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Comanche Blood Illustration #3

I started working on a new series of illustrations for new pulp publisher Airship 27 - in this case, a western entitled Comanche Blood, by R. A. Jones - the continuing story of bounty hunter Jason Mankiller.

In this third illustration: Jason and the surveyor, Lee Buris sit at his campfire eating beans, bacon and biscuits from pans…getting to know each other around the fire.
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I admire how you created that glowing, burning effect using ink so effectively.  Man, that takes confidence.
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It was tricky, I don't often do such high contrast single light source pieces... I'm pretty pleased how it turned out.  I wanted kind of a grainy look on all the other surfaces.

For the fire itself, I just tried to keep the lines as light as possible... I was going to try only using negative space for the flames, but wasn't quite confident enough for that.  Next time!
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I couldn't but help think of that famous scene around the campfire from Blazing Saddles. Love the detail on the clothing.
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Hahaha!  Yeah, that campground is going to be a heckuva lot more flammable in a little while.  Thanks!  On this one, I made up all the clothing details myself.  :)