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June 25, 2009
EX-TER-MIN-ATE! -- that familiar harsh aggressiveness comes from a voice modulator included in this hand-built dalek storm 9 by Doctor Who fan ~Dalekstorm (Alan Clarke). He spent 5 hours a day for 8 months building this 6-foot tall driveable Dalek out of wood, fitted it with two high-powered water cannon, and it is fully illuminated with red, green, and blue neon tubes. He based it on a sketch by Rocky Marshall for the 1993 "Dark Dimension" special that was never made. Let's hope that the BBC will notice it and consider using it in the Dr. Who series.
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dalek storm 9

By Dalekstorm
Dalek Storm is a full size hand built Dalek built by me in 2008,
He is made from wood and plastic parts and is fully motorised with 24 volt mobility wheelchair, He is based on a sketch by the BBC artist, Alan (Rocky) Marshall, And was to be featured in the 1993 Dark Dimension Episode of Dr Who, The Dalek and the episode were never made, But i had seen Marshall's sketch and thought i would have a go at making it, I named him STORM, Which stands for Special, Tactical, Operations, Radioactive, Mutant, Storm can travel at around 8 mph and has 2 water cannons that can deliver up to 4.5 gallons per minute to unsuspecting enemys, He has plasma dome lights which spark and crackle,The eye has over 1000 patterns that continually change,The neon illumination around the base and on the front can be changed to either Green/Blue or red or a combination of all 3 colors, He also has a built in voice modulator so that he can speak real Dalek, Storm took around 8 months to build
and as there are no plans available all of the work was done by eye..Thank you for taking the time to look at Dalek Storm...

There is also a web site on there you will find videos and how i built it, and there is a facebook group dalek storm where you can find out about places to see dalek storm....
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Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
This could be the most supreme of all the Daleks!
That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
kevinzabbo's avatar
All that can be said is WOW!!!!!
Underlings9596's avatar
Did you use the dalek manual for this or you looked online to build this Dalek?
noaster7890's avatar
The ultimate Dalek
scorpionlover42's avatar
It's an amazing piece of work!Clap 
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
This Dalek is ready to bring a BEATDOWN on its enemies!
kaijusaurus387's avatar
otherland78's avatar
hehe very cool :-)
IJoinedCozIcan's avatar
Saw this on the Project Dalek forum. He looks so awesome! Kinda looks like a mix between a modern Dalek and a 60's Dalek. 
yokajoker's avatar
talk about dedication to your oc
monstermyth23's avatar
It's amazing you actually built this. But...why does look like the offspring of a dalek and ED-209 from RoboCop?
WarlordDarnell's avatar
how do you control the thing? 
This is amazing!!!! But Idk........ This Dalek looks extremely dangerous compared to the other ones..... 0.o backs away slowly...... Get the doctor!!!!!! XD
draggane's avatar
exterminate !
OkamiTakahashi's avatar
Now this is a very interesting design for a Dalek! Shame it never materialized in the show! Oh, if only they could add it in now!
IntellectAdmirer's avatar
Exterminate, MotherF#$%ers.....
willcraft's avatar
The heavy weapons dalek seems utterly meek by comparison.
A-Tem's avatar
That does not look like the face of mercy. More like a thing Davros made when he was high on drugs while being paranoid.
Excalibur-T005's avatar
Oh my goodness, yes. If they'd used a design like this instead of what we actually got in Victory of the Daleks, I would have been much happier.
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