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Yes, they have antennae, I know.

More OC work, Demeter and Aot palling around like siblings. They're related, but they're not siblings.

I hope I improved some on composition and colors. :( That was my main focus for this work.

I like the combination of Copics and Prismacolor pencils, btw. :heart: I think I'll do that more often.

Tumblr: diloolieart.tumblr.com/post/32…

Media: Prismacolor colored pencils, Copic Sketch markers, and white gouache paint
Time: About a day altogether
Size: 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches
I take commissions!
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Hi! I wanted to tell you what feedback your piece got at #Traditional-Artists's Critique Night!

I hope the feedback and advice are helpful and you can use it for your future work!

:bulletorange: By *jellysocks:
"I like the overall atmosphere of this piece, it's sweet and happy, some parts of the anatomy however are a little off, for example the boys shoulder in relation to the angle of his body and head, it's too far forward, also It would help perhaps if we could see what the boy is looking at as it draws focus away from the rest of the image. I like the position of the girl and how she is looking at her brother (their character designs are cute) her calf could be slightly longer. I like the little bits around the room such as the window and vase but think it would help from more shading on the far wall and the wall behind the sofa. Whilst the lines and perspective aren't straight I think it adds a nice touch to the picture and the colouring is very nice."

:bulletorange: By ~Brunodsp:
"The drawing is very well done, but the most impressive part for me is the colors, I guess, the gradients are just perfect, and really "soft"… I think the black lines in the edges works well… but some anatomy problems catch my attention, like she's leg, it looks too small, the proportion is a little wrong. And the perspective of the room looks a little weird, maybe and isometric perspective could be the easiest solution. but it is a great piece, for sure."

:bulletorange: By *Zenica204:
"This is such a weird illustration, the interesting lines really attract the eye but the characters are different to anything else I've ever seen. I love how they feel like alien children, like looking into a similar or parallel world to ours. They have a lot of humanity, love and joy shown which feels a lot like family to me. In the same way the image feels slightly odd. The posture of the one girl is very young, youthful or childlike while the other remains in a more sexual position. I'm not exactly sure what the artists intent was with this piece but either way the colors and style are there for anyone to see and pull whatever they feel out of it."

:bulletorange: By ~AmberSpike:
"I'm really new to this whole critique thing, so I have to apologise if this is not the sort of comment people are looking for. Alright, I have to say my favourite part of this drawing is how natural the poses look and the anatomy. Personally when I draw "relaxed" positions, they always look kind of forced, so I really admire the artist for being able to pull of these relaxed poses well, it's really great to see! Secondly, the folds in the clothes looks great, especially at the bottom of the dress. Again this is another thing that I thinks hard to pull off, so it's great to see it done so well I hope this is the kind of thing you're looking for, if not again I apologise."

:bulletorange: By *LeahJay:
"Well you did a lot of great things with this picture. You intrigued me by showing me characters with antennae (now I want to know more about them) and you used Copic markers and Prismacolors in combination with good shading and subtlety of color. You also angled the couch and cropped on end of it to give the feeling of space in the room. There is a corner behind the boy's head dividing two walls - I feel the room's space could be even more real if one of these walls were darker than the other (easy to fix!) Also the boy's arms are too small in relation to the rest of his body. They need to be thicker and have a bit more musculature."

Thank you for participating and providing so much helpful feedback! :tighthug:
:icontraditional-artists: :heart: