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dALinkSystem Stamp 2

The first stamp is a little sleeker so I thought, why not muck it up! Hope it suits your needs. Your support will always be appreciated.

*edit* Originally forgot to do this:

CREDIT: stamp template by *Miarath

Pleas visit her gallery to see the many other templates offered.
Want the shiny one? :)

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Hi, you've been featured in my journal: [link] :wave:
Miarath's avatar
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its great! I will use it in my journal feature for the group! I will link it back to you as the creator :nod::D great work!
T-Thomas's avatar
omph, its already linked :giggle: I am so silly
Miarath's avatar
It's very nice.
Hmm, I'm wondering if you would link my template? :-?
dALinkSystem's avatar
thank you

and by template? :)
Miarath's avatar
Yeah, you used my template for this, didn't you?
dALinkSystem's avatar
The large square ID [brushed aluminium] I personally created from scratch on PS. So I know.......OHHHHHH!

You're referring to the bg on this stamp [sorry :ohmygod: didn't realize 'template']. No, I didn't make it so I must have gotten it on dA. Only my 2nd animated stamp. I was excited. I'm quite sure you know I would give you credit had I remembered.

I'll look for it in your account. And if you know of other stamps that used this template, those would be stamps I would Link to as well.

Hope you understand. :bucktooth:
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It's all right. I made this for you to use, it's just that I'd like to be given
credit and all. :huggle:
dALinkSystem's avatar
always understandable coming from most artists yes :)
dALinkSystem's avatar
Me likey you likey. :)

Egil21's avatar
I'm a crazy stamp lover, so I'll be using those (both :nod:) if you don't mind...
dALinkSystem's avatar
Of course we don't mind. :)

We love stamps too. :lol: Just have not had the time to make more.
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I really like the new stamp! :heart: It's cool, modern and the texture is awesome!! :dalove:
dALinkSystem's avatar
Thank you. Appreciate it. :)
dALinkSystem's avatar
Thank you very much
Me-Myself-And's avatar
YAy, I like it more than the other one !!
And added to my journal before .. evrything is gone.
dALinkSystem's avatar

I'm glad you do. Thought I'd go for that messed up look/feel :lol:

and thank you as always!
Me-Myself-And's avatar
Sorry, I was talking about the end of my sub :lmao:
dALinkSystem's avatar

perhaps there'll be a chance to win one soon ;)
Me-Myself-And's avatar
Hope so :D Only 7 days to go .. :confused:
I can't believe I started with 4 months :O_o:
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