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Flat Ubuntu Setup 2 (Screenshot)

By DaKoder
My current Ubuntu setup after a bit more tweaking, because Papyros still hasn't come out :(.

OS: Ubuntu 14.04

Basic tweaks:
Theme: Azure
Icons: Numix
Font: Roboto
Wallpaper: MinFlat BMW M Wallpaper (My Gallery)
Desktop Environment: Cinnamon
          Panel Applets: Stark Menu, Window List w/App Grouping, and other basic applets
Widget: Harmattan - Conky Theme
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NicolasVisceglio's avatar
I like more the other icons.
RookieMangaka's avatar
How do you guys manage to make you desktops look so awesome? I never manage to make it look that good.
ChesterNi's avatar
This is really cool :D Keep it up :)
Orphydian's avatar
great this is suitable for my group
wwsalmon's avatar
There's something called Chromixium which has just reached stable versions, It's a version of Ubuntu but using the functionality and UI of Chromium OS, maybe worth looking into. Nice setup!
DriftShift's avatar
That looks so ugly man really ugly interface of that cromemixumi.
HugoMndz's avatar
But what about those who use another distro (Fedora in my case), and want the same look and feel? This is why this set-up is useful for me
Twisterhawk's avatar
Now it looks like Chrome OS :)
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