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Here are my works, Ecchi content or even Mature content, so enter at your own risk! :P

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A lot of favourite pics, I love those works! :D
Hi everyone.

So, a new update here for everyone about everything and stuff... so here we go!


First thank you very much for your visits and your comments, sorry If I can't read them or reply but I really appreciate them, seriously, thanks n_n


Holy cats! Probably lot of people noticed that I'm about to post a thousand sketches here (Sadly some got deleted because were too offensive or something... sorry for offend people >_>) but still, reaching this number means a lot to me, thanks to this I could work a lot and improve little by little my drawing skills, of course there's a big path to still walk on, but really thanks for your support during this past year, one thousand sketches on one year, that's really a big goal o_o


So yeah, maybe good news for some people, maybe bad for some more people, finally got to move from where I started to a bit better place to work even more harder, but still I have much work to do, so once I reach the thousand sketch uploaded in my gallery, I'll stop doing the sunday sketch streams, permanently? of course not, first I must finish the big backlog of commissions I have to finish (I have half of it done by now) I'll use the strenght I have now to keep working on all of those pics, via livestream too of course, but I really need that extra time to do that so Sunday Sketch Commissions will be closed, but don't worry, probably I'll do them as special events, like the past year during halloween and christmas, will be some awesome weekends to go back and sketch like crazy again :D


Yep, I'm in the Patreon wagon too, but worry not, I won't be posting only teasers here all censored and whatever (I really hate censoring) Here in DA I'll keep posting colored stuff, sketches and still plenty of spicy stuff, but on my Patreon page I'll be posting more spicy stuff, some of them totally free and some more that people will see with a very small donation at a month, every support will be appreciated :D
Not just that, If you want to support me reaching one of the higher tiers you'll get not only my thanks, but also you can ask for sketches or colored commissions, even better, you could have your own livestream of 2 or 5 hours, I'll draw only for you in that period of time :D sketches, linearts, colors, character designs, spicy stuff... but If you want to just support me with a buck, that's enough to me to get some snacks :D

Here's my patreon page:

And for people already supporting me, yep I updated the info there.
Thanks! I really appreciate your support and visits :D


I always try to be online drawing, yeah some issues could happen but most of the time I'll be on my Picarto page drawing new content and stuff, this means you can see me working and not just lazing around, I have much work to do and finish and I'll be doing it there so people are free to go and visit, just please be nice because people who bother me or the guys on the chat will be banned permanently -_-, we want to be in a nice chat and I really want to focus on drawing while we're talking about some nice stuff :)

Here's my livestream page:


Just to clarify a bit, regular commissions are closed for now and sketch commissions will be closed too until a special event, but of course If you're a Patreon supporter you can ask for them, check the info there on my Patreon for more details and If you have some questions just let me know :D


Hopefully doing this adjustments will make me work on all my projects too, actually Patreon it's my biggest project by now, but not only that, probably some people know already but I'm also working on the delicious webcomic Semi Auto Semla, (Hopefully I'll work next on Single Action Sushi too! :P)

Here's the comic page so you can read it:

So I'll keep working here too, If you can support the comic we'll be very grateful too :D And of course with your help I could be doing my own comic in the future too, so thanks for pay a visit to this webcomic :D


And for today, that's all the updates I'll give to you, probably more will come and maybe some adjustments will be made along the way, all depends on the progress and the updates here, my patreon and the SAS comic, thank you very much and see ya in the next journal, I'll be around working and drawing a lot to make some more updates and stuff, thanks and see ya next time, have a nice day, night or whatever!
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Well I like to draw various categories, since ecchi to bondage or even hentai. Everyday I'm doing my best to be a better artist.


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Hisui E Fiore, a new pet!? by VoGoshinki
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