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When not subjugating planets I make pictures of ladies loosing their clothing... Well its a hobby! Mrs Supreme says it keeps me under control.


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Lieutenant Cristina Tate could murder Lucy right now, it was a good job she was back at base working off her hangover.

They had been in the officers mess after the trade show when that Army idiot Captain Havers began to boast about how the Navy girls and the RAF Flight Lieutenant couldn’t do anything without their hideously expensive boats and kites. How, without all the onboard sensors, they were useless and they couldn’t cope in the real world, unlike the army, who had to rely on their own skills and intelligence.

Cristina was just going to let it ride, but oh no Lieutenant Lucy Webster had to get involved. “Cristina could take you all on!’ She said proudly. Lucy was always the one who was so impressed with her fiends skills that she was constantly getting them both into trouble, particularly in boast battles. “Yes, you army types need a good bombing!” said Flight Lieutenant Harris. Cristina rolled her eyes, Ginger Harris was the sort of gal who would deploy her heavy ordinance at the drop of a hat... or a skirt in Harris’s case.

“Yes!” Said Lucy getting into her stride as she tended to do after a few too many Rum and Coke’s, “If you grunts didn’t have us to haul your sorry asses all over the planet you would still be stuck in Sandhurst!” Cristina chuckled quietly at this one and was observed by Havers who narrowed her eyes. “Right then, a competition! Sea Donkey Tate and Brylcreem here, try to get into my office tomorrow and steal something and I will accept your claim that you fairy cakes are tougher than you look. The question is who is tougher? The losers buy a round of drinks for the whole bar.”

“No problems” said Harris “I’ll show you Brownjobs a thing to two and beat this fishwife into the bargain!” “You wont beef our Clistina!” Said a tipsy Lucy, inelegantly sliding off her high stool and showing everyone her stocking tops and panties in the process “She’s the best!” Slopping a bit of her drink in her enthusiasm.

“How did I get drawn into this? I don’t remember agreeing to anything!” said Cristina. “Scared of loosing are you Tate?” Harris leaned forward and straightened Cristina’s tie which being the clip on variety came off in her hand. Tate snatched the tie back and turned to Havers. “Ok, by this time tomorrow everyone is back in this room and we will see who does what.” Said Cristina, now firmly drawn in.

Well that was 10pm yesterday and now it was 5am in the morning and Cristina was looking at a high boundary fence from the tree nearby. She was just contemplating her next move when she saw a blue form dropping from a parachute the other side of the fence a little way away. Harris, using her equipment not for the last time for an advantage.

There was no time to lose. Tate had been quite the gymnast at Cheltenham Ladies College so she launched herself from the tree and somersaulted over the razor wire on top the fence. Gently the razor wire sliced the back of her skirt open as she flew through the air before landing perfectly on her heels. She straightened up and dusted some imaginary dust from her uniform and headed off into the wood surrounding the Army base, the pale blue of her panties and black stocking tops flashing from the back of her torn skirt as she walked.

Soon she emerged from the bushes, her stocking clad legs fully on display as her tattered skirt had parted from her company on some shrub or other. Tate looked up to see the remains of a parachute hanging from a tree with the top of an RAF uniform still in it. ‘Idiot loosing her uniform!’ thought Tate. She bent over to examine where her rival had landed her satin panties shining in the early morning light.

‘Right onwards and upwards!’ she said as she strode towards her next obstacle, There was a wall in front of her about 3 meters high, not much of an obstacle she thought... and as she got to the top she realised it was not an obstacle intended for her but for the Alsatian dog chewing on the remains of Harris’s skirt... Harris was up against another wall about 6 meters away from the first in a torn RAF shirt which did little to hide her red lingerie.

Whilst the dog was distracted Tate jumped down and ran for the wall on the opposite side she nearly made it when a second dog ran out and grabbed her tunic! Undressing as fast as she could she let the dog have the tunic and jumped for the wall catching the top and hauling herself over. Both Tate and Harris landed about the same time.

“Nice legs” Harris yelled as she turned and ran for the office building before them, the fact that she was only wearing her lingerie and hat did not seem to slow her down. Puzzled at harris’ comment Tate looked down and realised at last her skirt was missing and did the knees together dance of the recently deskirted. Dammit she cried as she too ran for the office building. She remembered where Havers office was located and tried to find an open door, no such luck... she would have to climb up to the window. The nearby drainpipe gave a clue on how to get there. She took off her blouse and used it to loop round the back of the pipe. She climbed using the shirt to hold her in place digging her heels into the brickwork. What a sight she was, in her matching bra and panties with her robust black stockings and Officers hat being all that was left of her uniform.

The window was open and she clambered in... she was stuck... her panties tearing on the catch with one firm pull she was inside. Her panties alas were not. With her neat little bush on display, she searched the room for something to take. She heard a noise from the room next door... she opened the door a crack... Thump! The Iron on the top of the door hit her on the head!

