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DWC: Evolution chart

(click on download to see it in its actual size)

Tappomon: based on my corgi fursona Flame and on my character Hildeg
"Tappo" means "shorty" in Italian :)

Torurumon: based on Dorurumon, I changed the original design a bit so I slightly changed the name too. Since it has two horns now, Torurumon!
"Toro" means "bull" in Italian

Saururumon: based on Weregarurumon, Mercurimon and my OC Hildeg [link]
For the name I stressed the dinosaur element while keeping the sound similar to the previous stage

Sabertorumon: based on Saberleomon
The name refers again to Torurumon

Application: [link]
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Saururumon looks cool. :D
Dalamar89's avatar
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My champion in a saber~ <3 I love your digi~~
I love the variety of canon digimon you included but made it look like its own digimon + Do i get any idea of when the last evolution will be up?
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Thank you very much! I'm very busy now and since the mega form is not required yet it could take me a while... but I can notify you when I update it :)
dragonflame95's avatar
epico epico epico! Sarurumon =Q__ mi piace come hai fuso la figaggine di Hildeg e di Flame e l'hai quadruplicata
Dalamar89's avatar
XD ma grazie!!
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Torurumon è bellissimo *.*
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I'm a little confused . . . but I love it ^,^
data-bull's avatar
Love this 8D the way you incorporated the canon digimon works well ^^
Dalamar89's avatar
Thanks a lot^^
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Tappomon è un nome bellissimo!!! E ci sta anche bene su Flame :meow:
Il design di Saururumon è dannatamente fiqo e amabile!! Fa troppa voglia di evolversi....

*Aikam digievolve innnn.... :la: :la: :la: :la:
Curiosità a mille per Sabertorumon °ç°
Dalamar89's avatar
Grazie!! :D non potevo chiamarlo Flamemon perchè esiste già un digimon con quel Tappomon suona bene comunque

[link] Aikam comincia a ruotare e parte la musica... XD
Aikam's avatar
Sarei curios di conoscere la mia evoluzione..con una musica come quella X°D
kohu-arts's avatar
Love this. :) Definitely looks like it could have come out of the Digimon series!
Dalamar89's avatar
Thank you so much!^^
Kaiyaru's avatar
I'm in love with the Torurumon! :la:

May I try drawing him for my 100FACC [link] ? pweasee? x3
Dalamar89's avatar
Thank you!! : D
of course you can my dear! :) He's based on a canon digimon anyway, if you prefer to use the original one: [link]
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