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photoshop action for lineart

Here's a photoshop action I use to separate scanned lineart from the background onto its own layer, so you can color underneath or whatever. Also useful for when you accidentally start a drawing on the background layer, d'oh.

I know there's probably a billion different tutorials and actions for this already, but this is what I use... so... maybe it'll be helpful to someone else, idk. :I

Before you use this:

- Save a copy first, just in case~

- Clean up your lineart to be black & white! This action won't make any adjustments for you, and I don't think it will work right with colored lineart.

- Make sure your lineart is on the background layer. It won't work right if the layer has transparent areas.

- It will make the lineart whatever color you have selected as your foreground color. Neat.

If you don't know how to use photoshop actions, click here for a tutorial. Actions are super useful!

Let me know if you have any questions/problems!
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I ain't about this. It sure does look well done though.
Good work!
Please check out my new work too!
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It said that the comand selection is not available, what can i do?
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If you don't know how to use photoshop actions, click here for a tutorial. Actions are super useful!
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SO USEFUL. Thank you!!
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Amazing! Can't wait to try it! Thank you!
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Amazing! Thanks
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I love you with all my heart right now :love:
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how to download it
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click the download button just above the "featured in groups" and under the "more like this"
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This works like a charm! Thank you so much!!!
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can u say how to download it
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I love you right now.
*______* Thank you very much.
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