Tate awoke tied to a chair. As she came to, she realised her bra had been used to tie her up and a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth. Havers stepped out in front of her. “Ohh look! The little nudie Matelot who thought she could take on the army...” sneered Havers “Not so ship shape now are we! Let’s have some fun” Havers traced the outline of Tate’s nipple with the cold steel tip of her swagger stick. She ran it over Tate’s body using her leather gloved hands to squeeze Tates supple flesh.

Running the stick over the lace at the top of Tate’s hold up stocking she gently inserted the tip into Tate’s pussy and began to gently massage her pleasure zones. Havers lifted her skirt revealing her lush bush and her own brown stocking tops. Tate realised just whose panties she was chewing on. Havers manoeuvred herself into place on Cristina’s lap. She peeled a glove off and inserted one hand into Cristina’s crotch whilst beginning to massage her own tits with the other... A low moan escaped Cristina’s lips as she responded to the inevitable arousal, her eyes shut and the waves of pleasure rushed forward. There was a loud Bong noise and Havers fell forward and began to motorboat Cristina’s tits...

‘It was a very slow motorboat’ Cristina thought and one where the engine has stopped... She opened her eyes and saw a naked Harris standing with one hand on her hip and the other holding a frying pan that she had used moments before to knock out Havers.

“Hello Tate!” She said as she began to haul Havers off Cristina’s lap. “Jolly good show what! Distracting Havers so I could climb in through the window and hit h on the head!” She started to undo Havers uniform. “I had to use my Bra and Panties to climb up the drainpipe, came to the window behind and was able to watch the pair of you having fun for a bit before I brought matters to her head!”

She had Havers down to her remaining underwear. “Should I leave her some dignity? No!” She ripped off Havers black bra and held it up in front of herself... “Hmmm what do you think?” “Mummbummbemm!” Said Tate. “Oh how kind... you are giving the panties a clean!” Harris pulled the panties out of Cristina’s mouth and examined them... “Oh I think they need a spin cycle...” she went to force them back into Cristina’s mouth

“Oh push off! You dumb assed WAFF jockey!” Yelled Cristina rising up tearing her bra apart as she pulled her hands free she shoved the RAF girl into the door. The iron that Havers had carefully replaced above the door, claimed its second victim as it bounced off Harris’s head rendering her over and out.

Cristina surveyed the damage before her. Two unconscious naked women, one uniform and one set of intact lingerie.

Soon Cristina was on her way out of the building smartly dressed as an Army officer and calling for a driver. Back in Havers room were two unconscious naked women tied together with a mixture of black lacy underwear, and stockings. It should take them a while to disentangle themselves because if Cristina could do one thing really well from her navy training days it was tying knots.

Later in the officer mess properly attired Navy Lieutenant Tate was sipping a champagne and Webster was nursing a hangover when two bedraggled naked women clad only in heels burst in through the door marched up to the Navy Table “We have only just undone the last Knot!” Said Harris throwing herself into a chair and trying to hide her boobs. “Right.” Said Havers “Give me my uniform back and I will not pursue an assault charge.”

“Ladies...” Said Webster with a voice that had just recovered from 3 hours of throwing up rum and coke. “I think you have forgotten why we are here...” Cristina placed an army Tunic on the table. Havers made a grab for it. Webster held her back “You bet that we could not steal from you... now apologise and you may get your stuff back.” “Yea spouse mumble mumble...” “LOUDER” said Webster. “Yea you win, I’m sorry.” Said Havers as she picked up the jacket and threw it on as fast as she could and sat down. “Now can I have my skirt and blouse?” Harris looked around and said “And what about me! Where is my stuff?” Cristina reached under the table and brought out Harris’s RAF tunic recovered from the parachute.

“This is all we could find of yours” said Cristina as she handed the item over to Harris. “and your skirt Captain Havers is currently flying our ship as a victory flag and your blouse is in engineering as a rag. Now both of you... I believe you owe us all a drink. Get to the bar!”

Webster and Tate watched the two girls get up from their seats and walk over to the bar desperately trying to pull their tunics down as low as possible to hide their waist down nakedness.

“Do you think they will try to get their own back? Asked Webster. “Well...” Said Cristina they may not now but they may when they realise we put itching powder in their jackets...”

The girls chuckled quietly as they watched the half naked Army and RAF officer’s start to scratch their bums gently...
Another Night Off. (ENF Remix)
Part of :iconprincebuffoon:'s ENF Remix challenge by his Royal Highness Prince Buffoon a remix of the wonderful story by :iconmagicmerlon: Magicmerlon.

Thanks to Prince Buffoon for the idea and Magicmerlon for the wonderful original idea, and thanks to the valiant :iconmemfic: Memfic for his eagle eyed editing skills!

