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Fantastic Four #27 Splash Recreation

Continuing my cover recreation studies of great artists & covers...

In this case, a splash page from Fantastic Four #27 -
The original splash was created by Jack Kirby, and this version of the inks was by Mike DeCarlo, copyright Marvel Comics.  

Here is the original splash:…
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harkening back to the days when you did more adult art....

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MAMA MIA!!! that s a spice meatball !!! EXCELSIOR!!!

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How did Marvel get away with this one? :O

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Ooo! Most awesome! <3

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Was this real?
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Mike DeCarlo did re-ink a recreation of this in 2008, the original in FF #27 doesn't have the nudity. This is a slightly modified (thicker blast lines on the left & top) version requested by a client.

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Yeah. Something like this would never have gotten past the CCA at the time.

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I was fixing to ask about the nipples, thinking: "Man, I've got to get a hold of that page!"

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It would have made that comic book better than any first edition among the comic nerds including yours truly. <3

The Princess Laughs ...
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