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Between 10-15 years ago, I used to draw comic page commissions where I would offer to illustrate a page of script by the commissioner.  The idea was that this would set me apart from all of the artists doing mostly pinup work, and it also sounded like a fun project.  It *was* pretty fun for a while, although the kind of jobs that would come my way quickly transitioned (so to speak) into mostly fetish or transformation pieces. 

I was OK with this for a while, and did them for a couple of years.  I felt an ego boost from having folks enjoy my work and be willing to pay for it, but eventually wasn't real happy with the subject matter and ceased doing fetish-style work about ten years ago.

At the same time, I would post the work here on DA, and they would get a *ton* of views and faves.. which is also gratitifying.  As years went by, I found that I wasn't super proud of a lot of the work I had posted due to the subject matter, and I'd also improved as an artist/inker to the point of disliking my earlier work because it wasn't as well done.

I removed a goodly chunk of the more risque pieces from my gallery, but left a few milder ones... which still get a few favorites a month, many years later.  These faves still feed my ego, but the work is so far removed from the quality of work I do now, that even the more innocuous ones make me cringe when I see them.

Also, those faves mean people are seeing that work, enjoying it, and might even enjoy my more recent work, which is pretty mild in comparison.

Anyway, I think I've convinced myself while writing this into doing another purge of the rest of that stuff from my gallery... it's just not 'me' anymore.   Even though a few of them have tens of thousands of views. :D
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It saddens me when an artist clips down his or her gallery and more so when it's yours.  You've got so many splendid things to look at.

I've thought about shedding some of the work in my gallery but I rarely do so because I like people to see how far I've come (or haven't!) as an artist.   Plus, you never know when a certain drawing might tickle somebody's fancy.  I also have a lot of fetish art in my gallery but I figure people would find out about it one way or the other, so I let that part of my art stick out.

I respect your decision but I just think it would be awesome to view your art as a whole.
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Thanks, Z - but every time I would get a fave on one of those old fetish/TF pieces I'd just feel a bit of shame.
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I get it.  I don't have the subject matter issue as much, but I DO have the art style and quality piece, where earlier work I've done is sometimes hard for me to look at. I keep my old stuff up, but in your situation, I'd probably do the same.
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You needn't delete them. Just move them to scraps. I've moved older work that nauseated me there rather than completely deleting it.
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I love having access to millions of pieces of art via this site, but who picked that name...? :no:

I don’t have to tell you this, but we have absolutely no control over what work will resonate with people. I am a recent Watcher of yours, so I didn’t know you ever did any fetish art (and I’m not sure what that is for you). I’m here to see the ink work. That black.

If those old illustrations aren’t accomplishing any objective of yours outside of Favorites and Comments—I say fug ’em (dump ’em).
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I appreciate that a lot, thank you!

Yeah, I just dumped a few more (and probably about 60,000 views, haha) that I don't care for too much.

Although I do like a lot of the color work here, I am similar - dat ink is my favorite.
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I can understand wanting to distance yourself from your old fetish type commissions. Especially if your artwork has improved substantially and the old stuff isn't reflective at all of the kind of work you're doing now. The only reason I could see for leaving it up would be maybe if you wanted to entice people to commission you for similar fetish work. But if you're not looking for fetish commission income, I would say taking it down is a good choice. I think you can put deviations in storage (I've never done it, so I'm not sure how but I have seen deviations listed as being in storage and the public can't view them). That way you won't lose the favorites and comments and such, but it would be private. You could always take it out of storage at a later date if you ever wanted to.

The majority of commission work I do is fetish/kink related, so I started a secondary account for that. It's steady income, but of course, I never feel truly rewarded when I get tons of favorites or comments on my commission work but I put up my comic pages or other art that I'm really passionate about and get whatever the internet's equivalent to cricket sounds is, haha. It's like... I really want people to be interested in my characters and stories more than something I know they're just putting in their spank bank for later. If my Patreon ever gets above a certain amount, I probably won't do commission work anymore, haha! Dreams!
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Yep - you hit it on the head.  I think I got to the point where the collective likes/faves were all that was keeping me from deleting them.    Also your point on the huge disparity in attention that one's 'real' work gets. :'D 

I do occasional commissions now, but it's pretty rare, and only stuff I'm also interested in doing.  I'm doing enough other work that sees publication (limited publication, mostly, haha) that I get my kicks from that. 

If my employment situation changed to where I was out of work for a while, I would shift gears pretty quickly and start doing all-commission work, though. ;) 

Your idea of having a separate account for that is a good one - I'd not thought of that as a strategy, and I will definitely steal it if I find myself looking for commission work full-time.  :)
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I've also got a bunch of non-fetish older work posted (including realllly primitive stuff I did as a teenager) that is not reflective of work I'm doing now, but it has a lot more personal historical significance, so I keep it up. 
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Makes sense. :) It's always interesting to see an artist's evolution over the years, so keeping up older work that was something you had a real connection to is alway cool. I ended up putting up a bunch of my really old comics on Tapastic just for that reason. If nothing else, I just think it's really cool (just for my own personal interests) to look at them and see how far my work has come. If it wasn't for all the scanning and resizing, I would've but up some more older, even cringe worthy stuff... but I am laaaaazzzzyyyyy....

Fun fact: One of the unintended outcomes of having a main account and a secondary account for commission stuff is having people tell me "Hey, this person has a style like yours" or "Hey, this artist is ripping off your characters!" and then sending me a link to my other account. I don't ever try to hide my other account, it's simply secondary just as a separation between my main work and other stuff. But it's amusing to realize just how many people don't know I'm the same artist on both accounts, haha.
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