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Now that I've completed both of my last two big illustration assignments, I've decided I'm going to spend the next few months doing cover recreations only...and then pick up some more book illustration assignments in late Fall.

If you are interested in a classic cover recreation (silver/bronze age - not really a fan of doing recreations where there's a lot of computer color & typesetting), here is what I'm asking:

11x17" cover recreation ($100 each) -  all logos, trade dress/etc hand-drawn on Strathmore 300 series bristol boards (minus the UPC box, unless you really want a Spidey head or something in that space - otherwise, I extrapolate the existing art to take up that space).  No pasteups.

18x24" jumbo size classic EC cover recreation ($150 each) - same as the above, but for one of my extra large size EC (like Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science, all those classic titles) recreations.

If you have any questions about the recreations, please send me a message, including potential covers you'd like re-created.   My gallery is full of previous recreations, for reference.

Note: I am *not* interested in commissions for re-imaginings or custom cover designs at this time. 

All art/logos/trade dress are inked on an 11x17 board, no pasteups, in order to simulate a full-sized piece of original art.  My method is to lightbox all logos and trade dress with Pitt pens with the exception of the UPC box - I leave that out and continue the artwork "underneath" it where applicable.  Then, I lightbox the artwork contours in pencil in order to ensure placement.  Lastly, I ink the artwork freehand with a Raphael Kolinsky 8084 brush and dark india ink, typically while holding a copy of the actual comic in my other hand for reference. I strive to reproduce the original ink lines as closely as I can with my brush.

Price includes free USPS first class shipping to the USA - the art board will be slipped into an 11x17 polybag and rolled inside a sturdy 4" diameter mailing tube.  Sorry, no international shipping is available.

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would you substitute one character for another?

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Hi there, my commission list is full for the next few months, but to answer your question, ... maybe. I do these for fun as well as for commission work, so it'd have to be something I was into doing. thanks!

I hav a special commission request. How do I contact u? New to deviantart so i dont see any messaging info

Can you do color recreations on a sketch comic cover?
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I've never done one of those, but I know a guy who does:  :iconstevenwilcox:

Thanks for asking!
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Hey Chris, Good Luck with your open commissions, I hope you get to do some fun ones :-)  I'm going to be doing mostly cover recreations for awhile myself, of the different comic art projects I've done, doing these types of pieces is actually my favorite and now that I ma trying to Ink as well, I think the make for great practice :-)  I was just looking the other day and I still have three of yours that are like 97.218% done so I plan on finishing those and posting them soon as well.  Keep in touch! 
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