Best of the Newest and Newest of the Best #4

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Every so often (When in need of some procrastination) I put together a list of the very best photographs submitted in the last couple of days. This is news article number 4.

Well done to everyone I've featured here. I found you're work absolutely staggering!

I hope you all enjoy my selection :D


P_104 by michal76wawa :thumb114169639: A Little Peace In Spring by mawanmalvin That Blue Eyed Girl by Michelle-ART :thumb114274722: :thumb114274553: :thumb114169472: :thumb114724436: End of Days by fallenZeraphine nutter3 by filkung IMG8602 by englisharmy Cold to Warm by TimeIsFrozen Hopeless by kit094 Fog retreats by LusiusMalfoy-photo :thumb114607832: Orchid, In Your Face by kparks It'll tell by MARIAlovely Window By the Pavement by dustyantiques Kite Flyer by Maeghinn Zoom In Stare by Addictiveblaze dual by sanjapabloo R.e.d by mundaex :thumb114592988: Fence Line 2 by sharontaylor :thumb114591592: Here I Am To Worship by qronoz88 :thumb114591481: :thumb114587209:


M. K. by artemiyb :thumb114168292: Sundrip by Parabola-Pop :thumb114274784: :thumb114274692: winter by zangyingshi coffee and cigarettes by johnberd Mart by leenik Didnt You Know How Much by LovelyBPhotography Put Your Feet On The Ground by AwakenendByDreams :thumb114601515: kite flying by whaeah :thumb114590002:


One Of These Days by mawanmalvin Nature curls by CuCat Flight by hellfireandstuff666 Give me a smile by Sedma by SonyAlpha pronoun  noun by yabanturk soul II by dinemiz .aeroplane. by owczarowana :thumb114724452: sweet wool by danvian magnolia in bw by cenevols NewYork City chinatown by Jasmine-green-tea :thumb114616988: :thumb114615923: :thumb114615697: Don't let them see you cry... by harleep1 Black and white leaf by ISO200 Lucie by pilot4190 ... white by ndharma -- by mayat-s Annie Fan Fan by Spudweiser let's verify by deathisfreedom :thumb114610550: let the music play.. by Laki-K innocence by nono-sukar enough by JonnyDexter 150. March 2nd by 3six5photos :thumb114608100: :thumb114607756: :thumb114607038: Leopard by lilou817 I fell in love on the seaside by nathanche Ice in green by LusiusMalfoy-photo Down to the road, mountains by StudioDevil What once was by tdiguy :thumb114595940: Throwing_Caution+Wind by DocRobert Skywalker 1 by SantosHalper :thumb114589988: Morning Chill by Killntyme
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Why, thank you! :)
StudioDevil's avatar
Ooh.. I feel super special :D
cool. thanks mate ... for being in ur stuff!
I'm truly flattered... thank you!
qronoz88's avatar
thank you very very much! :)
kit094's avatar
thx for including my pic in this great collection.
:D :D
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Another fun and interesting bunch! Thanks for sharing. :)
nathanche's avatar
I'm so glad, that you enjoyed my work!
I joined deviantart only a week ago
thanx a lot
hysteria12's avatar
i cannot thank you enough :]
englisharmy's avatar
Oh wow thank you so much, it's so wonderful to be along side these other amazing photographs.
dakotapearl's avatar
You're most welcome :D
Trapezus's avatar
Thank you so muchh :)
I'm happy
dakotapearl's avatar
:D I'm glad I could make you happy and it was my pleasure!
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What a magnificent collection! Thanks so much for putting my work up with so many other gorgeous photos. :)
dakotapearl's avatar
You're most welcome :)
sharontaylor's avatar
I am truely honored that you picked my photo to join such an amazing collection. It gives me validation that what I do does touch someone. Thank you so very much.
dakotapearl's avatar
Well it's an awesome photo. I hope you continue to make such great art. :)
sharontaylor's avatar
I will keep my eyes open and camera near in hopes that I can find the next great photo. Thanks again.
deathisfreedom's avatar
woww thank you so much =D
dakotapearl's avatar
It was my pleasure :)
WOW ... Thank you! This is a great collection. I am really honored to be among these other photographers. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to have a couple of my portraits up there. Thank you again.
dakotapearl's avatar
You're most welcome! :D
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