#EQUINEMARCH: An equine drawing challenge!!

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Hello there! I'm little by little getting back from my hiatus and clearing my inbox :) I hope you are all fine! 
March is my birthday's month and to celebrate I wanted to create a Drawing Challenge for equine artists or artists who would like to practice equines!  It has some fanart, real breeds and mythological creatures, all equine related. I posted it on my IG account and it gatehred some interest so I will post it here too just in case you'd like to join too under the hashtag #equinemarch
I will upload to my dA gallery only the paintings that I really like, but once the challenge is over, I will post a big file with all the rest too! I will be posting them daily on my instagram account too.
Anyways, I hope you like this idea and join the fun!

Here it is:

Equinemarch by Dalgeor

Feel free to repost this image everywhere
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Spirit like the cartoon? :O
I think I'll do it in 2019 marc :D