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Shanna the She-Devil inks

I took a shot at inking some sweet pencils by :icondeankotz:, of Marvel's Shanna the She-Devil:

This was a lot of fun, I hardly ever ink other people's work.  Thanks, Dean!
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An excellent colab
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Thank you!  I really enjoyed inking it.
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Fantastic combination between you two.  I love Kotz's work and your inks are just wonderful.
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Thanks!  I'd love to do some more inks over his pencils.  I may bug him later to see if he has any other pencil scans.
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Oh yeah! I told ya you could be a pro inker!
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Thanks!  I wanna ink other people's work a bit more, I think!
amberchrome's avatar
Great brushwork! I can tell you were lovin' it!
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Thanks!  :icondeankotz: is a dream to ink.
RodgerHodger's avatar nice to see.  A fierce but sexy pin-up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and nicely executed!Wink/Razz 
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Thank you!  I enjoyed how it turned out.  Dean does some great pinup work!
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Oh? So you weren't the penciler? I thought you were. Must be that distinct inking of yours then. Terrific collaboration!
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Nope, I saw his pencils (he usually submits inked pieces), and asked him if he minded. 

I'm glad I was able to bring something to the table on the inks. :)

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Stunning, old boy! Really incredible work! :D
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Thanks!  I'm pleased with it - makes me wanna ink other's work more often!
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It's too splendid!

Dude, to have such amazing inks on my pencils would be a dream!

dalgoda7's avatar
Challenge accepted!
curtsibling's avatar
Oh, wow! :D

If I digitally scanned an emailed some pencils, would that be OK?

Failing...I could also send some pencil work for real!
dalgoda7's avatar
Scanned pencils are totally fine!  That's what I did here... I lightboxed the contours of his pencils so everything would be in the right place, then inked away.
curtsibling's avatar
That's totally cool, sir! :)

I will get something to you soon...It may involve a certain evil dame and a lovecraftian baddie!
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