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Doctor Who: The Snowmen - Christmas 2012

With the recent Children in Need Prequel and Trailer for Doctor Who's 2012 Christmas Special: The Snowmen, I decided to whip a little poster up :)

I hope you like it

Dom :D
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Do you mind if I borrow this for my journal? It's amazing! :D
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Of course no my fellow Whovian :D Thank you kindly and Merry Christmas!
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Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too :D
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Between Strax declaring war on the moon and the appearance of the deranged mutant killer monster snow goons (you are not a C&H fan if you call those snowmen anything else), I'm hoping to see the return of a second Doctor monster: The Ice Warriors.
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From what I've heard, the Ice Warriors are indeed coming back, along with the Zygons and possibly the Yeti. They're supposed to be monsters that are going to appear early in the second half of the series.
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:woohoo: :faint:

Seriously, though, if the Doctor has a stuffed tiger, Moffat wins the internet.
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I'm working on one of these, great work Dom.
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Very nice work!!
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