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Attempting to draw comix since 1984.

Favourite Visual Artist
Wood, Davis, Crumb, Clowes, Bagge, Hernandez Bros., Sacco, Deitch, Burns, too many Marvel/DC folks to list..
Favourite Movies
36th Chamber of Shaolin, Kiss Me Deadly, Good/Bad/Ugly, Touch of Evil, Five Deadly Venoms etc etc
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Star Trek (all varieties), Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad
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Mike Keneally, Flaming Lips, Todd Rundgren, ELO, NWA, Frank Zappa, assorted Prog
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Stranger in a Strange Land, Ringworld, Man in the High Castle, What Mad Universe, Childhood's End, Foundation, Breakfast of Champions
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Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, Phil Dick, Fredric Brown, Arthur Clarke, Kurt Vonnegut
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Galaga, Gyruss, Tempest, Centipede, Tron, Satan's Hollow, Donkey Kong, Pinball
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8-bit JAMMA
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pencil, ink, brush, bristol, scanner, photoshop, emacs
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Comics, Computers, Video Games, Star Trek, Books, Sports, Biking, Graphic Art, Movies, Beer

Recreations vs. Original work

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So folks who've been watching me for a while have probably noticed that for the last 3 years or so, I've pretty much only been posting recreation work rather than my own original comics or illustrations. Every so often I feel like I should be doing more 'original' work in my own style, like a comic or even more book illustrations. However, I've been kind of depressed and/or anxious for a lot of the last year or so - mostly for fairly obvious reasons (insert various pictures of 2020/21 here), and an assortment of pretty basic personal anxieties. Doing original work takes a heck of a lot of energy and enthusiasm that I just haven't had for a while, doing compositions, layouts, etc. really takes a lot out of me. Yet, I still feel soothed by the act of inking - it's a great anxiety relief - so I keep myself busy doing recreations. Luckily enough I've had a steady client wait list for 3 years running, so I've always got something to work on. It's also a good way to have steady funds
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Summer Cover Recreation Commissions

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Now that I've completed both of my last two big illustration assignments, I've decided I'm going to spend the next few months doing cover recreations only...and then pick up some more book illustration assignments in late Fall. If you are interested in a classic cover recreation (silver/bronze age - not really a fan of doing recreations where there's a lot of computer color & typesetting), here is what I'm asking: 11x17" cover recreation ($100 each) -  all logos, trade dress/etc hand-drawn on Strathmore 300 series bristol boards (minus the UPC box, unless you really want a Spidey head or something in that space - otherwise, I extrapolat
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Quandry regarding older, but popular work.

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Between 10-15 years ago, I used to draw comic page commissions where I would offer to illustrate a page of script by the commissioner.  The idea was that this would set me apart from all of the artists doing mostly pinup work, and it also sounded like a fun project.  It *was* pretty fun for a while, although the kind of jobs that would come my way quickly transitioned (so to speak) into mostly fetish or transformation pieces. I was OK with this for a while, and did them for a couple of years.  I felt an ego boost from having folks enjoy my work and be willing to pay for it, but eventually wasn't real happy with the subject matter and ceased
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Cheers Dal for all the faves. Nice way for me to finish the day!

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting my deviantart page before. If you liked what you saw, then don't forget to give me a watch!

I also have a youtube channel where I make videos about my beautiful motherland, Bangladesh.

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And if you can, please click the bell Icon too :D It will really help me out.

Stay home, and stay safe.

I pray to god for a better new year.


Your line work is awesome! I would love to do colors for one of your cover recreations sometime!

Thanks! Feel free to download any from my gallery, they're all at least 2000 pixels wide!

Thanks, Chris.

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