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Tales From the Crypt #47 Imaginary Cover

By dalgoda7
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A hybrid EC Comics composition/recreation piece - for an imaginary "issue 47" for Tales From the Crypt (which ended with issue 46, in 1955).

The request was for the EC Ghoulunatics (the Crypt Keeper, the Old Witch, and the Vault Keeper) to be looking town into a bubbling cauldron with the heads of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency - Senator Estes Kefauver (head held by the Old Witch), Judge Charles F. Murphy (cauldron left), newscaster Paul Coates (cauldro, right), and Dr. Frederic Wertham, author of 'Seduction of the Innocent' (cauldron center) . Looking on are EC Publisher Bill Gaines (left of cauldron), EC editor/writer Al Feldstein (right of cauldron), as well as artists Jack Kamen (back row left), Jack Davis (back row center-left), Johnny Craig (back row center-right), and Graham Ingels (back row right).

I borrowed the EC crew's likenesses from the excellent story from TFTC #31, "Kamen's Kalamity", where each artist drew their own cameo appearance. The Ghoulunatics are gleaned from images by their signature artists - Davis on the Crypt Keeper and Craig on the Vault Keeper. I used an image of an Old Witch collectable statue for her pose, attempting to channel a Graham Ingels feel in my inks.

18x24" ink on bristol
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At first sight, I thought it was a real, yet unknown to me, EC cover, amazed at seeing how they took sweet revenge on their hangmen. Even the humor is EC. I am in admiration of this very fine creation of yours. Thanks for this one.

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Thank you! All the bits are derived from EC comics (most from one specific story in Tales from the Crypt #31), but re-composed for this concept. ;)

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Oh man, if only! This is fantastic work, perfect!

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This is just perfect! You nailed every artist's style and did an excellent job putting it all together. If you didn't say so, I might've assumed this was a proper recreation. And I gotta hand it to you for tackling the Old Witch the way you did. Ingels never drew her the same way twice, after all, and this feels like what he would've done.

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Thanks, that's high praise!

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Stare [Supernatural]

Son of a ... biscuit... Sam! This is a MINT copy of Issue 47!

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It's the ONLY copy! ;)

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