und der Himmel habens mir angetan :3

Schön dich wieder zeichnen zu sehen :3
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Danke - na von den größeren Projekten, für die die meiste Zeit momentan drauf geht (im Punkto zeichnen) kann ich leider noch nichts posten, deshalb ist etwas stilstand bei den auf dA und co veröffentlichten Sachen ^^''
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Na solang man noch ab und an ein kleines "Lebenszeichen" von dir sieht :P
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