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Goron Linkah by Dalinkahzel Goron Linkah :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 1 Great Fairy of Blessings by Dalinkahzel Great Fairy of Blessings :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 3 Lon Lon Ranch's NOT so Jolly green Giant by Dalinkahzel Lon Lon Ranch's NOT so Jolly green Giant :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 3 TheBlue-Moonz Art trade OC: Julian Thorn by Dalinkahzel TheBlue-Moonz Art trade OC: Julian Thorn :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 3 5
Mature content
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 23 REMAKE :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 0
Mature content
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 22 REMAKE :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 21 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 21: Enter; Puppet master Ganondorf!
Linkah had swiftly left the Zora’s to their devices, because she was already behind schedule, having lost time when she fainted after receiving the first two spiritual stones.
“Please don’t be late, please don’t be late, please don’t be late, please don’t be late...!” Linkah kept saying to herself in hopes that things didn’t fall apart after she’s been gone for so long.
She didn’t even waste her time getting out by the entrance to the River to Zora’s domain, before calling Epona! As soon as the horse was in view, Linkah just bolted her way over to Epona full speed on foot; steered the horse in the direction of Hyrule castle and spurred her to go as fast as her legs could carry her! But the closer the got to her destination, the more chaos and turmoil was evident, but how people were running out the gate!
Entire families, merchants, even ani
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 4 0
Mature content
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 20 REMAKE :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 19 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 19: Ruby in the cavern; Furious Fire Magic and Proof of inner strength!
After bringing an exhausted Linkah into Saria’s treehouse; the Kokiri Children remained at her bedside all night, one nodding off after the other, ‘till everyone was sleeping their worries away until the break of dawn. When morning arrived, Linkah woke up.
“*yawn*…phew… I needed that!” she scratched her head and rubbed her tummy.
“Heh, looks like a shut-eye isn’t enough I guess…” she chuckled.
“Way ahead of you Linkah!” It was Mido.
“Whoa, Hey Mido! Didn’t expect to see YOU up so early…” Linkah was right, the other Kokiri were still fast asleep, save for Mido and Fado who just now was waking up…
“*Yawn* Huh? Linkah? LINKAH! Hey guys! Linkah’s awake!” Fado excitedly started waking the others up.
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 18 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 18: Forest Emerald, Warping Winds and the Defender of Courage.
“*neigh*!” Linkah stopped Epona right in front of the entrance to Kokiri forest.
She stepped off the horse and took a deep breath…
“*snort* Are you sure about this Linkah? Do you feel ready for this?” Epona asked.
“Hm? Yeah, sure thing … I was born ready!” Linkah tried pep talking.
“*neigh*! I wish thee the best of luck young hero!” The horse said.
“Thanks Epona.” Linkah petted her head and patted her shoulder reassuringly…
“Don’t be surprised to see me out in under an hour or two!” And she ran into the forest.
But in the back of her mind, Linkah kept thinking about the cold chill she felt down her spine. It wasn’t just ANY cold chill she’s ever felt before! Her shoulders felt heavy, as if she was carrying a backpack full of rocks! But she couldn’t let that hold her
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 17 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 17: Hidden Secrets…
Linkah was feeling better at ease now for she was sure that now that the Goddesses of Hyrule themselves have spoken to their people, they will surely trust the ‘Hero of time’ once more and learn to not always ‘judge the book by its cover’. Talk about divine intervention.
“Welcome back to your home, my boy!” The King cheerfully greeted.
“Oh, the pleasure’s all mine, your majesty!” Link answered.
“Well, then…Let the festivities begin!!!” The king Proclaimed.
The people who were once fearful and hiding away from them, came out rejoicing, and singing and dancing as if nothing ‘unusual’ has happened at all.
It was hard for Linkah to understand this world because sometimes none of what was happening around her made sense at all, yet if one just looked at it with an open mind and considering the ‘logic’ that ruled in this realm
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 16 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 16: Return of the Hylian!
The next morning… Linkah woke up bright and early. She noticed Link was still asleep and didn’t want to wake him because he didn’t sleep that well last night, what with all that happened. Instead she took Epona down to the Lake, so she can have some fresh wild grass to eat and Linkah would attempt to catch herself some breakfast.
It wasn’t as easy as Link would usually make it look, but at least Linkah knew how to still improvise some weird new fishing technique to still catch the annoyingly skittish Hyrule bass. Linkah found herself a flexible piece of Deku branch, which she could use as a fishing pole. It took her some time, but she managed to gather enough Deku vines to make a line and a small net to boot!
But the problem now was to find the appropriate kind of bait. Linkah remembered how Link used bugs for fishing, so she looked and looked for small soil patches to hunt for the bugs and
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 15 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 15: Man or Monster? Part 2
The day broke bright and golden; Linkah woke up startled for she had that same nightmare again… When was it ever going to leave her? But most off all she remembered what happened yesterday morning… now that she saw how tired Link was getting, she had to be careful where she slept, for it could prove fatal for her and traumatizing for Link. That was the last thing she wanted to happen! But Link who woke up early, assured her not to be fearful.
“Oh, you’re awake…” Link said.
“D-did I dose off?” Linkah’s mind still a bit cloudy.
“Yes, you did… you’ve pushed yourself too much this time Linkah…” He said in a worried tone.
“Link… it’s because I’m…” Linkah decided to tell Link about her nightmare anyway… no point in hiding it. Besides, the Triforce of courage binds them together. Link would find o
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 0
The Legend of Linkah Chapter 14 REMAKE
The Legend of Linkah
Chapter 14: Man or Monster? Part 1
Back in Kakariko Village… Link’s surprise wasn’t a surprise as he thought it was. Impa went ahead to talk to the villagers about the news that was running though the kingdom like wildfire.
“L-lady Impa, you can’t be serious!” Said one villager.
“The king wouldn’t exile someone for nothing you know….” Whimpered the other.
“Yeah, a Giant is a terrible threat to our village!” One by one the questions, buts and ifs started pouring out of the worried people who lived in the village.
“Link is absolutely not a threat to you… he’s saved the Land from turmoil once before, has he not?!” Impa tried reasoning.
“Yes Lady Impa, but rumor has it that he’s fallen under one of Ganon’s curses!” Was the answer.
“What if that is exactly what Ganon wants?! It’s called the element of surprise Lady Impa, sl
:icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 1 0
Like Jekyll and Hyde by Dalinkahzel Like Jekyll and Hyde :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 3 Plant creature Linkah by Dalinkahzel Plant creature Linkah :icondalinkahzel:Dalinkahzel 2 1
Behold! Stuff that I made using my own hands!!!!!

