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Journey Into Mystery #83 Cover Recreation

By dalgoda7
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Continuing my cover recreation studies of great artists & covers...

In this case, Journey Into Mystery #83.
The original cover was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott, copyright Marvel Comics. 

The mini series I've been working on are super big, this is 18x24 bristol.  

Here is the original cover:
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© 2021 dalgoda7
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Amazing ,man. How do you copy it exactly the same, even the small details 😦😧😟
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I have to use reading glasses, so I don't get eyestrain! ;)

I re-pencil using a lightbox, but all the inking is freehand with a brush - so at least everything is in the right place. The rest (inking) is just lots of practice trying to get details the same.

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Oh WOW! My brother has this issue. He'd love ya for putting this one up!!!

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I keep forgetting those stone aliens were first introduced in Thor. I'm kinda more familiar with them being in Planet Hulk.

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Thor WinkPikachu want it Pikachu is boss

PIKACHU, use THUNDER, my brave Pokemon!

meowth dizzy 1Bossfacepalm

Now the gods of Norse mythology are out to foil my plans for WORLD DOMINATION.