#EQUINEMARCH: An equine drawing challenge!!

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Hello there! I'm little by little getting back from my hiatus and clearing my inbox :) I hope you are all fine! 
March is my birthday's month and to celebrate I wanted to create a Drawing Challenge for equine artists or artists who would like to practice equines!  It has some fanart, real breeds and mythological creatures, all equine related. I posted it on my IG account and it gatehred some interest so I will post it here too just in case you'd like to join too under the hashtag #equinemarch
I will upload to my dA gallery only the paintings that I really like, but once the challenge is over, I will post a big file with all the rest too! I will be posting them daily on my instagram account too.
Anyways, I hope you like this idea and join the fun!

Here it is:

Equinemarch by Dalgeor

Feel free to repost this image everywhere
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BlackHeartthedragon's avatar
Spirit like the cartoon? :O
I think I'll do it in 2019 marc :D
Dalgeor's avatar
Yup, that same spirit :)
Glad to hear you're joining! I hope we have more people this year. In 2018 there were aprox 1000 artworks done for the Equinemarch :)
RaiOkami's avatar
Awww, I missed this in March, I am so sad about that now! What a great idea with a set theme for each date! =3
Crissiesaurus's avatar
this is such a fun challenge! i may not do this in march, but over the coarse of the year if that's okay?
Dalgeor's avatar
Memuii's avatar
I just found this and I love it! Thanks for the awesome idea! La la la la Going to make this part of my morning practice. Meow :3 
Dalgeor's avatar
So happy you're joining :hug: Can't wait to see those practices! the ones you already did are truly amazing ♥
PookaWitch's avatar
I love that you're doing this. ^_^ I'll be watching for your amazing equine pictures.
Dalgeor's avatar
Thank you so much! i'm already having so much fun :)
SofiesDrawings's avatar
Such a good idea! I think i'll be paticipating but since i'm a bit behind i'm only doing it for myself and for practice sake :)
And at my own pace as well hehe xD
Dalgeor's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Okay but promise that once you finish the challenge you will show them ok? :)
SofiesDrawings's avatar
Haaha okay I promise XD 
I'm not really good at these 'draw everyday' challenges because I alot of the time am tired or unmotivated/burnt out.
junekiwi's avatar
woah this sounds fun! i might just do traditional for this challenge :D 
happy super early birthday as well! :la:
Dalgeor's avatar
Would love to see what you came up with :D Thank you :hug:
BlinkWolf's avatar
Buena idea, intentaré alguno. En Marzo empiezo clases pero eso significa que dibujaré cuando no esté prestando atención (?) jjajaja
Dalgeor's avatar
Jajaja es la mejor forma de aprovechar las clases 
SheeKNS's avatar
Welcome back Geor! Pásalo bien con el challenge, se ve interesante! Quizás me anime con alguno, no sé ya vere x).
Dalgeor's avatar
Graciaas Nuri!! Jaja va a ser estresante pero divertido seguramente :)
zebratoon's avatar
Interesante! Lo voy a intentar
Dalgeor's avatar
Que buenoq ue te sumes :)
albedoequals1's avatar
Welcome back!  Are you going to draw all of these too?
Dalgeor's avatar
Thank you! Yes I am, mostly on quickpaints of 1-2 hours at most, but some might be sketches, traditional...I will see what I came up with. I hope I can mantain the one drawing a day
Ysmia's avatar
This seems like an awesome challenge, I'll try do some in the same days :3
Dalgeor's avatar
I'm glad you found this interesting :) 
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