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Spawn Of Venus page recreation

By dalgoda7
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Continuing my cover recreation studies of great artists & covers...

In this case, "Spawn of Venus" page 1.  Originally intended for the never-published 3rd EC 3D giant, this was later published in Witzend by Wallace Wood, with permission from Bill Gaines.

The original page was created by Wallace Wood, copyright EC Comics. 

The mini series I've been working on are super big, this is 18x24 bristol.  

Here is the original cover:…
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Wonderfully done!!

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Is that photoshop or is that ink wash on the drawing?

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I used Prismacolor French Grey markers - 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50% depending on the darkness I needed. Then a white paint wash for the fog tendrils near the bottom. This is pretty much a raw grayscale scan of the final piece.

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very well done!

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Simply stunning! The fact that you can even attempt to do a Wood cover is amazing - certainly better than I could do! I've been on an EC kick lately, actually was just reading some of the Harry Harrison-Wally Wood collaborations.

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Thanks! Woody is one of the tougher EC guys for me, although I love his work.

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Captain Janeway Eyeroll

Half my crew is in the holodeck!

What are they watching?

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They Live has nothing on this!

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A respectable attempt at this one made more impressive by the fact you didn't have any zip-a-tone to create the tones. The brushwork is nice... not Wood...but no one is, or has been since.

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Yep... as I was telling someone else when talking about EC recreations recently, trying to emulate Wood's inks perfectly, even when scrutinizing them closely, is a lost cause.

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It really doesn't help that the quality level of brushes has been total shit for the last 15 years. Joe Rubenstein told me that he used to put vellum over copies of pages by Wood and Dick Giordano and try to match the inks to train his hand. Looking at some of Joe's early work in comics, I think he picked up some things doing that. I think the inks he did over Cockrum on the X-men in the 80s is the closest to Wood's line I've ever seen.

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Another DA buddy turned me on to Raphael Kolinsky brushes a few years back, and they were a revelation compared to the Windsor Newtons I had been using for ages. They've been pretty good to me.

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Used the 8404 back when I inked for Wildstorm. Changed to a Kuretake fountain brush when I inked for Crossgen... Liked that one much better. The Raphaels got very hit or miss after a point. I've NEVER gotten a Windsor Newton that was worth a damn. Always heard great things about them but by the time I got ahold of one, the golden age had passed.

Now if I use a 'real' brush (I work digitally now for the most part), I use a cheap nylon brush available at most hobby stores. It's a Pentel Arts Aquash water brush. It's got a reservoir that you normally load water into.... do NOT fill this with ink and give you an unpredictable ink flow. You just dip it like any normal brush. Big advantage is they cost about a QUARTER of what a Raph does. So cheap I don't even bother to wash it out to take care of it. When it dries out and gets shitty, I toss it. Pretty good results for such a cheap brush. The nylon snaps back into shape better for me than natural hair does.

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