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In my dreams I watch you dying

and again
and again

Staring motionless

Long lost love, long lost hope
the demon that killed you
it was born in me

Kind of a nightmarish interpretation of Shirley's death and Dallas feelings. Broken glass - broken dreams. Him staring plain - unable to express his emotions of terror that only his mirror image shows. The scar that Willow's sword, the Executer, slashed running over his right eye, still bleeding while his eye is glowing red just like Willow's own artificial eye. Dan Willow - created from Dallas own DNA. Unequal brother, serpent, another of the four shards of one soul that links them together, forever. Dallas is wearing the necklace handed to him by Shirley some days before she died - since her death he never took it of. In the background: the burning farm Dallas and Shirl used to live and the tree that marks not only Shirleys grave but later on also that of Leilia and Dallas himself...

Detail shot of Dallas: [link]

Lyrics@Florence and the machine

Because People always get confused: this is NOT vent art! It's just story related and doesn't express any feelings of my own. I'm perfectly fine, thanks *g*
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It's very symbolic isn't it? I suppose for you more than for me. You know every side of this character. Even I don't know that much about Dallas I still love this amazing artwork. It's so meaningful. Thank you for the explanation though.
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It is, yes. The problem with this character is, that he is hard to explain in few words so i alsways fear that most people might not understand a lot of the things that lie within the pictures of him.
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It's supposed to be ^^ Thanks!
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simply amazing!! what song is this? :)
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Thanks! It's Breath of life by Florence and the machine - the one featured in snow white and the huntsman
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Really beautiful!
Really beautiful.
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wow. that's very.. wow. deep.
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spooky! i love it haha
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wow sieht echt gut aus kann den anderen nur zustimmen. Ich finde vorallem die Spiegelung richtig gut gelungen.
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An der hab ich mir fast die Zähne ausgebissen XD danke!
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wow ... was für ein Bild.
Das mit der Spiegelung, also dass Dallas dort das Maul offen hat, habe ich überhaupt nicht gesehen, erst als ich den Kommentar von ~FarkasWoelfin gelesen habe.
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Danke dir! ^^ Ja ist nen Bild, wo genau hingucken vielleicht lohnt :3
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Es ist einfach richtig fessend das Bild.
Keine Ahung warum, aber ich finde es einfach nur faszinierend. :)
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this is such an amazing and awesome picture! I'm really feeling sorry for what Dallas have to go through... poor Dall.
And I'm always going to be sad when I'm reading his background story... :/ so much pain and suffer.

But never the less... the details are brilliant ... especially on his fur. Love how the light shines behind him and push himself in the darkness. And wow... the reflection in the mirror always gives me the creeps.... wow! :+fav:
Dalkur's avatar only partially a 'poor' guy - a lot of his suffering is due to himself...well at least if you do not count in Victors curse ^^''

Thank you, sis! <3
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