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40th Birthday gift art - Front row at Bent Knee

About a year and a half ago, a friend of ours contacted me to ask a favor - a piece of birthday art for her husband's 40th birthday, TWO YEARS HENCE.  We came up with a concept, of them front-row at a Bent Knee (awesome indy alt-prog band!  check them out!) concert, surrounded by family, friends, and some of his favorite musicians.   

Having that much lead time can make a person LAZY, so I put it aside while doing cover recreation commissions... plus, I had like, two years!    Anyhow, another thing holding me back was my initial sketches and reference collection... it was not satisfactory to me.  So a few weeks ago, I re-worked the layout and came up with one I was happy with, enough to commit.  Since then, it's been a lot of inking, erasing, and inking again!  

I showed our friend tonight, she's super stoked about it, and named all the people in the image, which means my likenesses were at least _close_.  :)   I also finished it with a couple of months to spare, and no more guilty feelings about putting it off!

Ink on 14x18" bristol.
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Novel idea and good gift.

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What an incredible gift! No doubt in my mind they'll love it. I can't get over how every member of the crowd is drawn in great detail, but everything still reads perfectly. Excellent work!

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Thank you! I'm glad it reads that way.

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That was really nice of you! You are an awesome friend! :thumbsup:

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These two are really good pals.