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About Artisan Crafts / Hobbyist Claire Rose Donatello(good luck)25/Female/Aruba Recent Activity
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Behold! Stuff that I made using my own hands!!!!!

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Timeless love
"Link... Link!"
The White Goddess bowed down and took the cold skinned hero in her arms. She could not hear the man's heart beating anymore. The Goddess spoke to him softly. Explaining the hero's destiny. Explaining his painful life full of suffering.
Even she knew, Link wouldn't hear.
A sparkling tear rolled down the Goddess Hylia's cheek and dropped on the face of the hero. The goddess regretted her choice. Her people were saved now, yes, but she had sacrificed a very good man.
The man she had loved the most of her people.
The man, she still loved.
The man, who had loved her back.
Another tear dropped.
A tear of the Goddess.
"I will ensure that your gentle, heroic spirit will live on eternally..." she quietly promised to her hero while more tears fell down.
Drip, drop. Drip, drop.
The silent cry of the Goddess.
Her voice had turned only to a whisper. "And I..." she said, "I shall shed my divinity. The next time we meet, I wish to stand before you as a simple human..."
Hylia wanted to
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Claire Rose Donatello(good luck)
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Let's see: I was born in the scorching heat of the semi desert Island I call home. And have always had a strong creative spirit, ever since the beginning. My imagination is akin to that of a young child, yet I feel my spirit to be far older than my physical body is letting on; as I seem to like much older things better. (think antiques)
Looks can be deceiving, but I'm not your standard D.I.D.*
Like I said before my imagination is like that of a kid and honestly I would like it to remain that way, as I'm not going to kill it off like I've seen happen many times before. (plus it's my secret-not-so-secret to staying young, like seriously: many people say I look 13)
so it really grinds my gears to hear people say that art cannot ever be productive in any way.
*Damsel in Distress

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8 grown women, between 30-40 years old and 1 grown man (about the same age as the women)and I, only 25 and only 5'4"(clearly smaller than the man, had to save em ALL:
from two tiny cockroaches!!!!!!😅😂🤣

Okay, so here's what happened: The man came down to the lobby area where I work, and he told me there are cockroaches in the hall. So I got up and as I climbed up the stairs, I asked him if he attempted to squish em or something, he said "No, they're gone..." I didn't believe him, so when I got there the women on edge and panicky, they showed me where the animals went. So I went into the kitchen, got out the can of bugspray, kneeled next to the doorframe, and sprayed into the hole in the doorframe until the first roach came out, obviously dying.


The guy only moved a good 10' away from where I was😂. (But that's pretty far away from a scared tiny bug to be honest) Then as I was picking up the bug carcass, the other roach stuck it's head out for air, (I supposed they were gonna mate, cause one is larger than the other....correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't tell female roaches from males. The only thing I know of bug sexes, is that females are usually larger? IDK...)

 Anyway, I killed the other one and disposed of the bodies, and still the humans were worried if the cockroaches might come back from the dead😂

Humans used to hunt down WOOLLY MAMMOTHS for their meat, and afterwards used their bones as tools or building materials, and their skin for clothes and many other things... And those animals are ENORMOUSLY GIGANTIC, and look at us now...cowering because of a bug not even as long as my Pinky finger...

Am I in the right universe?😂

#humanityfailed #cockroachkiller #imightnotbehuman #humanityisdoomedifwearereallythisstupid
embedded_item1531280214412 by Dalinkahzel


I've been having nightmares as of late: My horrible dream 1I went to a summer camp. The place looked more like a prison fort than anything else. I get to know a few people, including a chubby boy that kinda reminds me "Fanboy" from "Freakazoid" in appreance. He's shy, very into sci-fi and gets bullied a lot by the others. I felt bad for him, so I decided to become friends with him. We were walking around camp for a while, we run into a couple bullies, but I quickly stand up for the guy. I got rid of the bullies, but they still continue to tease him about me being his girlfriend. I just told him to pay those goofs no mind and finally th camping activitied begin. They called everyone to a specific location in the camp, and I suggested we take part in the activities to get his mind off what the bullies said. The activities included a treasure hunt inside of a maze located in the center of the yard. Everybody start frantically running around in the maze to find this "treasure", but things take a turn for the worst, when we all reach a wide open ar and  My horrible dream 2I was a student at a foreign school. A classmate found a forbidden piece of history and started distributing it at school amongst the student body. My friend gave me a copy, I hide it in my bag and notice I have a physical copy of the book it originally came from. Suddenly the teacher caught me with the book and takes me away with a bunch of other students to be killed with lethal injection. I become very scared and start crying. I'm lead to an elevator to the basement of the school. In the elevator I ask the teacher if I can ask her a question. She says yes in a way I've only ever seen done in my place of origen. I asked her: "Why do they kill students in this school?" She answered "They kill students at schools all over the world." I told her that it's not true and that they never done it at home before. I continue to plead and confess to her how I connected the cold uncomfortable studying conditions with the tortured souls of all the students who were executed in the building, but s Not sure what they mean though

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