Random Favourites

Two Sides
Every Human
Has two sides
One dark
One light
The humans life
Depends on the side
Light will take you high
Dark will bury you deep
But no matter what
You will always have both sides
It just depends
On which side
You hide
:iconcanadaloverforever:Canadaloverforever 4 2
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I open my eyes
All I see is white
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I look around
My mother is talking to a doctor
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
There are cords all around me
I can barely move
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
My memory is blurry
I don't remember much
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
Bits and pieces of what I did flash into my mind
It scares me
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I look at my wrists
The scars are there
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I shut my eyes tight
Trying not to scream
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I couldn't believe I did that
It just doesn't seem right
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
Why am I still here?
I shouldn't have woken up
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I wanted to be dead
Why did I survive?
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
I start pulling the cords off
Handful at a time
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
An alarm goes off
Nurses come rushing in
Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep
They pin me down
Telling me it's okay
Beep - Beep, Beep - Beep
Beep - Beep, Beep - Beep
I tried to push them off
Fighting back hard
Beep - Be
:iconcanadaloverforever:Canadaloverforever 6 12
Durarara!! Anime Review
Mikado Ryūgamine, a young boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city moves to Ikebukuro at the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi Kida, who he has not seen since he was young to attend Raira Academy with him. After meeting Masaomi at the train station, they both set out at night to the streets of Ikebukuro. Masaomi warns him about people he doesn't want to cross in the city: like a violent and superhumanly strong man, Shizuo Heiwajima, an information broker named Izaya Orihara, and a mysterious gang known as "The Dollars."
After running into some of the side characters, Mikado witnesses a local legend called the "Black Rider", who rides around Ikebukuro on a black bike that occasionally brays like a horse and also rumored to have no head under its helmet. The "Black Rider" is Celty Sturluson, an Irish dullahan who is in Ikebukuro looking for her stolen head. The narrative follows all of the characters equally, showing how their lives intersect, creating a greater
:iconnukid101:Nukid101 6 42
Fools Between The Moons Ep.1
Episode 1: The Touch Will Haunt You…
Somewhere in Southeast Missouri, October 1st 1911…
I was only a little ol’ boy just about to leave behind twelve years of memories and prepare room for a thirteenth, because like many other little tykes my age, that’s when a child starts to become a man. My father and mother wanted the best of me as I wanted this birthday to be something special I keep telling them, something for the scrapbooks to be worth opening in another twenty years or so just to make it worthwhile to open such things that I thought were ridiculous. We were right about to ride in to this little travelling carnival that’s been popping up in the most unlikely places, two black horses, one I was on with my ma, and my pa to guide us as he rode his own. This carnival, as my pa told me, had its own little private history about its origins and where it came from, saying
:iconkethwef:kethwef 2 3
A Very Disappointing Experiment by UncleGargy A Very Disappointing Experiment :iconunclegargy:UncleGargy 11 7
Keep your friends close Word Girl
This story is based on the comic book story "Coalition Of Malice." After Word Girl went to visit the waterfront with her partner Huggy and defined for the villains the meaning of the word "exhausted" she fell asleep and before the five villains Dr Two Brains, Language Butcher, Granny May, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Maker and Mr. Big could unmask our heroes a robot hand took our heroes away from the waterfront to a construction site in another part of Fair City. Word Girl and Huggy wake up and are shocked to see about 20 of Tobey McAllister's robots. Tobey is with Word Girl's assistants The Bad Girls Of The Isthmus Donna and Debi Isthmus who are wearing hardhats and they singing the song "In The Navy" together.
Word Girl: "Huggy we are under attack. Word Girl takes swing at one of Tobey's robots and after she breaks one of the robots Donna and Debi as well as Tobey give Word Girl order to stop breaking Tobey's robots.
Donna: "Word Girl. Please stop hurting Tobey's robots. He means no harm
:icondeepizzaguy:Deepizzaguy 1 0
Mature content
Snap Dragon :iconeddievancil:EddieVancil 1 0
A Single Dream...Chapter 7
A Single Dream is More Powerful Than A Thousand Realities:
Chapter 7: An Unexpected Conversation and Alliance
Chapter Summary: Dwalin Proves his intellect
Several thoughts crossed Lyla's mind in that silent moment, as she stared at Dwalin's expectant face. The first thought she considered was the attempt to run. She was small enough that she might be able to slip past the dwarf and dart a good distance before he could start towards her. But she didn't think her tender ribs could take the abuse. Not to mention the fact that she was shirtless. Such a display would hardly appeal to the better nature of her hosts (and Dwarves!) No no indeed she didn't need THAT type of attention (nor such a spectacular way to blow her cover). And she was fairly certain that her father would roll over in his grave if something like that happened to his only daughter.