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It must be around 12.45. I looked at the ship I had left barely a couple of hours ago.

The HMS Barbera Windsor was a frigate class ship on tour around the Med and we docked this morning in Sidi Bel Jam’es as part of our goodwill visit to the Emir’s capital in order to convince his Highness to spend some more money on British exports. We are the Navy’s first all female crew and have established quite a reputation for efficiency.

She sat proudly in the water, her armaments glinting in the sunlight and I wondered how I was going to get back on board unnoticed…

Why the problem… Ya, well I guess I had better explain.

At eleven hundred hours I stepped down the gangplank after saluting the rating on watch, intent on a bit of RNR before the formalities of the evening. I planned on visiting the famous Sidi Bel Jam’es Abba Souk where I was told to look out for an old Spanish merchant named Fernando who did a fabulous line in native silks.

I have to say I looked fantastic in my Navy white tropical dress uniform as I strode through the harbour to the Souk, Lieutenant Christina Tate, my rank stripes proudly displayed on my shoulder would make my Mamma Mia*, Proud! I had been with “Babs” as we girls called her since leaving the UK and this was the first chance I had had to step out and get some brief time ashore.

The Souk was only 15 minutes away from the harbour and in I dived down Chicitica plaza a complete Souky Virgin! The entrance was typical tourist fair. Same old shops the world over: Salvadore Fergamo, Gukki, Versnatch, Herpes you know the sort. Boring Boring Boring, and although I could afford it with Daddy’s credit card It was not the thrill I was after… I wanted Local. I approached a good looking local security guard who pointed me down a side mall from which echoed the most inviting sounds and a hint of spice in the air.

“Just be a little careful,” he said “some people can be a bit liberal with others property down there”

“Thanks!” I breezed back. ‘I’m an officer in the Royal Navy’, I thought ‘Not some dim tourist.’ When in reality I was just that.

I opened the door into the narrow old covered laneways of the Souk the intoxicating sounds and smells of a thousand years of retail therapy hit me full square in the face… this was what I came here for! Instead of the spartan western style of faceless malls this was living and breathing shopping!

I started to explore, getting used to the crowded space and noise. snatches of French from the old colonial times and Arabic assaulting my ears, rich heady perfumes of spices, oils and flowers leading my nose. As I was moved from one timeless tableaux to the next I had to keep back a little as I could not afford to get marks on my pristine white uniform but human contact was inevitable here and one got used to the jostling, bumping and the press… It was a bit like playing Hockey at Cheltenham really or Black Friday at Harrods!

Well I had fought my way through one crowd and had been admiring some spices when I noticed the vendor had a job keeping an eye on my face and kept staring at my chest I looked at him puzzled and he turned away muttering. I looked down to check that no cardamom had got onto my uniform when I noticed my blouse was completely undone and was coming untucked!

(*Her real name is Miasma, that used to cause Grampa to roll about on the floor laughing, the mean old poo.)

I was flashing the poor man with a feminine broadside locked and loaded in their lacy hammocks! Can you imagine my embarrassment!

Quickly I apologised, did up my blouse and tucked it back into my skirt under my service belt! How could I do such a thing! I dove back into the crowd to give the poor man some space… I was quite flustered and felt at that moment one of my garter straps coming undone and pinging up my leg. Dammit!

I swam through the throng and found a small still backwater nook to check myself out. My blouse had partially come undone again and my holdup stocking was now about my knee. As discretely as possible I put my uniform straight and re-secured my stocking.

I normally wear just holdups, but certain conditions dictate that the sticky bands need the backup of a garter belt to ensure they remain compliant. Belt’n Braces my Uncle Ken would say if he accidentally burst in on me getting dressed. Happens all the time since I turned 18 as he always confuses my bedroom for the bathroom! The Silly! The bathroom is the other side of the landing and he’s been visiting for about 5 years! I call him my Uncle but really he was a friend of Mums who pops round a fair bit when daddy is away on business. Sometimes I would see him come out of Mumsy’s bedroom “Stupid old clot!” He would say “Wrong bathroom again!” He buys me the loveliest lingerie in just my size bless him! I have a set on today! White lace and silk matching bra thong and garter belt, so comfy and cool.

I once again was restored to looking like the model of efficiency I should be and re-entered the market and once again the sights and sounds of the Souk carried me away. I paused before a stall where a man was sat on the ground selling carpet. As he patted the carpet he demonstrated the weave and the quality of the fibres how it was worth all the Money, Money, Money. Then something caught his eye, he looked at my feet then I could see his eyes travel up my legs towards my belt and then his mouth fell open. I wondered what he was looking at? Did I have some dirt on my skirt? I looked down… My Skirt! It was pooled around my feet he was staring at my panties! What made it even worse was my panties had dropped down a bit somehow and were showing a few swirls of my neatly trimmed hair!

