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Dallas- wolf form Ref sheet

By Dalkur
Oh freaking gods, it's done! Dallas wolf form ref sheet!
Shame on me for using some old crap for it, but oh well...

It was almost as hard to put him into some little words as it was to draw this whole thing and I'm pretty sure too much is still missing, but HE HAS A REF! :dance:

And because I'm totally wasted at the moment i will use the same stupid random facts thing i already put on his expression sheet

25 random facts


1. Is not a werewolf, nor a normal wolf, but a human –or to be more exact: a mage. He has a strong connection to wolves because of his avatar (his awakened soul that enables him to do magick) that happens to have the shape of a wolf. He could also take on other forms, but due to his wolf avatar he prefers this form. In fact he's more a demon than a human but he is still not really aware of this fact and he is quite human for a demon.

2. scar that runs over his right eye is not the only one he has. The finer ones that cover his back and derived from whip lashes are however not visible in wolf form because they are covered by his fur.

3. Was abused as a child by his stepfather. The molestation began when he was 5 and ended when he left New York at the age of 14.

4. is the oldest of my “still in use” chars. He was originally created about 16 years ago. His current version is about 12 years old. He also is the character most close to me.

5. lost not only his love Shirley in a violent way but also his mother when he was ten. Jane took her life because she couldn’t stand the situation at home anymore. Besides that also his other two "girlfriends" ( the term dosn't fit too much, but...) were killed by his clone Dan Willow.

6. Right eye isn’t blue by birth. Before Willow tore it out it had the same color as his left one. Because of the psychological condition he was in after the fight (this was the fight that resulted in Shirley’s death) Dallas only sloppily healed his eye resulting in the permanent effect that makes his eye appear blue.

7. Right eye has also a symbolic meaning: while his left one is golden and warm like the sun what represents his personality at least partially when Shirl was still around the right one appears cold and almost icy like the moon in a cold night…what fits to his feelings of lost and to the change in his character. Both sides are present –in his eyes as well as in his soul.

8. Has no “real” siblings, but Dan Willow and Reiley as well as Riccardo are clones of him made by the technocracy – at least this is what Dallas believes.

9. Only known genetically son is Killian Moores (so far). Even if Dallas pretends that Damion is his real son as well (and he would instantly kill everybody that dares to say any different) he knows inside that his beloved son is a copy too good made of him: Damion shares his feature of having different eye-colors….and Dallas knows that he doesn’t hand this feature down to offspring.

10. Has a lot more children –most of whose existence he isn’t aware (but if you take his way to deal with women into account….well). One more known child is Jackie – his only daughter he met so far (or will meet in the near future in “Legacy”). Dallas also adopted a young changeling named Zeo.

11. Died 2048 and was brought back to life one hundred years later (yes the current rp plays a bit in the future-not that much has changed though)

12. Is the only known mage that is also a demon at the same time

13. necklace once belonged to Shirley.

14. hates the smell of cinnamon and the sound of drills

15. has abnormally high mathematical skills. He is not proud of it and tends to hide this feature, but he can easily beat any calculator.

16. lived two times completely as a wolf for some years. The first time he even forgot about being human at all (due to the work of Kajin, a friend that turned out to be a pretty mighty foe) and build a pack. All of his pack members got killed however, when the group (so the other members of the rp group) came to get Dallas back and the wolves tried to defend their alpha/mate/father. The second time he choose willingly to leave the human society behind because he got fed up with it.

17. has a strong habit of raising his eye brows- especially the right one - to express all sorts of emotion (only slightly visible in wolf form however).

18. was born the 7.07.1977 and is therefore much older than he looks like

19. sword is an exact replicate of the one Kyle once gave to him. The original got lost a long time ago but Dallas clings to the design.

20. enjoys sexual intercourse not nearly as much as it seems and as he pretends himself and wants others to believe. In fact each physical contact means an at least partially masochistic act to him. His sexual life is far from being normal and his hunger for sex (and therefore for "love")on the one hand and the fact that each time someone touches him throws him back into his past on the other hand can only be described as pathological. He tries to fill a gap inside himself of that he knows that he will never be able to close it.

21. has eaten human flesh before

22. needed over 20 years to tell Morgan (Damions mother) about his childhood. Besides Shirley she was the only one he ever spoke to about it.

23. hobbies include nascar racing, riding, playing chess and dancing –the three later he wouldn’t admit voluntarily however, thinking of them as rather…unmanly.

24. Drinks way too much (and does other drugs as well), his favorite drink being scotch. Thanks to his high skill in the life sphere the negative effects of his lifestyle doesn’t affect him that much –at least not physically.

25. Has a tendency of getting too thin, despite of his muscles. He isn’t a good eater- never was and probably never will be.

Questions? Throw them at me! I'm not good in putting this char into a few words so I Might have forgotten a lot of info you might want to know.

Like Jay I slightly changed the style of his fur btw.