Another thought she entertained was to simply slam the door in the dwarf's face and hu
:iconphantomessangel13:phantomessangel13 5 0
A Single Dream...Chapter 8
A Single Dream is More Powerful Than A Thousand Realities:
Chapter 8: Dinner and More Conversations
Chapter Summary:
Lyla and Dwalin continue their conversation and then it's off to dinner...with the rest of the company...
Dwalin let out a low grumble of annoyance.
"It wouldn't hurt so much if you'd hold still Halfling."
Once they'd established that Dwalin was not, in fact, going to relate his discovery to Thorin, the hulking dwarf insisted upon attending to Lyla's numerous scrapes and bruises. He had stood and started to pull various pouches of fine power and herbs from the many confines of his person (she wasn't going to ask just how many different hiding places he possessed) along with several crisp white bandages.
"How did you…?"
Dwalin snorted in amusement, "I nicked them from Oin when he wasn't lookin'." He gave her a pointed look, "I was figgerin' you didn't want anyone else to know about your…condition ay
:iconphantomessangel13:phantomessangel13 6 0
A Single Dream...Chapter 9
A Single Dream is More Powerful Than A Thousand Realities:
Chapter 9: Sleeping, Talking, Eavesdropping
Chapter Summary: Dwalin's sleeping draught proves very effective, Lyla meets an unusual character, and encounters the ire of a dwarf king.
Dwalin really couldn't have known that he was giving Lyla too much of the draught mixture. Really he couldn't. And, in his defense, he'd never dealt with a hobbit patient before. Let alone, what he deemed to be, a frightfully small hobbit patient.
So it came as a cause for concern among the company, when their burglar didn't appear for breakfast the next morning.
Initially, Bofur wrote her absence off as exhaustion, but when lunch rolled around and neither hide nor hair of the young hobbit had been seen by anyone, both Dwalin and Bofur became concerned and determined to root out the location of their Halfling.
Perhaps she'd been carted off by the elves for safe keeping?
Dwalin marched down to Lyla'
:iconphantomessangel13:phantomessangel13 5 0
A Colourful Night
A Colourful Night
He was there,
Rain didn't stop him,
Standing outside,
Looking at the cafe's door,
Thinking of her.
After hours of walking,
He was there,
At the same time,
If She's inside.
He was thinking of her
All these nights.
He was there,
Rain didn't stop him,
Standing outside,
Looking at the cafe's door.
A car was strangely parked
In front of the door,
Like it was blocking the entrance,
Like a barrier he should overcome...
Her face was clear in his mind
And every time
He was thinking
Of that unique night,
His mind, his heart,
Everything around
Was filled with colours;
He was there,
Rain didn't stop him,
Standing outside,
Looking at the cafe's door,
Thinking of her,
If he could live again
That night;
A Colourful Night.
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 130 34
My body strong
My heart even more so
My mind never ridged
But my spirit grows tired
It slowly fades away..
So weary ever ebbing away
waning with the tide...
I rest it never returns
never releasing
never increasing
I'm tired...
:iconsoulmankicks:soulmankicks 2 0
Protect Me
Protect me from strangers,
Those that want to harm.
Protect me from liars,
Using me for their good.
Protect me from my heart,
It's so easy to break.
Protect me from the voice,
She has such anger.
Protect me from depression,
It can overwhelm.
Protect me from myself,
I'm the biggest threat.
:iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 78 21
Glass Heart
You hold onto this glass heart of mine,
But in your hands will in be fine?
It's been damaged as you can see.
Each crack is so painful to me.
All the time new ones begin to show.
And the healing process is so slow.
Already such damage you have done.
And things between us have just begun.
I know I've been clumsy with your heart too,
But I would do anything to not hurt you.
Every joy will brings so much pain.
This roller coaster drives me insane,
But it's worth it for that joy.
You gotta know how I love you, boy.
I can't promise your heart won't break.
Sometimes you'll have all you can take.
All I can promise is that I'll try.
To keep you happy, I would die.
But as I feel like I'll fall apart,
I need you to take care of my glass heart.
:iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 21 14
Part of Me
So much pain and you want me to trust.
Some show of kindness seems like I must.
You've made me feel like I was dirt.
Do you care how much I've hurt?
You push me until I want to die.
To be forgiven you have to try.
I know you won't. You're not able to.
There's so little you can do.
Not fully formed. You're so small.
Barely anything you can do at all.
You're not capable of having care.
But with my changes, you seem to scare.
I finally have power that you've always had.
That it took so long is a little sad.
And with my new self, where do you fit?
You worry that this might be it.
I tried to push you out, not a thought.
That increased the strength with which you fought.
But now there's something that I see.
You will always be a part of me.
:iconthemetheydontsee:TheMeTheyDontSee 23 11


