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Every so often I put together a list of the very best* photographs in the newest feed. This is article number 6.

They are hand picked by me from the newest feed for photography within the last two weeks and are not from favourites or other features.

My congratulations to everyone who has a picture featured. Your work is exceptional.** I hope you all enjoy my selection! And if you do, I know it probably wont stack up to these, but feel free to check out my gallery too.***

* Obviously a subjective quantity. :)
** Again, in my opinion. =P
*** Shameless self promotion. :D


Kinky pipe by Krystoph:thumb130271130: o swicie by Monterro7
road.. by courtneyyyy Morel by OlivierLD Like Lace by jabberwoccy fashion spread FAR MAGZ_04 by nikiyusufsaputra
:thumb130144866: Mysterious by Draken413o:thumb130136133::thumb130133174:
:thumb130129580: Wine bottle and a glass by foto4advert florr by violetaviolenta
:thumb130112143::thumb130109033: untitled by nikolinelr Coffee by Jalai
:thumb130103643: Straa by KRphotography Jyppyra by MrNorseMan Drops by afonyacska
Kirch' by sombre-coeur:thumb130095620: 7548 by astatta 035 - Mediterranean Dreams by moonandnight
Globe Thistle by Bogbrush Nyuu-tte the second. by tomppu
:thumb130435781::thumb130408055::thumb130407592: dark meadow by Bexter2k5
:thumb130400979: are you thirsty? by xxintention:thumb130395993: Still Waiting by Juleitte
Years Go By by YOSHIMETAL 36 by torasenfoto:thumb130382153: Then Have No Fear by StaredownStudios
:thumb130378035: butterfly effect II by SizkaS:thumb130356726: Lofoten 3 by cred1t
ladybirds by GreenEverywhere i_just_wanna_be_there_with_you by Biernes Urvalind, Redpoll by andresT73:thumb132260875:
122 by rainprisk Chandelier by venom149 Checkers I by DianaCretu:thumb130336867:
:thumb130323522: Beach Walkway by Twisted182:thumb132262516: Heaven Found by novelhill
:thumb132286449: Victim by Jitie007
Wake Up... by naturesounds Scarce by javertime


TOUGH WORLD - 10 by jsmonzani 40 by qammy
in the midst of it all by allmandayrit Orange by EaEriE:thumb130123903:
Heartace by Sceleton melancholia by cez4r Wistful Thinking by Kaz-D
Crystal clear by Alinschki Out Of Reach. by deadstarx see you next time by purebloodloser
Spray by mikzn Chase Me II by JoeJ Looking around by soulshivers
Just a Dreamer by Healzo I really like this one by Minigeg:thumb130400416:
Summer Glow by lostknightkg:thumb130389318::thumb130380844:
Life and Death by Sedma rain on a spiderweb by 00SpaceOddity00 winter in Cappadocia by noborders
deepper by AlicjaRodzik Five Days by P0RG:thumb130355486:
sun glasses at night by sakeinusesa Blue by mikzn my sunset by nakedlady
:thumb130349442: Butterfly varois V by wild-vortex Les pieds dans l'eau by StephanePellennec
:thumb130342579: Totem by Loran31 webs.5 by plutonicfluf
Bird by KARRR:thumb130332735: A N G L E T 1 BW by DaBorgne
:thumb130327534: Senses by CocoaDesert Near Razanac by ivancoric
somewhat by emmasea Left Behind by haswa A Long Way from Neverland by Zesuri


Sea Sculpted Stone by yournext666 West Pier by geckokid Fresh II by IrishGirl72
Sold by Zukos--Princess Helipad by otas32
Stitches by eatingtheclouds 0978 by LithiumFlowerx
The Brightest Star by mynameisbump:thumb130139481:
one chance by crescit-eundo:thumb130137686: A New Day by Klarths
:thumb130134675::thumb130131751: Blitzrot by WarApple
Brothers by luciandarke Nature 3 by Insanityisthecure 1800 by onyxfreak
field by faneetasia The Face within the Body by wtp Nagyhagymas by nuber24
water by XxpiNk-BerRy-KizZxX Tree by MauveRocket windswept by sparxphoto
Menhires 3 by maldonadoga Allmighty Gods 02 by JackStratford Untitled 236 by xxlogre
Allmighty Gods 01 by JackStratford Flora by pedroinacio behind the curtain by nikolinelr
Panoriver by Hestefotograf:thumb130097673::thumb130096283:
way of far by djdelirium cactus by JouKatsOlen - Something From Yesterday - by JNoOoN
Pambula Headland by ffoff Pambula Beach by ffoff beach by shannon2693
Protector 02 by chantelly191 tear's blight by RomeoAlwaysDies Vios BnW by triplekill
Vorticity by xXaXperfectXlieXx:thumb130386199: Channel 103 by ARTibstic
:Remember Me: by snarto Himalayan Panorama by arcane-eponym:thumb130381278:
Cycles by Calypso8888 Pathway by yellownesss sea - shell 1 by igulla
eye3 by efemerycznie Water Tree by Zefisheye cliff beach mono by The--Baron
howth pano by The--Baron Still Curling by PatchworkPearl
Tourmente en Mediterranee by wild-vortex:thumb130339952: Im' not you by Kalaly
143 by novakovsky Plage du debarquement III by wild-vortex s by xe2p
Genting Highlands by end-eavor:thumb132330811::thumb132296561:
:thumb132296352: Stacks of Wheels by geolio SL2 by JaydeLee
SL6 by JaydeLee:thumb132288457: Rockhopping by p3rfec7d4rk
55 by HNDEpick a star by ravis-santeOne of my many shapes by Tonyna
143 by novakovsky
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19 min read
Every so often I put together a list of the very best photographs in the newest photography feed. This is news article number 5.

I am afraid that these not technically the 'newest' photos around. I have in fact been picking at the newest feed every couple of days for the last month putting this collection together, but they're still new-ish!

A big Well Done to everyone I've featured here. I found you're work absolutely superb!

I hope you all enjoy my selection :D


chant to the fire by yyelsel 135 by kat4nka Aspen Vase by Zatoaeda messy. by sir-jessica Dainty by Herfjotur Swoon by RainaAstaldo .Bridge. by cesalv She never stopped running. by Ania-Riz bw again by kLvinphotography jangan buat aku langka by gerardoshutterclick Eline by Oslomoth .. by doseran :thumb116498932: 0004. by Riechrichen Pastel morning by Fhlyria Remembering To Forget by mistrange Karkonosze 9 by joanneanne Hand Print On My Soul by Fifteen-2-NONE Ghost in the Tree by iyoed :thumb116704117: :thumb116704766: Bloom by SnowLilly Birdie by Inuviel My Cuttie by elaemor Zeus 03 by DaisySundays Rolling Hills by voicesthatbetray The old window by ink-gp Remember Me by Nellfairy rain 2 by pierwszy84 Light Of Life by iansantosa :: Sunset II :: by Kristian-Gjorgjiev


:thumb115252773: Quest beyond Nirvana by andreupardales Insomnia by Corrriente Lyon ::4 by MisterKey Tequila Sunrise by nevermoregraphix