PS: I love him more than my Fursona Xarox ;)

EDIT: *mumbles* to stupid to write "form" *mumbles*
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Angel-Eva's avatar
..... Woooooooooooooow... This is such a masterpiece I am in awe. So much detail and history and your art is just as amazing. 
Marielechen's avatar
WTF what a char sheet. Full of informations and details haha it's really something.
So...this Dallas (love this name, always think about the town though haha) seems to be a character with a lot of lifeblood. I must confess that I'm in love with darker designs. Dark brown or black wolves are just beautiful and I'm a sucker for natural designs anyway x) so much unnatural designs these days. The chain is full of detail as well, how you came up with the idea?
The skinny look is interesting for sure^^I also love that he has some mental issues. Of course people often use mental issues for their characters but for example the borderline disorder isn't used that much. My best female friend suffer from borderline so I can tell :/

His character quote is amazing haha it fits perfectly, at least in my opinion. The part of his story you posted down there sounds interesting, too. The facts are so interesting, I especially love 17 haha:

has a strong habit of raising his eye brows- especially the right one - to express all sorts of emotion

I do the same XD It's also interesting this character is more dear to you than your own fursona.
Dalkur's avatar
I really have to say that what I was ale to put together here in so little words really doesn't do him justice. It's hard to boil so many years he has been 'alive' for me down in a few sentences...
And I acually have to change/tweak a few things in the random facts thing since I redesigned him for a comming book series (this will be my opus magnum...but first i have to finish some smaller projects). So he deviates from his former RPG self a little. Story and everything stays the same, just the 'system' he was based on (he originally was a character for a world of darkness game, even if we never truly sticked to the game lore and always tended to make up our own....) is gone and completly exchanged with my own world.
Asking about the chain:  I originally wanted a mere chaos-star pendent for him since it reflects his struggle and personality quite well. But since the wolf aspect is that strong with him I also had to implement that and since he is himself 'split' in many aspects I chosed the half alive -half dead symbol. I wanted his necklace to reflect alot of the character and had it as a kind of his personal symbol ever since.

The reason I love him more that Xarox is in a way connected to Dallas mental problems - I've put a lot of my own instability into this character to avoid 'drowning' myself. In a way he saved my life - or at least he spared me to have to live part of his life. And Dallas is definitly my most complex character.
While Xarox is just 'me' Dallas could be seen as my dark reflection.
Marielechen's avatar
I see^^I guess that's always the case with an old and dear character. How put his whole life and all his experience in a few sentences? It's simply not possible. On the other hand, you don't need to. A few sentences and the sheet itself shown enough to understand that he's a complex and special character anyway^^well at least for me. Everything else, indeed need a book bwahaha. Whatever, I really hope you can eventually finish his story even if you need to change some things.

I know the WoD! Loved it when I was younger. Not anymore though. There are so many rules and I do like my own worlds and own rules X) but yeah, definitely an interesting world-concept.

The chain explanation is fascinating, I'm a sucker for symbolic as well x)

Interesting thoughts. So he's something like an avatar, an alternative self? I kinda like the fact that he's alive for you, only a few people actually understand that^^well of course it's also possible people like us are a little bit multiple haha
MalevolentHeart's avatar
Good god. This is one of the best character refs I have seen. You, my friend, have a lot of talent. I am so jealous! He looks like an anime character, and not in a bad way. You have just earned a watcher and a llama! I love your work so much! 
Dalkur's avatar
LeyaBlackAlpha's avatar
Just curious: why is there a German translation for every sentence in the sheet? Are you from Germany? At least, I live right next to the country!...
Dalkur's avatar
Yes I'm from Germany.
Quite a few of my viewers and people I rp with are  from Germany as well and some of them are not good English speakers/readers, so I translated the whole thing. :)
CaptainGlitch's avatar
Dalkur's avatar
XD thanks a lot!
Beatrix87's avatar
Ah I see. His name is dallas? Interesting, I was in the real Dallas in my younger years because my aunt live there. It's still a nice name^^ again, I'm in love with this character. Interesting and complex but still deal with his own weakness. He Is dear to you isn't he? I can see it in every word, every picture you did about him. Like it^^some of my friends in the internet (I guess you know them because I found you over them, Ronta/Okunor und Nitayna, you know) has also such a strong connection to their chars but it's rare to see. Lovely character...because he isn't perfect at that's why I like him. Never let him go! It's so important to have this characters isn't it?
Dalkur's avatar
Thank you! It means a lot to me when people like this character and give him some attention since he is the one that has always been most close to me. He saved my life in a way having him take some ways in life I could leave ungone for myself this way. He's my most precious and most complex character despite his rather ordinary looks (at least in wolf form). And yes he's far from being perfect, but he's perfect to me (and probabyl also to :iconthyria: XD she loves him as much as I do I think)
I used to be extremely close to Ronta and Nike some years ago also in real life and know them for many years. Once they were like a part of my family. Or connection changed due to the influence of a very toxic person in all of our lives and mistakes we all made. We are again on good terms though.
Alfawolfharlie's avatar
did you do this ref sheet yourself?
Dalkur's avatar
Of course? Oô
What brings you to this question?
Alfawolfharlie's avatar
.... i was wondering if you could make a ref sheet for one of my characters.. i dont of the ability to make one myself other than by hand but its slopy so thats why i asked.
Dalkur's avatar
I don't offer commissions of this complexity at the moment. On the one hand because almost no one would be willing and able to pay my price for it and more important because I don't have another 60+ hours to put into it. At the moment I hardly find time to work on the 'smaller' commissions that are still on my waiting list. And 60 hours is about the time this one took (probably even a lot more, I'm not sure). I also have one of these sheets still open that I'm still working on for one of my regular customers that is also a friend of mine and can live with me being the slow poke I am. But I won't accept a commission of this kind from anyone else at the moment even if paying is no problem.

If you asked for free artwort let me show you a stamp: Requests stamp by MeganTheRabbit
If I could afford to spend free time on one of these I would rather spend it on another of my own characters. I have quite a few that still lack a proper Ref.
Alfawolfharlie's avatar
thats alright i definitly wouldnt expect you to do it freeever but i certainly dont have enough points to give that makes it worth anything like i said i was just wondering
Dalkur's avatar
No Problem - asking is always free like we use to say here in Germany.
Savoriii's avatar
This is a really awesome looking character :3
Dalkur's avatar
Foxxmaster's avatar
Dalkur's avatar
boonika123's avatar
Your welcome! ^^
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