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My buddy wwsalmon is working on a new subreddit ( that will be for all things Windows user-interface and concepts, and other things! We'd like your help to get it up and running (subscribing) and wwsalmon can open the reddit to the public and people can post and discuss all sorts of things on there. 

I am a moderator of /r/Windows and /r/Windows10, the two un-officially official premier places for all things Windows (apps, development, UI, feedback, news, features, etc), I can help get the subreddit up and running with lots more people, but first we'd like it if you can join!

If you're interested, please drop by, subscribe, and he can get the sub up and running properly. :)

A brief description of the sub found here:…
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Hey guys wwsalmon here! A bit more on Reddit and what our subreddit is for.

Reddit is a massive forum website where users submit link or text posts and other users comment on them. Users can upvote posts or comments that they like, and the posts that have the most upvotes (with a bit of date balancing by Reddit) show up at the top of the list.

Reddit is a really free, anonymous, and open website; you don't need an email or any identifying information to sign up, literally just choose a username and password, remember that, and you have an account. Just about all content is user-submitted and user-rated and ranked.

Reddit is split into subreddits, little forums of their own with their own communities, rules, guidelines, etc. The r/Windows10, r/Windows, and other Windows/Microsoft related subreddits are a very well-established and active group of subreddits. Now, I'm trying to start r/Win10_UI and add it to that family.

The purpose of r/Win10_UI is to provide a place where discussion about the UI of Windows can take place. We're looking for four types of content:

NEWS - reports about what MICROSOFT is doing to improve Windows user experience.

DISCUSSION - Discussion about parts of the existing Windows user experience.

SUGGESTION - Ideas about how to improve the Windows user experience.

CONCEPT - Mockups or prototypes showing an idea about how to improve the Windows user experience.

Right now, the subreddit is set to restricted. This means that only myself and dAKirby309 can post. We're trying to build up a first layer of posts and content before opening it up to private, and *would really appreciate your help. It's also an opportunity to have your voice heard and your work seen.*

Tag me in a comment below with wwsalmon or go to and drop a comment on the DeviantArt Concept Artists Welcome announcement post, and I will get back to you with more information.

Hope to talk to you soon!