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Euphor Refsheet

By Dalkur
Ooold sheet of Euphor.
See the old logo? *g*
I might redo this someday but for the moment this should work

Well...our "always good for a laugh" Min-Gaar
Funny guy that loves to joke around but also a loyal friend and surprisingly skilled fighter.
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© 2012 - 2021 Dalkur
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I never commented on this?! SHAME SHAME SHAME! My bb <3 Even though this is old art, he still looks great, Xar~! You should redo his ref someday. I hope his MM ref doesn't differ too much heh

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I will probably redo his ref (along with the others) when I seriously restart working on Scarhunter ^^ - will be a while till then, though, also because I have quite some plans of publishing the story in a different way than I used to
Memento-X-Mori's avatar
I hope his OOC for my story wont effect his character too much. Because of him being Min Gaar and living in desert regions, would it be much of a stretch to imagine Min Gaar with Australian accents or something? Idk lol I'm weird 

 Btw you made him beautifully, he's such a gorgeous guy..and his colors! :happybounce: 
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kleine Frage: Was ist Min-Gaar?
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Ein Min-Gaar ist ein Angehöriger einer von mir erdachten Canidenart. haben noch keinen sheet wie die Dinarias, aber...das kommt irgendwann noch ^^''
Min-Gaars sind generell größer als Wölfe und weisen eine weit größere Varianz auf, was Farben, aber auch Gestalten angeht.
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danke Dalky!
Ich mag ihn...
Dalkur's avatar
XD danke! Euphor scheint eh irgendwie son Liebling der Leute zu sein
RainbowUndertaker's avatar
das könnte an seinem GRINSEn liegen
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I love how his fur came out. So many good details. Its done great!
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da ist der gute euphor... einer meiner bisherigen lieblinge in scarhunter :) sieht genial aus!
VitaniFox85's avatar
*Euphor entführ*
Ich liebe sein Design immernoch :love:
Kommandant-Nazir's avatar
hehe nach wie vor mein Liebling *_*
FarkasWoelfin's avatar
Alt aber immernoch wunderschön *__*

:+fav: :+favlove:
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