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Of rage and flames

Set fire on my soul

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Super and beautifully intense.
LunaticMindGamer's avatar
Roppant kreatív! Kérem ez egy művészi alkotás.
LoveFoundUs's avatar
amazing contrast! I think the drool is an amazing touch, adds so much effect! Love this :love:
Username-91's avatar
He really has those creepy eyes, no wonder why everybody fears of him.
Dalkur's avatar
Definitly *g*
Username-91's avatar
atrixwolfx's avatar
Epic pose..:D haha nvr seen b4 :)
Kiara92's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Warum hat der das bei mir nicht angezeigt?! Eben durch absolutem Zufall drauf gestoßen! WAAAH! Shady, du bist so unglaublich... unheimlich xD Das ist EXAKT so wie ich es mir vorgestellt hatte... weißte noch? Wo ich gesagt habe, ich wünsche mir ein DallyFeuerbild.... wahnsinn! Großartig! Wirklich richtig, richtig gut geworden :3

Und ich seh grad... spontane Idee war das mit dem Feuer... yay, DAS macht dich zum wahren Gitt :D Man ignoriere mich...
silent33's avatar
Echt geil!
Super Bild ;)
Teliko-Pardus's avatar
As I have already said over on AE. I totally like the dark and tense atmosphere of this one:D I also really like the way you did those flames and the expression of Dallas at all. You did a great job on Dar....ähem Dallas :evillaugh: (just kidding)
Dalkur's avatar
...nicht witzig, ernsthaft....
Aber danke ;)
Teliko-Pardus's avatar
Genau deswegen habe ich es ja gesagt....Ich weiß echt nicht, wie man drauf kommt....und kein Problem:D
Allygirl1's avatar
this is outstanding!!!!
the flames look great!! and i love the chain!
Dalkur's avatar
Thank you! ^^
Allygirl1's avatar
BlackWolf08's avatar
Could it be Darcia from Wolf's Rain? Really nice job :D
Dalkur's avatar
No. My char is way older than wolf's rain(he is over 14 years old in this exact form - wolf's rain is about 8 years old...), so sorry but no. I didn't take inspiration from WR(as much as I love it) and he is a char on his own and with that extremly dear to me.
And thanks ;)
Username-91's avatar
Whats that medal that his wearing around his neck?
Dalkur's avatar
You can get a better look at his necklace here: [link]
It was given to him by the only girl he ever truely loved (there were other women that he loved in a way, but if he ever had one true love it was Shirley)- Shirley was later murdered by Dan Willow, who is Dallas archenemy. So this necklace means a lot to him. It also helps him channel his magick. In general it shows a chaosstar with the head of a wolf in its middle and the head is half skull, half normal wolf head. In addition runes are carved in it.
Username-91's avatar
He looks like he's never separate from that. :toocool:
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