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Claire Rose Donatello(good luck)
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hello, My fellow Hyrulians!

Name or nickname: My name is Dalinkahzel, but you can call me 'Linkah' for short.
Hobbies: I'm a hobbyist-artist, so I do this in my free time.
I like cosplay, Art, video games and music. But I'm mostly the creative type, so you'll most likely find me somewhere crafting something out of basically anything I can find lying around the house and occasionally just relaxing whilst playing some kind of instrument. As far as gaming goes, I have to make do with my 3DS for now.

Speaking of which, here's my friend code:

Name: Linkah

Friend code: 4528-1990-9441

You can add me if you like.

Amino Icon by linux-rulesAMINO: I go by: Dalinkahzel Shazuzukawn and I'm currently on:
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Happy New year 2019! Peace,🕊 Love,❤ prosperity🌳 and health⚕ to all!
Remember that Art Trade I did with TheBlue-Moonz?… Here's his side of the trade! It's so awesome and cute!!! X3 I love it!
I've been requested on one of my deviations to draw one of TheBlue-Moonz's OC's  Julian Thorn (OC) by TheBlue-Moonz in exchange for him drawing one of my own OC's.<da:thumb id="778426581"/>
Uploaded another video about something weird that happened a few days ago.

Just uploaded another video on my youtube channel!
and a still photo on my other DA page:  Christmas Decorations 2015 by zc263nc143  Link to the video in the description of the deviation.
:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights:  

Christmas Owl I just wanted to wish you all a Merry christmas everybody/Happy Holidays

I really wanted to write or draw something this year for Christmas, but as luck would have it every year I'm just up to my throat in holiday preparations IRL. Just for a single day, but it's worth it in the end!

I did do this earlier just in case; Christmas Decorations 2015 by zc263nc143 and I'll see what else I can do before this year comes to an end, but sadly I can't make any promises. I still have a few other things pending. Also, I wanted to thank everyone who's been around even though I haven't been most of the time. The Favorites Icon 3D , Shuddering Letter: C Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: M Shuddering Letter: M Shuddering Letter: E Shuddering Letter: N Shuddering Letter: T Shuddering Letter: S  (Especially the constructive criticisms),3D Llama Badge  and Added to my devWatch!  are very much truly appreciated! I cannot thank you enough! Although they seem like really really small gestures, don't underestimate them, they are more than capable of making someone's day at least a bit more brighter and cheerier.Cheer Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] Neko Emoji-18 (Cheer) [V1] 

Not sure if I'll be here at years end with one last post as I said before, so I'll take the opportunity to wish you all a :HappyNewYear:

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Fireworks FIREWORKS! Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 2 ( Numbers ) 0 ( Numbers ) 1 ( Numbers ) 9 ( Numbers ) Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 FIREWORKS! Fireworks 

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