I immediately did the knees together act of the embarrassed, yanked up my panties and skirt and rushed into the throng! How could this be happening?! I clutched tight to my skirt trying in vain to do up the zip, the throng of shoppers was so thick I could barely move! I was carried along with the crowd.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my skirt playing with my garter straps on my left leg! Both came undone! I tried to move but I was having to hold my skirt in place. Then the hands undid my other garter straps! I then felt a hand expertly roll my holdup down my leg! All this whilst the crowd surged and moved about me the pressure of numbers never relenting!

Gently my foot was lifted and my shoe and stocking removed I tried to move my hand to stop the thief but only succeeded in allowing my skirt to fall to my hip! The hands progressed to the other leg and soon both my legs were naked and my shoes gone!

I noticed in all this battle that my blouse had come undone again! I reached up to pull the two sides together when with a rush my skirt vanished down my legs! I was forced by the movement of the crowd to step out of it and away it went…

I was being systematically robbed of my clothes Item by item!

My belt had vanished and I could feel my garter belt being unclipped and taken as the straps pinged as they were pulled out of my panties, the one hand I could spare to defend my possessions whilst the other protected my décolletage proving totally inadequate!

The unseen hands were expert at pulling and unbuttoning judging by the faint glimpses they were female… as soon as I did my blouse up it would be undone, if I defended my blouse with both hands my panties would come under assault!
Soon my blouse was only on one shoulder and my panties were around my hips! I reached to yank up my panties and my blouse was carried away.

I was down to my bra and panties and the thief had these under constant assault. My bra was undone and my panties pulled down to my knees… soon I was fighting to keep them in contact with my hands let alone on my body then with a final tug they were gone! I had been robbed of everything except my hat!

Then my body came under attack! I was defenceless as hands leapt out and touched and groped, held and explored my flesh, hands touched me lightly and softly over every inch of my body… I felt my own hands try to protect my pussie only to succumb to the sexual feeling of the soft caressing and the arousal the public nudity I was enduring! I needed an S.O.S. but with shame I report that I worked my pleasure zone until came. More explosively than I had ever done before. Waves of pleasure washing down and through my body…

The crowd parted and my naked form was left behind in an empty street the hustle and bustle of the souk gone as if it never existed.

I was naked. Exhausted. My hat on my head like some sad memorial to the figure of excellence I was expected to be! Finally facing my Waterloo, I was a disgrace to what little uniform I had left. If I could have changed my mind, I would have been first in line. But I thought ‘You know honey your still free, take a chance on me’.

I explored my immediate area the best I could and discovered I was around the back of the Abba Souks more upmarket shops near the service entrance. Using an old coat hanger I forced the lock and slipped inside.

I have a dream, I could find my way out and back onto the ship.

Covering myself as well as I could I snuck into the back of Gukki. Somehow I managed to sneak through to near the front door behind a rail of dresses. You may ask why did you not take some of the clothes? Well at first when I was in the stock room I thought ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme!’ but as I held the fine silk against my bosom I could hear my father scolding me, “Does your Mother Know?”. I did not want to bring the shame of petty theft on my ship as well as me being naked.

At that moment I had my hand on a dress in the rail when the rail was suddenly moved away I let out a small shriek and looked a sales assistant straight in the eye! She looked at the dress and said “Voulez vous?” I looked at her let out a small noise thrust the dress into her hands and covering myself as best as possible ran from the shop.

Straight into the arms of the security guard who had helped me earlier! I fought him off and ran like a mad thing out of the mall with him running behind me yelling “Mademoiselle! Stop please!”

What a sight. A naked woman wearing a Royal Navy officers hat running put of a mall pursued by an arabic security guard, quite a handsome security guard now I think of it!

I gave him the slip and ended up here on the docks hiding behind this crate wondering how I am ever going to get back on board past the guard, who I happen to know is a petty officer called Hanna Fremont.

Suddenly I saw the security guard from the Abba Souk walking towards Hanna. Thats the name of the game is it… He is going to dob me in…

As he was talking to Hannah he looked straight at me! My heart leapt into my mouth! Then he winked at me! He pointed out something to Hanna and made her look away, he turned to the same direction and frantically waved his hand indicating I should move it! He was a real super trooper! What a gentleman!

I ran across the dock and up the gangplank as quickly as possible rushing into my quarters. I put on some underwear and found my spare uniform. My shame was averted due to the gallant actions of that handsome guard. But I could not help but relive the moments of shame as I was expertly robbed… my fingers once again explored those feelings in full and i was quite flushed at the function that evening.

I met the guard the following day to say thank you. For the second day running I ended up out of uniform… though this time on purpose…
Shore Leave
Tate on shore... old story resubmitted.


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