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Tales from the Crypt #42 Cover Recreation

Continuing my cover recreation studies of great artists & covers...

In this case, Tales from the Crypt #42 -

The original cover was created by Jack Davis, copyright EC Comics. 

The mini series I've been working on are super big, this is 18x24 bristol.  

Here is the original cover:…
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this is so good, I love this show, is this a new digital edition?

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This is ink in paper, I re-pencil the figures and objects using a lightbox, then re-ink with a brush - this cover is from the original series back in 1954.


omg are you serious... boy... awesome inking!

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Thanks! Just trying to follow the master, Jack Davis!


o recreation lol so great

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that is FANTASTIC!!!!! , you are kicking ASS!!!!!!, well done ,my friend!, julio.

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Something tells me this isn't Bram Stroker's Dracula.

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Another incredible recreation! I'm always amazed at Davis' hatching and textures. How he (and you!) could do such delicate hatching with a brush will never cease to amaze me!

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Solution: work BIG. :D With a fine sable brush, you can also get awesome line width variations, so it's easy to go from tiny thin to bold on the same stroke.

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This is a pretty great recreation. Clean and sharp line work. Would it be possible for you to send me a note with a link to a high resolution file of the line art for this piece? I'm trying to practice with more simple coloring styles. Something more in line with Mike Mignola's Hellboy focusing on subtle colors with strong color contrast. I think that this would be a great piece to practice on.

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