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Richard Madden as Robb Stark , Game of Thrones fanart
Character © George R. R. Martin
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© 2011 - 2020 dalisacg
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This is very good 👍👍
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Beautiful drawing. It look like a photo :)
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The king in the North! :D
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My poor heart. My dear Robb stroke down in his pride. Red Wedding was by far the most heart-breaking episode of the whole GoT series. Even though Robb did make some wrong military calculations, it was very cruel; what happened to him. He deserved not such fate. I hope the wolves of the North rise soon, to devour all those that have wronged them. </3
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Superb portrait, great work!
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Hi! Sorry to bug you, but there's an account on Instagram that's trying to take credit for your art, and the art of many others. The account name is revenge_of_the_kingdoms and they take other people's art, slap their watermark on it and then refuse to give credit to the real artists or remove the falsely watermarked pieces. I figured you would want to know.
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Great painting! I miss him :(
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How many Starks does it take to screw in a light-bulb? All of them. One to be killed by the light-bulb, and the rest to die trying to avenge him.
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Absolutely stunning!
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Wish he didn't die the way he did.
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Oh my god, he's as handsome here as he is(/was) in the show. Too much talent in your hand, I'm in love.
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o.o amazing! If Robb has only been a that good politician as you are a painter...
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thinking about him makes me cry, i miss him so fucking much ;-; excellent job btw!
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beautiful drawing! 

if only Robb Stark was as good a politician as he was a warrior..
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Still not over his death, and I read the book 3 years ago.
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some people might see this fanart and they might have just started to watch the show or read the books so PLEASE AVOID FREAKIN SPOILERS !
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Or avoid the comments. We're not psychic.
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This is freakin' awesome, nothing less! You're such a talented artist! I'm speechless... Wow... :wow: Love the way he comes out of the dark into the light here. Wonderful work! Keep it up! :thumbsup: :clap: :happybounce: :love:
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wow, amazing.. ._. 
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oh wow, looks like a photo - so amazing!
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